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Protect your online assets with ST Media’s robust website security solutions. From malware detection to firewall setup, we’ll safeguard your website against cyber threats and ensure the safety of your data and your visitors’ information. Stay secure and stay ahead with ST Media.

Website Security plans

Elevate your brand online with ST Media's comprehensive website security and optimization solutions. Our team of experienced developers and designers craft visually stunning websites tailored to your unique goals, while our optimization techniques ensure maximum security and protect data of your clients and customers .

Basic Plan

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Advance Plan

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Comprehensive Add On Services that Take your website to the next Level

We go beyond the norm when it comes to website security. With our website security plans we also give the following services as a bundle to take your website to the next level


ST Media company leads in Website Antivirus with cutting-edge technology and proactive threat detection, ensuring unparalleled protection for your online presence. Trust us for robust security solutions that safeguard your website from malicious attacks with unmatched efficiency and reliability.

spam protection and bot protection

ST Media company employs cutting-edge AI algorithms and robust machine learning techniques to provide unparalleled spam and bot protection, ensuring a secure and seamless online experience for our users. With continuous innovation and adaptive strategies, we lead the industry in safeguarding against malicious activities.

login security

ST Media company ensures top-tier login security through advanced encryption protocols and multi-factor authentication, providing users with peace of mind and safeguarding their sensitive data.

"Working with ST Media was a game-changer for our business. Their website development team transformed our online presence, delivering a sleek and user-friendly site that exceeded our expectations. Highly recommend them to anyone looking to elevate their brand online"
Sarah Johnson
CEO of Bright Ideas Co.
"ST Media truly understands the importance of a well-designed website. Their expert developers took our vision and turned it into a reality, creating a dynamic and responsive site that perfectly reflects our brand identity. Thanks to ST Media, we're now reaching new heights in our online growth"
Mark Thompson
Founder of Tech Innovate Solutions
"I couldn't be happier with the website ST Media built for my business. From start to finish, their team was attentive, professional, and incredibly skilled. The end result speaks for itself – a beautifully crafted site that has boosted our online credibility and conversion rates. Thank you, ST Media!"
andre rickhard
Owner of Blossom Beauty Boutique
"ST Media exceeded our expectations with their website development services. They took the time to understand our unique needs and delivered a custom-built website that perfectly aligns with our goals. Their attention to detail and commitment to excellence set them apart. We're thrilled with the results!"
David Lee
Marketing Manager at Summit Solutions Inc.
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