Top 25 websites for sharing your blog

websites for sharing your blog

So, you’ve just poured your heart and soul into a killer blog post. You’ve hit the publish button, and now you’re eagerly waiting for your readers to engage with it. But hold on, the job is only half done. As Darren Rowse from ProBlogger rightly points out, what you do in the minutes and hours after your post goes live can significantly increase its effectiveness.

In this article, we’re diving into the world of blog promotion, uncovering the top 25 websites where you can share your blog and give it the exposure it deserves. Let’s get started!

1.Fасebооk :

facebook logo


Let’s kick off with the giant of social media—Facebook. Despite the algorithm changes affecting organic reach, with over 2 billion monthly active users, it’s still a powerhouse. Remember, great content on Facebook is not just about making sales but creating something people want to share.

  • Create a Facebook Page: Establish a dedicated page for your blog. Share not only your blog posts but also behind-the-scenes content, polls, and questions to engage your audience.
  • Join Relevant Groups: Participate in groups related to your blog’s niche. Build relationships by contributing to discussions before sharing your posts.

2.Twitter :


Twitter, with its 145 million daily active users, is a platform where sharing the same content multiple times is not only acceptable but encouraged. Reframe your message each time to avoid sounding repetitive.

  • Utilize Hashtags: Research and use relevant hashtags to increase the discoverability of your tweets.
  • Engage with Followers: Respond to comments, retweet relevant content, and engage with your audience to build a community around your blog.

3.LinkedIn :

linked in

LinkedIn, the professional network, is not just for sharing links; it’s also an untapped opportunity for publishing articles. Leverage your professional network to syndicate your blog posts.

  • Optimize Your Profile: Ensure your LinkedIn profile reflects your blogging expertise. Connect with professionals in your industry to expand your network.
  • Publish Articles: Take advantage of LinkedIn’s publishing platform to share long-form content directly on the platform.

4.Medium :


Developed by Evan Williams, co-founder of Twitter and Blogger, Medium is an online publishing platform. It’s an excellent place to syndicate your blog posts and reach a broader audience.

  • Import Your Blog Posts: Repurpose your existing blog content on Medium to tap into its vast user base.
  • Engage with Other Writers: Clap for, comment on, and share other writers’ articles to increase your visibility on the platform.

5.Reddit :


With over 330 million active users, Reddit is a vast community where sharing your content requires active participation. Build karma by contributing before sharing links to your blog posts.

  • Contribute Before Sharing: Participate in relevant subreddits by commenting and upvoting. Establish credibility before sharing your own content.
  • Adhere to Subreddit Rules: Each subreddit has its own rules. Familiarize yourself with them to avoid getting flagged as spam.

6.Fасebооk Grоuрs :

facebook logo

Engage with like-minded individuals in Facebook groups to share your content organically. Closed groups can be particularly useful for bloggers looking to share their insights.

  • Provide Value First: Actively engage in discussions, answer questions, and offer insights before sharing your own content.
  • Respect Group Guidelines: Follow the group rules and guidelines to maintain a positive reputation.

7.Flipboard :


A popular news aggregator, Flipboard allows you to curate content and build authority in your niche. Ensure a balance between sharing your content and contributing to the platform.

  • Create Your Magazines: Curate content by creating magazines related to your blog’s niche. Share your blog posts alongside other relevant articles.
  • Interact with Other Magazines: Follow and engage with other Flipboard magazines to increase your visibility.

8.Steemit :


Steemit, a blockchain-based platform, rewards users with cryptocurrency for publishing and curating content. It’s a unique way to expand your content’s reach.

  • Understand Steemit’s Economy: Familiarize yourself with Steemit’s cryptocurrency-based rewards system.
  • Engage with the Community: Comment on other Steemians’ posts and build connections within the community.

9.BizSugаr :

For small business owners and entrepreneurs, BizSugar is a community where sharing insightful articles on entrepreneurship, marketing, and technology can boost your blog’s traffic and engagement.

  • Share Small Business Insights: Tailor your content to appeal to small business owners and entrepreneurs.
  • Comment on Others’ Submissions: Engage with the community by commenting on and upvoting others’ submissions.

10.Grоwth Hасkers :

Grоwth Hасkers

Growth Hackers is a community-based blog focusing on growth hacking, marketing channels, user acquisition, and more. Share high-quality articles, and if your post gains enough traction, it may be featured in their Top Weekly Posts Newsletter.

  • Focus on Growth Topics: Share content related to growth hacking, marketing channels, and user acquisition.
  • Network with Influencers: Connect with influencers in the Growth Hackers community to expand your reach.

11.SlideShаre :


SlideShare, the largest professional content sharing community, is an excellent platform to convert your blog posts into engaging presentations. Capture the key actionable items and reach a wider audience.

  • Create Visually Appealing Slides: Repurpose blog content into slides. Include visuals, key points, and a call-to-action.
  • Optimize for Search: Use relevant keywords in your SlideShare descriptions for better search visibility.

12.Infоgrарhiс Submissiоn Sites :

Transform popular blog posts into visually appealing infographics using tools like Venngage or Canva. Submit these infographics to directories with high domain authority for valuable backlinks.

  • Design High-Quality Infographics: Use tools like Venngage or Canva to create visually appealing infographics.
  • Submit to Directories: Share your infographics on directories with high domain authority for backlinks.

13.Mix.соm :


Formerly StumbleUpon, Mix is a place to discover, save, and share your favorite content on the internet. Create an account, download the browser extension, and curate content that aligns with your blog.

  • Curate Content Thoughtfully: Build a collection of content that aligns with your blog’s niche and interests.
  • Connect with Mix Users: Follow and interact with other Mix users to expand your network.

14.Zest :


An AI-powered tool, Zest matches you with community-curated marketing content. Submit your long-form content, focusing on in-depth marketing concepts, and boost your blog’s visibility.

  • Submit Comprehensive Content: Share in-depth marketing concepts on Zest for maximum impact.
  • Engage with the Zest Community: Comment on and upvote content to enhance your visibility.

15.LinkedIn Grоuрs :

linked in

LinkedIn Groups are hubs for industry professionals to share content, make business contacts, and establish expertise. Follow proper etiquette, be an active member, and share your blog posts.

  • Join Relevant Groups: Actively participate in discussions within LinkedIn Groups related to your niche.
  • Share Insights: Share your blog posts when they contribute valuable insights to ongoing conversations.

16.Instаgrаm :

instagram logo

With one billion monthly active users, Instagram is a visual platform to showcase your blog. While direct links in captions aren’t clickable, creative visuals and a compelling bio can drive traffic.

Роst а grарhiс оf yоur lаtest blоg роst аnd inсlude the full URL in the сарtiоn оr inсlude the link tо yоur роst in the Instаgrаm biо with this messаge in the сарtiоn: “Сliсk link in оur biо👆 tо reаd оur lаtest роst.

  • Optimize Your Bio: Craft a compelling bio with a link to your blog. Update it regularly to promote new content.
  • Use Stories and IGTV: Leverage Instagram Stories and IGTV for more dynamic content sharing.

17.Emаil :

Despite its age, email remains a powerful channel for promoting your new content. Share your latest blog posts via email alerts or a weekly newsletter to keep your audience engaged.

  • Build an Email List: Encourage blog visitors to subscribe to your newsletter for regular updates.
  • Segment Your Audience: Tailor your email content based on the interests of different segments of your audience.

18.YоuTube :


With 3 billion searches per month, YouTube is not just a video-sharing platform but also a search engine. Repurpose your top-performing blog posts into engaging video content.

  • Create Engaging Videos: Repurpose your blog content into engaging video formats. Optimize video titles and descriptions for search.
  • Cross-Promote: Share your videos on other social media platforms to maximize reach.

19.Snарсhаt :


With оver 200 milliоn dаily асtive users, Snарсhаt is а greаt рlасe tо shаre whаt Gаry Vаynerсhuk саlls “miсrо-соntent” — sniррets оf соntent сreаted frоm eасh new рieсe оf соntent thаt drives аwаreness bасk tо the оriginаl lоng-fоrm соntent.

20.Рinterest :


Pinterest is a visual discovery engine where you can pin images and ideas onto boards. Optimize your pins with keywords, and link them back to your blog for increased visibility.

  • Create Pin-Worthy Images: Design visually appealing pins with compelling headlines.
  • Leverage Group Boards: Join and actively participate in relevant group boards to broaden your reach.

21.Tumblr :


Create a Tumblr blog to share a mix of multimedia content. Engage with the community by reblogging and commenting on others’ posts, and they may reciprocate.

  • Diversify Content Formats: Share a mix of text, images, and multimedia content on Tumblr.
  • Interact with the Community: Reblog and comment on others’ posts to foster engagement.

22.Gооgle My Business Роsts :

Gооgle My Business Роsts

If yоu hаve а Gооgle My Business (GMB) ассоunt fоr yоur business, yоu саn рrоmоte yоur lаtest аrtiсle viа GMB Роsts. Just lоgin tо yоur GMB ассоunt аnd nаvigаte tо Роsts > Аdd Uрdаte аnd write yоur роst. Inсlude аn imаge аnd link tо yоur lаtest аrtiсle.

Nоw when а user seаrсhes fоr yоur business оn Gооgle, they will nоt just see infоrmаtiоn аbоut yоur business, but they’ll аlsо be аble tо view yоur lаtest роst, driving аdditiоnаl trаffiс tо yоur site.

23.Guest blogging :

Reach out to other bloggers in your niche and offer to write guest posts. This not only exposes your content to a new audience but also builds valuable backlinks.

  • Research Target Blogs: Identify blogs in your niche that accept guest posts.
  • Pitch Your Ideas: Craft compelling pitches and reach out to blog owners with your guest post proposals.

24.Niche forums :

Find forums related to your blog’s niche and actively participate. Contribute valuable insights, and when appropriate, share links to your blog posts.

  • Participate Actively: Contribute valuable insights to forum discussions before sharing your blog posts.
  • Build Relationships: Connect with forum members and establish yourself as a knowledgeable contributor.

25.Роdсаst :

AllTop aggregates headlines from top news and blog sites. Submit your blog for consideration, and if accepted, your content could be featured in relevant categories.

  • Submit Your Blog: Apply to have your blog featured on AllTop by submitting it for consideration.
  • Stay Updated: Regularly check AllTop for trending topics in your niche.

Conclusion :

In the world of blogging, sharing is caring. By strategically utilizing these platforms and techniques, you can expand your blog’s reach, connect with a broader audience, and establish yourself as a valuable voice in your niche. Happy sharing!

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