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Where are our privacy and security? The amount of cybercrime has increased tremendously, overly the years and there are no privacy tools that would protect us. It’s an everyday thing in 2019 that you get phishing and malicious attacks on your devices. Corporations, institutions, and governments have started monitoring all your daily activities with the help of ISPs, browsers, messengers, cloud storage, and other online services with hidden terms and conditions which share your data if you don’t have privacy tools.

Metadata and other personal information are used on a large scale for data mining which serves as a significant source of information as well as money, helping corporations to get insightful conclusions about your behavior and preferences. This information is used to increase the influence of marketing campaigns and ads, making you buy stuff and influence your day-to-day decisions. This is the main reason why you should opt for privacy tools right away.

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What can we, as regular users, do to ensure our privacy and security on the Internet? We have created a list of must-have privacy tools and services that can serve as your everyday privacy and security kit. These top-listed privacy tools and services combine encrypted environments, ad blockers, browsers, apps, and many more. So let’s begin:

#1 Utopia – all-in-one encrypted ecosystem

We put this tool on the top for its advanced encryption mechanisms and multifunctionality. Financial transactions and data transmission are protected with Curve 25519 – a swift elliptic curve algorithm. The internal data storage is encrypted by 256-bit AES. You can use Utopia for your online everyday routine. A hybrid Mode lets using uMessenger, uMail, Idyll browser, uWallet, Mining bot simultaneously in one window. The system is self-enclosed, and all the tools are encrypted by default. Generous bonus! Utopia members get rewarded every 15 minutes they spend online. What are Utopia core features?

utopia security tool
  • The elimination of the central data warehouse guarantees an exceptional security level.
  • Users never leave their phone number, email, name, address, and any personal data to use Utopia tools. The Personal Key is the unique symbol set that identifies a user instead of a nickname.
  • Multipurpose. Utopia is a multitasking solution for business and entertainment. You can run corporate chats, register a mailbox for business, or start a blog enjoying the freedom of speech and extended security.
  • The guarantee of security and privacy from the creators of utopia

Try Utopia for the desktop in Beta to utilize the essential apps. Soon Utopia mobile will also be available. The development is on the way! These privacy tools will ensure your private life remains private.

#2 Firefox Browser – alternative to Chrome

This browser is an excellent option for those who value security and privacy. Mozilla browser is open source and has numerous tools and extensions to ensure your security.

This is a feature-rich browser, and not only that it takes fewer resources than browsers such as chrome.

firefox privacy

All the plugins are regularly updated and kept safe from exploits and bugs.

Firefox is one of the rare browsers which alert its users if the account and sensitive data are in danger. You will get a report as soon as the issue occurs. Do download firefox today.

# 3 Brave Browser – ads protection

Like Firefox, Brave is also an alternative to popular browsers employing handy extensions. Alongside with this point, Brave is highlighted for the definite advantage, protecting the Internet surfers from annoying ads and popups.

Saving an opportunity to preserve the profits for companies, Brave provides an option to choose which ads users are willing to see. For such efficient cooperation, you will get paid in domestic currency.

brave privacy tool

This browser deserves your attention and contributes to the online customization and security of your data – try Brave if you are sick of ads!

#4 Tor – the Onion King

No security and privacy tools lists are complete without the Tor browser. Tor is the origin of the famous onion routing protocol for privacy and security

Your activities can’t be monitored because Tor protects your location, metadata, and sensitive information by routing the information using onion protocol and several nodes. Unfortunately, many people also misuse tor which has ended up giving tor a scary image over the years.

tor browser

Nevertheless, Tor’s security is one of the best. However, many law agencies have started targetting tor and taking down tor servers and services which have illegal content. At least it is said that tor is suspected to political ties with law enforcement. Which may or may not be true so I would suggest taking this rumor with a grain of salt.

Bear in mind, that Tor is very slow for regular usage as the traffic bounces around many servers and nodes. Also, tor doesn’t assure 100% privacy and expects you to know the risks of leaking data online.

#5 HTTPS Everywhere – encrypted extension

Nowadays where phishing is on an all-time high. This extension has become the favorite of all users focused on security. To stop snooping and information leakage, encryption is a vital point.

https everywhere

Numerous sites do not provide its viewers with safe and secure SSL connections; that is why we have added this extension to the list. HTTPS Everywhere manages all HTTP pages and encrypts your connection. Furthermore, it does all of this for absolutely free.

Keep in mind that this extension will work only on Mozilla based browsers and chrome. Only the android version of Mozilla supports this extension chrome has no such features. Do note adding a lot of extensions can slow down your browsing experience as well as the device. It does protect you from the security breaches and is recommended for all desktop users.

#6 Email privacy tester – protection against email tracking

Email tracking is a popular way blackhat hackers utilize to access and track data. Email privacy tester will give you a precise summary containing the data which might be leaked by tracking.

email privacy

For instance, tracking algorithms distribute and connect your email with other emails you receive, and with browsing history to shape your behavioral pattern and choices. They make a virtual online portrait of you guessing which ads and services you will like. Considering that people log in from various devices, trackers correlate your portrait crosswise the devices as soon as the email is detected.

Run a test with privacy tester to determine the leakage of information and privacy.

#7 Wire –  encrypted chat room for everyone

The wire is designed to run encrypted chats from a computer. Both – companies and individuals can use this messenger. Personal use is free of charge and the prices for work messaging are affordable and flexible.  The encryption algorithm protects the transmission of texts, voice calls, and files exchange. The attachment can be as large as 25 megabytes (25mb).

wire security chat

The wire isn’t attached to a phone number, so te messenger meets anonymity principle. Do try this for free.

#8 ProtonMail

Proton is a secure mailing service; it employs the p2p encryption. When using for the first time, you may find the interface not user-friendly and intuitive, but with enough usage soon, you will get used to it.

proton secure mail

The advantage is that Proton is convenient to use from a computer as well as from a smartphone. The team has released apps for IOS and Android as well

Plus, the service guarantees full anonymity since you don’t indicate any personal data when registering. Furthermore, Proton doesn’t record and keep IP metrics. You can get a free basic account. With premium paid options available.

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#9 uBlock Origin – Strong ad blocker

This service is a time-tested service for those who don’t want to be the victim of Google ads and trackers. This is an alternative to the popular ad-block plus service, which consumes a lot of resources. uBlock, on the other hand, is much less resource hungry.

ad blocker

The ads control is exclusively granular, which means users can block any element of a website they want to skip.

The data gathering blocking is so advanced that it is efficient even against Google Analytics mechanisms.

This is a Must-have for a privacy and security conscious users!

#10 Disconnect me – the extension to stop data tracking

Download this disconnect me the extension to prevent online tracking and monitor what is going on real-time when you browse.

disconnect me privacy service

What is exceptional about this tracker is the division of trackers by their source. For example, you can block social media scripts but enable e-commerce if you are satisfied with the data they gather. The pricing is somewhat democratic and flexible as the tariffs include a set of desired features.

What is unique is that your payment is transparent, and you see how the team allocate the money between the developers and charity. Do support this project.

#11 NoScript – plugin against trackers

This is a very famous security plugin which can take your browser security to the highest level. The only catch is that many sites tend to break because of NoScript when putting in high-security mode. Otherwise, this is probably the most important extension you need to install.

no script security suite

Firstly, you can integrate this extension with Tor if you already use it. Most trackers break down because this plugin impairs Javascript. You should take into account that Noscript is so strong that it can destruct the majority of up-to-date websites.

So, activate NoScript for those ultra-secure confidential reasons and tasks.

#12 XPrivacyLua – no ads on a smartphone!

This service makes the impossible – it disables ads and extra permissions on an Android device. It does take some time to set it up but it can work wonders. Do try xprivacy.

The issue is that users had to follow comprehensive steps to keep the trackers off their back. This service utilizes a more efficient approach and feeds trackers junk data to remove them from your trail.


For instance, when you block the location access for some services, the device notifies you that the app may be out of order. That’s why you need XPrivacyLua app, discharging related issues, and supporting them with simulated data.

#13 LineageOS secure mobile operating system

Want more security and confidentiality than what Android allows? Take a look at LineageOS. This operating system is built on the open code, and you can download the mobile version it for free. The software’s security is updated weekly and monthly.

lineage os

Yes, on LineageOS, you can still download popular apps available for Android. But it might compromise security.  The stock os excludes junkware apps typical for recent phones.

Besides, it has an essential set of open-source applications – messengers, secure web browser, and file manager.

#14 Web of trust

An easy to use security plugin which can show the trustworthiness of any website. With this extension installed on your Mozilla browser, you can become every more secure and resistant to phishing attacks and malicious software.

web of trust security

This tool is obviously free to use and can be used on chrome and Mozilla based browsers. An easy to use extension which can help improve your security and privacy online.

Do try the web of trust extensions for your favorite browsers.


#15 Site safety center from trend micro – protection against cybercriminals

Phishing is still one of the most popular online frauds. You can check the links on this site your computer to ensure, that you follow a reliable link and the data won’t leak.

trend micro

As phishing reached our phones too, TrendMicro has made some premium apps for providing security on mobile. Site Safety Center lets its users check a questionable link received via any messenger or app and as soon as you scan the URL, you can know if its a legitimate website or a phishing link.

Try Trend Micro to feel sure before clicking on a link!


Currently, we are is more in danger online rather than outside our homes. Hackers, corporations, and law institutions grow their expansion using the data we mention online – social media, messengers, browsers, and etc. Along with this problem, advanced encryption algorithms integrated with up-to-date software leave a choice for us. Gear up and get ready to fight for your privacy and security with these privacy tools. Do try all the tools. Happy and safe browsing.

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