Top 10 WordPress Alternatives In 2021

wordpress alternatives

There are millions of WordPress fans out there, and little wonder which it boasts a great variety of themes and plugins, it is flexible and very easy to use for bloggers or website runners. But WordPress alternatives are also not that bad and even some are very easy to use regarding particular categories.

Where the free open-source platform WordPress org is not for everyone as it also comes with some disadvantages.

In this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 WordPress alternatives, and we will know a situation where WordPress may not be the ideal solution and suggest some alternatives tools for WordPress.

1. Wix


Wix is one of the most popular and widely used sites builders for the WordPress alternative. All you can do is sign up to your Wix account, select a template, and build your website by adding features to your website or blog.

There are many features provided by Wix that are it is user-friendly and incredibly easy to use and understand even for beginners and novices .and have. Great range and well-designed templates available to choose from.

Whereas there are cons for using Wix like the free and basic plans show ads that can spoil the user experience and some of the available templates can not be modified to the user’s preference.

pricings of wix

2. Weebly


Weebly is a fully hosted online site builder which enables the users to easily create and build the ideas site. The features you get using Weebly are it is best suited for beginners.

It is good for simple projected websites. This platform has fast load speeds.

There are some cons of using Weebly is no option to add custom control types except within the individual.

if you wish to migrate to other platforms you need to manually copy and migrate the contents through RSS.

pricings of weebly

3. Squarespace


Among most website builders, this versatile builder can be used

  • Portfolio
  • Blogging
  • Online store
  • Personal & CV
  • Creative Services
  • Events & Wedding
  • Small Business

and online stores has managed to rise in its popularity in recent years. You can even use a free logo maker to make the logo for your website and finally select a custom domain.

And the features provided by this are no need to sign up for hosting or purchase a domain and the options to create your own using the drag and drop builder based on content blocks.

pricings of squarespace
wordpress alternatives
wordpress alternatives

4. Jimbo


Jimbo is one of the best code-free website builders if you are looking for a WordPress alternative. Whereas it is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to build an intuitive website. Creating a website with Jimbo is pretty forward as you need to log into Jimbo.

The advantages are Jimbo has their own services so you can save a lot of time on selecting the best hosting for your website.

But the disadvantage is it is not good for large websites and online stores with large amounts of content or which get massive numbers of visitors.

pricings of jimbo

5. Site123

site 123

It is one of the newest websites for WordPress alternatives in this list. Since Site123 s very easy to use so you can create your website in no time.

Using Site123 has awesome features like the free plan, but you get a lot of features for the price if you choose the premium plans as well.

Every website from Site123 has a fully responsive design so your website should work flawlessly on any device of any screen size. But it is not suitable for a large-scale website as ye features might be limited for them.

pricings of jimbo

6. Bloggers


Bloggers are one of the oldest WordPress alternatives and were created in 1993. For starting with the bloggers all you need to do is log in to from their website and enter the name for your blog.

This platform is very easy to use. You can start your blog writing immediately after you log in to their website.

But you do not have full control of your blog as it is owned by Google and the available templates and design options are quite limited which is not good about Bloggers.

7. Tumblr


Tumblr is the younger blogging platform that allows you to quickly publish your stories and content, encouraging more users to quickly register and post their blogs.

To start a blog with Tumblr you need to connect to a domain of your own. You get many features like :

  • it has a very minimalist and user-friendly interface
  • easy to create multimedia posts for your blog articles

but it has a great own collection of free simple themes which you to buy themes which provide you with better and attractive designs.

8. Webflow


Webflow is a very fast-growing online publishing platform that allows any user to create stories and post them. For using you just need to create an account and start configuring your areas of interest and your blogs.

Using webflow, you get features like a larger range of audience and possible exposure and views for your work. The content management system of webflow is pretty decent and easy to work with.

9. Typepad


This one WordPress alternative is also the older blogging platform that is gaining popularity as a blogging platform even though it can not use for highly customized websites.

Sing it is very simple you just register your account with Typepad. Using it provides many features like it enable you to start a blog and start to develop the content easily compared to WordPress.

It has multiple integrations of various services for social media and even payment gateways.

10. Jekyll


This one is our last topic as a WordPress alternative which is a bit different. It is a static site generator where you first provide your content to Jekyll and then it renders and create a completely static website for you.

You get features like the site build with Jekyll are extremely fast and will not struggle under heavy load while comparing it with WordPress. But it is not suitable for nonprogrammers and editing tasks must require codes.

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