Top 10 websites to hire graphic designers

websites to hire graphic designers

Are you looking for the Top 10 websites to hire graphic designers? While there are many freelance websites available on the internet, not all of them are worthwhile. We have put together this list of the Top 10 websites to hire graphic designers.


Graphic artists use 99designs to promote their work and connect with new clients. You can have a design contest and choose from a pool of candidates, or you can work one-on-one with a designer.

There are 90 different sorts of design work accessible, and the platform ensures that you will receive a design that you like. Designer portfolios provide information such as how many contests the designer has won and how many repeat clients they have to assist you to make an informed decision.

A “Curation Team” manually screens designers who apply to join the 99designs site.



One of the most well-known freelance markets is Fiverr. You may receive almost any graphic design service you want, from business card and brochure designs to logos and brand visuals.

On the platform, there are hundreds of thousands of freelance design tasks to select from, so you will have plenty of options. Fiverr’s seller levels correspond to work completed on the platform.  The higher the level of service, the more likely you are to receive a satisfactory service.  Fiverr built its name in the marketplace for low-cost freelance services. There are a lot of designers offering low-cost bundles on Fiverr.


Toptal claims to be home to the “top 3%” of talent, hence the name. They are known for their rigorous screening procedure when it comes to hiring graphic designers. Toptal works one-on-one with each customer to match them with the best candidate or team of candidates for their individual needs.

These include the duration of a project and the total cost of the project. Toptal has a large job board where you can find and contact people depending on their skills. Toptal has you covered with the top candidates available, whether you need a flexible freelance graphic designer, a web design specialist, or an experienced UI/UX.

4. Upwork


Upwork is excellent for locating talented designers for your next project. It’s simple to post a job that needs to be filled and locate freelancers.

You can manually sort through the applications and contact anyone who piques your attention. You can use search criteria to help you limit down your skill pool. Upwork tracks Hours spent on the project in a work diary.

To converse and share feedback, you can use an online workspace.

5. Freelancer

freelancer is one of the first freelancing websites, bringing together several outstanding graphic designers in one place. Users may utilize search filters on Freelancer to verify that the candidates you employ are qualified for the job you need.

You can contact designers directly or submit a job notice with an open application period. User may conduct contests in which freelancers present their ideas and, you select the best one. Designers may establish through portfolios on, giving you the stuff to look at while you make a decision. They also administer tests to validate the freelancers’ skill sets and report back to you on the results.



Kimp is a graphic design company that charges a minimal monthly fee for limitless revisions and requests. While you can only work on one project at a time, Kimp allows you to obtain what you want every time, regardless of how long it takes.  Keep allows you to work on up to three jobs at once, doubling the output of other infinite design platforms.

If you require a higher volume of production, you can purchase extra subscriptions. You’ll collaborate with a team of three designers in at least one of three graphic design styles when you work with Kimp (print, illustration, or digital). You also gain full ownership of your creations once they’re finished.


DesignCrowd promises to assist you in obtaining the design you desire at a reasonable cost. You may browse dozens of graphic design categories on DesignCrowd by using the site’s filtering options. It makes it simple to narrow down your choices until you find the perfect designer.

It’s simple to build a designer wishlist and start your design contest in just a few clicks while browsing the platform. In less than 24 hours, prepare a brief and begin receiving design suggestions from designers all over the world. Then choose your favorite entry and save your data.



Dribbble is a design-focused social media platform. It is originally an invite-only network, this platform allowed designers to showcase their work, meet, share ideas, and connect. It has recently become open to anyone who wants to join and has built a job board resembling a freelance designer marketplace in some aspects.

You can go through portfolios and contact designers directly about their work, post a job, or use Dribbble’s Talent Partner option. Dribbble is a community of designers with multiple skill sets. When seeking graphic designers, Dribbble Talent can save you time by connecting you with suitable groups.

9.People Per Hour

People Per Hour

People Per Hour is a freelance marketplace that offers cheaper pricing and low-cost graphic design services. You have the option of paying by the hour or by the job. If you are not sure how much time a task will take, you can hire workers on a project-by-project basis for “hourlies.”  You will locate a graphic designer online to match most budgets as many designers are available.

The type of hire you can make is flexible, depending on whether you want to publish a job that pays hourly or by project, or whether you prefer to hire through “hourlies” posted by freelancers.



Adobe bought Behance, an online graphic design marketplace for Adobe users to showcase their work. Photoshop, InDesign, and Adobe Illustrator are all Adobe products. Portfolios and works of art by graphic designers and artists are available to view.

You may sign up for Adobe Talent through Adobe Creative Cloud or with a monthly subscription if you are interested in recruiting through the platform. Because most artists are welcome on Behance, you will be able to find a graphic designer who is a good fit for your project.

If you are seeking a freelance graphic designer who works with Adobe Creative Cloud, we recommend this site. With an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, public job postings are free.


It does not have to be tough to find good graphic designers. You may simply locate a great designer for your projects if you use one of the platforms provided above.

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