Top 10 websites to hire editors

websites to hire editors

Every business wants to conduct a successful content marketing campaign that converts leads into sales and converts audience members into purchasers. Marketers frequently overlook the value of hiring editors.

A professional editor may operate on a contract basis for various news organizations, function as a ghostwriter or book editor, or work in a sector other than editing. You can hire a great editor from the websites and save time. When it comes to recruiting editors, it is typical to hold a higher standard than when it comes to employing writers.

Your candidate should ideally have experience in your business or niche when it comes to considerable editing.



For content teams of all sizes, ContentGrow is a managed marketplace and workflow solution. The team’s hands-on support, caring, and talent vetting are what set this individual apart. Fill out a simple form about the freelance talent you are looking for to sign up. Before delivering you a free curated list of hand-picked prospects, ContentGrow will contact you.

ContentGrow has an exclusive, invite-only talent pool. This aids in providing the highest level of service to clients. After you have found the right freelance editors, you can collaborate with them directly through ContentGrow’s virtual workspace. Per assignment, the platform takes a small commission.


ACES is a professional editing association established in the United States. There is a section called “Editors for Hire” on the website of ACES. But you might need to do more work when it comes to picking the right talent through ACES.

The website allows you to choose the sort of editing you require. You need to check the person’s skills and background and contact the candidates one by one to negotiate fees.

3.Proofreading Pros

Proofreading Pros is a platform that specializes in proofreading. You write in Google Docs, sign up for Proofreading Pros, and a freelance editor will check your content by turning on the track changes feature and suggesting edits.

They have native English linguists in all major time zones, making them available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Proofreading Pros charges anywhere from $40 and $150 for a 1,000-word essay to a 5,000-word business article.

4.Editorial Freelance Association

Editorial Freelance Association

The Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA) has editorial professional Members, including freelance editors to hire editors.

Start by browsing its member directory and filtering for the ideal mix of experience, knowledge, and abilities for your project. You can also contact the candidate personally to negotiate a price if you find the right fit. 



One of the best places to hire for proofreading is on Fiverr. You can avail proofreading services on their site for whatever price you like. Just keep in mind that consumers frequently use Fiverr to find low-cost services of various kinds.

If you think you have found a good match for the editor, you can contact them by simply selecting their profile. You have three days to see the final product and decide whether to accept or reject a project submission to receive a refund.



Freelancer is an online platform where you can hire freelancers of different kinds, including content editing. You can grade yourself depending on the quality of your work, which can help you build a reputation and obtain higher-paying tasks. You may connect and collaborate with your editor on both desktop and mobile apps.

To ensure secure transactions, uses its dedicated payment system.



Scribendi is an online proofreading and editing business that offers “on-demand” services across the world 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so they do have a short turnaround time.

They do have freelance editing positions available. They demand some training and experience ensuring that you get highly skilled editors.



WriterAccess is a website where you can hire a skilled freelance editor to edit your writing. WriterAccess is a service that connects editors with clients. Various agencies and corporations might hire editors, and they normally search for individuals with a high level of expertise.

They have an advanced search engine with over 300 categories and skillsets to choose from, making this a great place to find editors.



Another good location to start looking for online proofreading jobs for beginners is UpWork. UpWork is a freelancing marketplace with many editors.  It allows you to see each candidate’s profile and rating making it easier to assess each freelancer’s qualifications. You can contact any freelancer you want, and communication via the web and mobile app is simple.

People with little professional experience can still bid on your projects due to many users and a lack of vetting measures.

That is why, before finalizing a deal on Upwork, you should be more cautious and thoroughly test the candidate’s capabilities.



Authors and writers can use Reedsy to connect with editors who can help them bring their written work to life. They do not hire freelance editors; instead, you can set up an account to advertise your abilities, build a portfolio, and show clients your work.


Given the importance of an editor, you should devote considerable time and effort to finding the ideal candidate.

Whether you are employing in-house or freelance editors, you should ensure that the editor is a good fit for your brand’s goals.

ContentGrow connects marketing teams with the best freelance writers and journalists at discounted rates. ContentGrows is an invite-only platform and offers high-quality service. When you want so many options you can try freelancing websites like freelancer, Upwork, and Fiverr.

Scribendi is a very good option if you need fast services. Consider Proofreading Pros if you want specific editing services related to proofreading. Assume WriterAccess if you need a high level of expertise editor. Consider ACES as its professional editing association you will get a pool of expert editors.

We have compared and curated the list of Top 10 websites to hire editors. Now, it is the choice of your company which editor fits your brand the best.

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