Top 10 Website’s Speed Test Tools :

website's speed test tools

In this article, we are going to talk about the Top 10 website’s speed test tools to analyze and increase your website’s performance.

So what is this let’s know about it, Speed test tool is a Speed test by Ookla, a web service that provides free analysis of internet access performance metrics, like connection data rate and latency.

Ookla founded speed test tools in 2006. . So let’s know about the Top 10-speed test tools.

1. GTmetrix :

gt metrix

GT matrix website’s overall interface is incredibly easy to use and its UX design is easy to navigate and elicits trust. GTmetrix is a tester incredibly straightforward.

Using GTmetrix, your score is broken down by type of meaning if you are not overly familiar with web development, you are still determined either issue is primarily coming from your CSS, javascript, or server environment.

And a very good thing about the GTmetrix it was the best page speed tools of 2019 being very friendly.

2. WebPage Test :

WebPage Test

WebPage Test is another speed test tool, which can be configured to use a wide variety of different locations and different web browser options.

When you are using WebPage test speed tools for testing then it is possible that your website might be slow on Google Chrome but lighting quick on Firefox, and if that is the case that will let you know.

The webPage is one of the most reliable and trusted websites for use as speed test tools available for users these days.

There are many features covered by the WebPage test is a user of this site can create custom settings for each run of WebPage test they initiate.

3. Google PageSpeed Insights :

Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insight is very easy to use, just click and wait a while for your mobile or desktop versions of your website for the result.

Compared to the other speed test tool Google PageSpeed Insights not going to allow you a lot of data or advice on how to fix problem relating to it.

Google actually creates the search ranking where you are trying to gain traction so Google results might matter more than other tools.

4. Pingdom :


Pingdom is a deceptively deep webpage speed tester. This website is among the best speed test tools, which will help you with your website.

This website provides you lots of features to the users like in its current configuration, Pingdom lets users test Their webpage speed form and any of four different testing locations.

It is very easy to search results on pingdom and to read with a letter grade breakdown of performance insights that also provides a specific list of issues to address.

Overall we can say that Pingdom is a great tool to provide a client-facing report while providing developer’s information specific enough to address problems.

5. DareBoost :

dare boost

DareBoost is additionally the simplest speed take a look at tools for exploitation as an internet site runner. 

There are lots of features provided by DareBoost for the users like there is a great breakdown of data into visual representations, and once you need will need to sign up for a free account in order to keep using this site as your speed test tools for your website.

DareBoost is tricky to use because if you have already used the service once, you will need to sign up for a free account in order to keep it in use if you want to use it in the future.

Having to sign up for a free account may turn some people away, but it’s hard to argue with the value of the service.

6. Website Speed Test :

website speed test

First of all, we all should know about this site that this is an Image Analysis tool for your speed test tools. I like to recommend you this website, and this website is supercharged by Cloudinary. 

This website provides you lots of the feature related to your speed as well as image analysis. This website provides data on how many images your website is and how much space you could save by compressing it a different way.

Web Speed Test is the only speed test tool that focuses entirely on the image.

7. SEO Site Checkup :

seo site checkup

SEO site checkup is also one of the best speed test tools if you seeking the best speed test tools for your websites. This website provides you a great tool that lets you address page speed at the same time are seeking the other search engine optimization factors.

This site takes a holistic approach to your website’s health. This site for your website is a vital tool for any web marketing professional. This tool will point you towards easy to fix problems that you might have missed.

8. Site 24 x 7 :

site 24*7

This is a good site for your speed resting tools for your website, as it provides many features. The Site 24 x 7 website checker is not as robust as many of the other tools on this list I mentioned.

In many cases using Site 24 x 7 your server environment or your host could have a direct impact on your page speed.

Site 24 x 7 could be a sensible site that offers a decent quality of speed take a look at tools for your web site, in the maximum amount because it provides you a great many features that ought to be in a very speed take a look at a tool for websites, in order that is why it might be a decent speed tool for your web site.

9. Dotcom tools :

dotcom tools

Dotcom tools instantly test your website speed in real browsers from 21 locations worldwide, and not only this is being provided by Dotcom but also it this website speed test is also detailed waterfall graphs so you can see exactly the other in which your website loads.

This website has an excellent choice if you are primarily concerned with checking how different users in different geographic regions experience your website.

up trends

Uptrends had a beautiful and depth waterfall graph that can accordion open to sharing more information with your website. This is a well-designed and good platform for your website as a speed test tool.

Uptrends is a good client-facing option where it is not a very good speed testing tool featured available elsewhere.

And last a good thing about the uptrends is when you take a screenshot and send it to a client then this is definitely a good option for this.

Here in this article we knew about Speed testing tools for your websites, hope this article will help you finding the best one for you.

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