Top 10 Ways To Boost AdSense Revenue

boost AdSense revenue

Indeed, traffic is directly proportioned to the money in blogging, as your traffic will increase on the website your income will also increase but this is not accurate in terms of AdSense Adverting. There are many factors affecting AdSense income, it includes ad placement, ad type, traffic source, and most important, AdSense CPC.

you’ll be able to conjointly use a tool like SEMRUSH to search out profitable keywords. . With all of these that said let’s move on to the goal of this post which is to give you an understanding of the ways to increase Google AdSense revenue.

So in this article, we are going to know about the top 10 ways that will boost your AdSense revenue which will help you increase your income from your blogs. So let’s start.

1 Use Ezoic :


This is our first service to which will help you boost your AdSense revenue. This one applies to you only if you are running more than 20000 pages views a month. The challenge is to manually test it all by yourself. this can be wherever you must benefit from AI tools like Ezoic.

Ezoic service once configured will automatically start experimenting with Ads to optimize the user experience. This is why Ezoic should be your first service to boost your AdSense income.

2.Improve size/location :

location symbol

Improving size and location can also be the best way that will boost your AdSense income. You should try to put AdSense ads around the content and above the fold. Some things are ignored by the bloggers that link-based ads are different from banner ads and do not increase the CTR for main ads if optimized properly. Like these, you can easily create an AdSense heatmap in mind, during designing a website for income

3.Your traffic source and location matters :

boost AdSense revenue

Traffic source and location are very important for any blogger. AdSense ads perform best once your traffic is from the program. therefore this can be a really vital issue that affects boosting of your AdSense revenue. 

This is why interest-based ads might not perform as well if you are getting more direct traffic. This is at most due to CPC and you will end up getting a high CPC. AdSense financial gain despite exploit variant impressions per month. therefore if you’re willing to a decent financial gain from AdSense then your traffic and site ought to perform o.k.

4.Absence of search: Add extra revenue source :

boost AdSense revenue

AdSense for search not only helps you monetize your blog or websites but also helps you with user navigation. So Adding extra revenue can boost your AdSense revenue. victimization of this methodology can take your websites a lot of traffics because of that you’ll be able to not solely add further revenue however conjointly you will increase traffic on your website or blogs, which will help you boosting AdSense revenue.

5. AdSense section targeting: Make ads more relevant :

This one is that the most vital if you’re willing to spice up your AdSense revenue. In the maximum amount as creating ads a lot of relevant can take a lot of traffic to your web site which will increase your revenue.

AdSense offers many ways to monetize your blogs or website and you should try to take advantage of all types. So this is a very important service if you are going to boost your AdSense revenue.

6. Use image or text Ads wisely :

This is also an important service with which you can boost your AdSense revenue. Using image or texting Ads wisely is a contextual ad network that works based on the content of your page, and this includes your header and footer.

So ads shown by AdSense is must be highly relevant to the context of your article written by you on your blog or website because isn’t associated with the topic of your article then a lot of individuals won’t visit your website.

7. Writing More Content :

This is one of the best ways to increase your AdSense revenue to write more content. The reason is that the website produces more content grows better than sites that produce less. Top digital content trends survey found that 71.9% of publishers said writing long-form content was the most successful tactics for their website growth. several bloggers ought to apply this for writing a lot of and a lot of content for their websites if wish to grow the website quicker for reinforcing AdSense revenue.

8. Create More Video Content :

video victor art

Creating more video content can also boost your AdSense revenue because youtube is the second most popular social network on the web.

The reason is that people are more attracted to videos to know about something than to read. conjointly studies are showing that relevant video content embedded in writing content drives a lot of engagement and revenue.

9. Diversify Revenue Streams :

boost AdSense revenue

Diversify revenue streams is becoming an increasingly popular strategy for publishers. Some are afraid of display ads affecting their affiliate revenue or vice versa. Most of the blogger’s affiliate sites earn more money from adding display ads than the little they lose in affiliate income. So these are some reasons why Diversifying revenue streams can also boost your AdSense revenue.

10. Grow The Venue Of Your Ad Inventory :


Growing the value of your ad inventory refers to increasing the monetary value of the physical ad space available on your website to advertisers.

At Ezoic we are learned some of the visitor’s behavior and ad attributes that affect the impact of ads in user experience which are the time of the day they visit, traffic source, device type, ad type, ad color, size of the ads, and several ads per page.

So here in this article, we knew about the top 10 ways that will boost your AdSense revenue.

So hopefully, this article will help you monetize your website.

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