Top 10 Voice Spoofing Websites

Voice Spoofing Websites

Voice Spoofing websites and caller id spoofing are in the trend since its career started to flourish and the market got many apps and software with features like caller id spoofing. Many people want to sound like their favorite characters. For instance, there was this guy I know who was a crazy fan of Barney (HIMYM’s character) and always try to copy his style, voice, and even the SUITS..!!!

Are you one of those people (fans and super-duper fans) then this article is just for you? The rest of the peeps, want to prank your buddy? Use one of these websites given below which would do the task for you. All you have to do is laugh (hahaha will work).

So, without any further words and increasing the word count, let us get on the list.

1) SpoofCard


Spoofcard sits at the number one position in our list of Voice/Caller ID spoofing websites. With the help of spoofcard, you can spoof the caller ID. In addition to that, a spoofcard also has a voice spoofing feature that changes your voice according to the gender selected. You can even add background sounds for additional spoofing. Also, you can send spoof texts to anyone via a fake number. For making a call you need to buy Talktime, just like the usual mobile recharge. These features make spoofcard a perfect website for spoofing Caller ID and Voice.

2) Spooftel

SpoofTel- caller id spoofing

Just like spoofcard there is another website known as spooftel. Spooftel has features like Caller ID spoofing, Voice spoofing based on gender, downloading recorded calls. Except for the feature of adding background sound, spooftel is the same as spoofcard. There are rates that will be applicable when using spooftel to make a spoof call.

3) SpoofMyPhone

SpoofMyPhone- caller id spoofing

Spoofmyphone has the same features as that of spoofcard and spooftel. But, there is an additional feature of group spoof calling which multiplies spoof call possibilities for us. The website claims to have SSL encryption between the caller and receiver for additional security.

4) SpoofVoice

SpoofVoice- spoofing websites

Until now we have seen voice spoofing websites that have their own recharge or rates for making spoof calls. But spoofvoice does not have any rates or recharge to be done. Instead, the call is made via the Internet. But, one feature goes missing from this website, i.e. the ability to call from a different number. Although, spoofvoice doesn’t demand any signup from the users making it free of cost.

5) Itellas

Itellas- spoofing websites

If you want a website with free basic features and paid advanced features for voice spoofing websites then itellas could be your choice. Features like caller ID spoofing and voice changing are present. In itellas you can set some rules for calling. Paid features include web-based calling, voice notes, toll-free numbers, analytics.

6) BluffMyCall

Bluff my call ticks all the boxes when it comes to features. Apart from the common features, bluffmycall has a phonebook feature that lets you save all the contacts in your account for easy access. It also has a feature of straight to voicemail where a voice message is sent directly to anyone you wish to.

7) fakemyphone

FakeMyPhone- caller spoofing websites

Fakemyphone is nothing but an Indian version of Spoofmyphone. All the features provided and even the website are exactly the same.

8) CrazyCall

Out of all these websites, crazycall is the one with ample customization. While making a spoof call we can choose our country, which fake number to display on the target’s phone and the pitch of our voice. Surprisingly, these features do not require any signing up and are available for mobile platforms too.

9) MyPhoneRobot

MyPhoneRobot is basically a company that has a website using which people or users can do prank calls and stuff. The fun part is that even if you don’t want a live prank call, you can always have an option for a pre-recorded prank call recording which can be scheduled anytime. Although this app is for pranks and all, Don’t misuse it.

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10) CovertCalling

CovertCalling- caller id

Covert Calling has a fantastic and yet simple feature that changes the Caller ID that is displayed even on third-party applications. All you need to do is sign-up for the new account or just login into the account. There are two ways to initiate place your phone calls: Dial 1.877.5FAKE IT and follow the directions or you can simply use the web browser and hit the call button to make a call. Covert Calling is not free though, it does charge you a little bit but the reliability and services that are provided make it worth every penny.

Now, as you have been interesting folks reading the complete article, let me treat you to the bonus Website.

BONUS- caller id websites

LyreBird is one of the most amazing voice spoofing websites which has featured far more superior to the competitors that’s why I kept this one as a BONUS Content. LyreBird is not only a voice spoofing app but you can also give a very unique and more likable voice to your voice assistant, narrate you the books with celebrity voices, author’s voice or even your loved one’s voice, ultra-realistic sound for a hotline, create the dialogues for the NPC’s and other customizations to their voices, and many more tasks.

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