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In this article we are going to talk about video platforms for business promotion, these days it is hard to survive without video. Video content works exceptionally well not only in terms of engagement but for ROI also. People want to see more videos contents in the future more than any other type of content.

To create videos for your business you just need the best video platform for promoting your business. So these days people are much comfortable watching about something than read about these things. So video is the best way to promote your business. So let’s start our topic.

1. YouTube :


YouTube is a very popular and first choice for a video platform to promote your business. Using YouTube you do not need a license to create your own library of publicity available videos. Since Google owns YouTube, videos rank highly in Google SERPs.

YouTube shines when it comes to brand the reason is that YouTube is a very big and popular video platform to watch videos, so there is a big crowd coming in YouTube to watch videos, so it could be a big and best way to promote your business. It’s the second-largest search globally, and content from their platform reaches more 18- 49-year-olds than any broadcast or cable TV network.

2. DailyMotion :


It is another distribution for media companies seeking to monetize content, especially if they are located in one of the platform’s top countries, beyond that the use case is less compelling. These are the platforms which are too famous and many people come here to see news, videos, and many more!

So these are very big platforms for promoting business. Like YouTube, you’ll legitimate DailyMotion videos with in-stream advertisements, however, the smaller audience and additional intrusive ads scale back the potential for profit and user enjoyment.

3.JW Player :

jw player

JW player is usually cited as an alternative to YouTube. JW Player also offers real-time audience analytics broken down by Domain, Device, and Geography. The platform also hosts videos using HTMLA5 which promises super fast download speed.

For the corporate that stream lives frequently JW players will host the initial video and broadcast it to Facebook live. The technical features of the JW player start at $12 per month with a maximum of 50000 video plays.

4.Wistia :


It has been around 2008 whereas it began as a hosting platform for individual videos, Wistia has enlarged its offerings.  The recent introduction of their Channels features provide website owners to create a series of related videos and display the collection am their website no coding is required.

Wistia, you should create the audience of your videos there is no inherent distribution network, you will get zero views unless you are driving people to pages on your website with the embedded video.

5.Vimeo :


Vimeo is the best video platform to promote your business, where it provides users to embed users’ videos on their website. It can deliver or pay passwords within purchase confirmation while keeping content hidden from nonpurchasers and searches.

It has the cheapest cost for storing our videos with the features sets we require. We often have to make minor updates all that important but if you have to make a series of small edits to a handful or becomes quite significant.

6.Vidyard :


It s personalized video for it often makes sense or account-based marketing strategies. It allows business to create personalized videos at scale, as it Jesse Ariss pitched it. Boston University used Vidyamd to create personalized videos that encouraged people to promote their fundraising event Giving Day.

If your personalized videos from Vidyard will set back at least 5000 dollars. Do not need personalization to start hosting up to 29 videos on Vidyard from 150 dollars per month for one integration.

7. Loom :


Loom is not a standard video hosting platform t is a screen-sharing tool. The platform users Loom’s desktop app, you can record your screen or add a voice-over or video of yourself. It’s designed for core use cases Internal training and Product demonstrations.

Other screen recording tools do this most notably, Soapbox by Wistia, Loom does not require an internet browser. Anyone using Firebox, Safari will not be able to use the tool and you will need a Wistia account to get started.

8. Britecore :


The features included with the Britecore are Interactive content, Transcription, and Digital management. Brightcove also supports several custom viewing experiences are change button sizes adjust the size to mobile-friendly or accommodate those with poor eyesight and overlay text display relevant links to content during video discussions of certain topics. Its players and plugins Longue detail the extent of potential customization Implementation is technical but scalable.

9.Facebook :

facebook logo

Facebook is also a very big and popular video platform for business promotions. So Facebook is a world-class app where you promote your business video.

The reason is that the app is being used all over the world so many people are using this, where you have a big opportunity to attract many people by adding a small video to the app.

10.Hippo Video :

hippo video

Hippo video is a video hosting app where you can promote your business that also sends bulk personalized videos to your audience. Two parts are creating a video in the app and sending it to your prospects via Gmail.

To create a personalized video in Hippo Video click the personalized button within the editing options next to your video. You will be greeted with a new screen with an option to Add Text at any
point in your video.

Click on the button, and enter your message. Let’s say you want to begin with “Hi, [first name of your prospect].” Type “Hi,” in the text box, and then click the Merge Fields button, which will allow you to add different details about your prospect, such as first name, last name, email, title, company name, and state. you’ll also customize the color, size, and font of your text. mize the color, size, and font of your text.

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