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Translator Plugins

As in the era of globalization, technology is changing rapidly. These technological advancements are not limited to a particular region but are exchanged across the countries globally. As you know different countries have different languages therefore it’s important that the information can be easily accessed by each and every-one.

This gives a valid reason why we require translator plugins. Translator plugins are a set of programs that allow translating a given context into different supported multilingual languages.

It easily translates your web pages, and can automatically translate contents based on the user’s browser language. Thereby, the efficiency of any website depends on its accessibility, so that it can be easily accessed by everyone around the globe. Translator plugins translate the content into required languages.

Mentioned below is the list of the top 10 translator plugins for WordPress.

1) Translate Press :

translate press

 Translate press gives multilingual plugin access to translate every aspect of the website. Its features allow users to translate directly from the front end. One can easily switch between languages while translating. It can change live preview instantly as well. You can translate content, theme, plugins, and even metadata without interfering with the interface.

It’s a perfect option for manual translations. It allows custom translator user roles to any user on the site. The user will be able to translate content easily without access to the admin area.

 Plugins create SEO-friendly URLs for languages.

2) WMPL :


WMPL is one of the most used software for WordPress multilingual plugins. It can translate content, themes, plugins, with help of its powerful translation management system. One needs to have a CMS plan for e-commerce, page building support, custom fields, managing translation teams, and some other features as well. It comes in multilingual blogs and CMS licensing plans.

WMPL has a user-friendly interface for adding translations and managing multilingual content across websites. It supports all post types, taxonomies, custom fields, and strings generated by WordPress themes and plugins.

It allows website connections to third-party service providers for proper and smooth functioning. They offer three different premium plans based on the number of features. With every plan, one can enjoy unlimited website usage



To create a multilingual or bilingual website Polylang is another powerful website. It comes with a user–friendly interface, for adding translations to your posts, pages, custom post types, widgets, etc.

Polylang doesn’t support translating WordPress themes and plugins also it doesn’t include eCommerce support as a default plugin. In such a case, you need to purchase a paid addon for that service.

Other than this it allows you to set up SEO-friendly URLs for each language. It also works well with WordPress SEO plugins. You can add a language switcher for language selection, for your website using a sidebar widget. Plugin author doesn’t offer support for the free version of Polylang.



Weglot is a cloud-based website translating platform that works with WordPress, Shopify, Big Commerce, and more. One needs to add Weglot API to connect the WordPress site to their platform. Afterward one can choose for language selections, site language, and other languages if required. 

This translator plugin translates all your content, manages translations, and pushes them to the live website. It comes with SEO-friendly URL support, WooCommerce support, language switcher button, third-party translation services, and more.

5) Multilingual Press :

multilingual press

The multilingual press has a bit different approach to create multilingual websites. This platform requires a built-in WordPress multisite network. It efficiently manages content with its user-friendly interface and improves performance. It supports pages, posts, taxonomies.

Its structure gives each language a subdomain, directory, or custom domain name. It also allows automated translation services and supports 174 languages.

6) GTranslate :


Translate with GTranslate is a google based translation plugin for WordPress. This plugin automatically connects with google translate API and fetches translations for any supported language.

This plugin easily adds language switchers to translate web pages or contents that are based on the user’s browser language. It comes with a paid version also that allows you to choose SEO-friendly URLs, as well as searches for engines index, translated content.

7) Transposh WP translator :

Transposh WP translator

The translator is another plugin that basically combines automated machine translations with manual human translations. Your website visitors can easily contribute translations to your website with an easy interface.

One can hire professional translation services for submitting translations. Its automated translation supports Google, Bing, Yandex, and Apertium translation services.

8) Google Website Translators :

Google Website Translators

This translator plugin allows you to use Google Translate API to translate a website content. Your website displays a google translate button anywhere you want it to be. Languages selected will be shown in the language switcher, using a sidebar widget or an inline shortcode.

This feature allows machine translations for specific pages if required. Users are going to view translated pages when they select the language or plugins detect it via browser settings. The pro version is fully compatible with popular plugins like Yoast SEO and WooCommerce.

9 Loco Translate :

Loco translate

Loco translate has slightly different working as compared to other translation plugins. It allows WordPress themes and plugins translations.

One can use Loco translate if the WordPress theme or plugin is translation-ready. This plugin translates inside the WordPress dashboard. It has a simple and easy interface similar to other tools.

This plugin has one column for original strings and another one for translation.



Xili-Language is also one of the powerful translator plugins. It uses a translation-ready theme on your site. It’s highly recommended to double-check your theme before installing as half of the themes in the WordPress repository are translation-ready.

It helps one to create multilingual content, it also allows to change theme language files depending on the content language.

It is developer-friendly and comes with a list of hooks to personalize your experience.

So, these are some of the most useful translator plugins that are used in WordPress. They allow the users to access any language by providing a user-friendly interface. This makes it super easy for you to create WordPress multilingual websites and even translates the WordPress admin area.

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