Top 10 Tools to Securely Erase Data on Mac Tool

Tools to Securely Erase Data on Mac Tool

 Data safety and security is a topic of massive concern for every person who has been digitally active. Apple brings a secure environment for its users, but people who try to capture data can find a way out. In certain cases, users choose to shred the files containing data through the file shredder.

A file shredder is basically a software application that is purposely designed to clear data in a certain way where recovery is next to impossible.  Secure file deletion is an important part when it comes to creating a worry-free destruction of confidential files.

Mac users have very less accessible and reliable tools for shredding files that can provide a sense of security. Here are the lists of handpicked 10 tools that can solve this issue for Mac users.

1. Permanent Eraser

Permanent Eraser

There are many reasons why a Permanent Eraser is the best paper shredder for Mac, mainly preferable because its simplicity and performance are the best traits among all. Mac users can download this open-source file shredder directly from its main Edenwaith website for free. It is easy to use with multiple wiping methods available for users.

 Removal methods, including the 3pass DoE or 35pass Gutmann algorithms, can be recommended even to organizations that need to adhere to various regulatory standards. Right-click on it and choose Services> Delete (requires additional Automator actions and Finder plug-in). Permanent Erase has been translated into eight languages ​​and works with all newer versions of macOS.

2. Disk Drill Permanent Eraser Mac

Disk Drill Permanent Eraser Mac

The latest version of this programmed software is most popular for data recovery solutions on Mac and Windows. Simultaneously it includes a wonderfully designed data shredder with a secure erasure method, where a user can delete individual files or entire data including the trash folders located on all connected internal and external terminals of the drive.

It promotes several other features like its security erasing free space on any storage device in the process of creating the deleted data unrecoverable. It scans and verifies its files to a certain level to ensure no other means of data recovery.

3. Cleanmymac x File Shredder

Cleanmymac x File Shredder

It is one of the most popular software used to free up valuable storage by deleting system junk, large files, old files, emails, attachments, or unused applications. Hits of built-in MAC file deleter can be used to delete files are folders with no evidence and in a nonrecoverable form.

It has a polished and modern interface that offers several other distinct features specifically in the field of deletion and removal. It is frequently updated but the version available on the App Store doesn’t support file deletion, certainly, only the version distributed by a Mac Paw store supports it.

4. Voidtech File Shredder

Voidtech File Shredder

This File shredder securely deletes files by dropping and dragging icons supporting different shredding algorithms. It is remarkably versatile and recommendable software designed for quick access to Mac users. The four shredding algorithms supported by this application are:-

  • 1pass (considered to be the fastest of all)
  • 3 passes
  • 7 pass (DoD Standard)
  • 35 pass (safest among them all)

5. Doyourdata Super Eraser For Mac

Doyourdata Super Eraser For Mac

This application has three data shredding modes designed to accordingly erase files and folders from any storage device. The modes are responsible in such a way that the first mode erasers files selectively, 2nd mode deletes the entire storage to erase all the data that was stored on the device, and the third one securely overwrites the free storage space to make it impossible for its recovery.

It has a superficially designed modern user interface that provides access to the disk manager and other facilities like an app on the installer and an internet cleanup tool. It has a purchased version for a lifetime subscription and a yearly subscription. The user gets great customer support and a limited free version.

6. Magoshare Aweeraser

Magoshare Aweeraser

The application is no doubt capable of file shredding it is highly recommendable as it offers a straightforward eraser process with a well-designed user interface.

It supports modern data erasure standards It can not only specifically delete files and folders but can also wipe out the entire storage device and the free storage space. It supports a lifetime free update actively working for Mac OS and Windows.

7. Shredit X for Mac

Shredit X for Mac

A multi-platform software working for several operating systems including Mac OS, OS X, Mac OS X Mac OS 9, Mac OS 8, Mac OS 7, windows 95, windows 7, windows 8, windows 10, windows 200x, windows XP, Vista 7 and many more.

It does justice to all the shredding standards and perfectly fits in for a privacy-conscious organization or individual. Offers several easy options including the drag and drop facilities. It has a limited free trial and the purchased version costs $24.95.

8. Tuneupmymac


It is a one-click system optimizer that includes permanent racing facilities and security deletes the sensitive data in an unrecoverable form for Mac users. Simplicity is the basis of the application which encourages a drag-and-drop feature for the shredding queue.

It has an intuitive user interface and lacks advanced configuration options. It is easy to use and simply disappears a file or a folder permanently with a simple click.

9. Stellar Bitraser File Eraser

Stellar Bitraser File Eraser

This application software is designed to efficiently delete individual files and folders. It is based on 17 international data erasure standards including Russian standards GOST-R and British HMG IS5.

Regardless of any standard, it issues a report about the data removal from the organization ensuring secure removal for its customers. It can also erase sensitive and hidden app data to get rid of internet traces including banking and shopping details.

10. Mac Optimizer Pro

Mac Optimizer Pro

Optimizer Pro is one of the most popular applications known to make a slow Mac actively function like a new one. It has countless satisfaction reviews from around the globe. It is a straightforward file shredder that is easy to use and has a clear user interface layout with simple lipstick and minimalistic functioning for enterprise users.

It basically uninstalls performance-draining applications and removes unwanted cache files to clean up the storage. It includes a military-grade data shredder for secure deletion of any matter for an informative file or folder with a simple click. It has a free and a pro version.

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