Top 10 Tools to make a bootable Pen Drive

Tools to make a bootable Pen Drive

Looking back in time there is to include a whole system in the CV DVD burning procedure while installing or rescuing a disc. It was a time-consuming process and the long lost memory has been buried with the CVD and DVD writers.

Thankfully the flash drive rescue was from this year and helped us with easy and comfortable functioning. Since Windows has a customizable operating system and thus it gets corrupted a lot. In these cases, there is a need for bootable tools and this brings us to the list of top 10 tools that make bootable pen drives.

1. Rufus


 Rufus is a Windows 10 USB creator. We can not only create USB but is also beneficial as flash BIOS, it can be also used for MBR and GPT schemes. It is an open-source software with multiple customizable options like changing partition, cluster size, file size, etc.

Eraser portable variant pen drive size and number depend on the complete verification. It is easy and fast to use. It is one of the best and latest bootable USB tools available for Windows 10 users.

2. WinToUSB Professional

 WinToUSB Professional

WinToUSB Professional is an easy-to-use quick plug-and-play bootable USB customizable leader’s side for Windows 10 users. The tool provides its users with a simple and user-friendly interface.

The software has the ability to create a bootable USB drive and also allows you to transfer the content of a Windows PE image to the drive. The software is comprehended with the expertise and technical support held in with professional and enterprise versions.

3. Universal USB Installer

Universal USB Installer

Universal USB Installer provides users with one of the easiest ways to create a bootable USB. It has a multi-bot support system that allows users to create a live USB for Linux distro. It supports automatic download options and is popular for extra ISO’s. It has multi-OS support and had well-defined storage system to view backup hand store files. Highly customizable and has several bootloader options.

This also keeps a check on bad blocks and takes care of all complexities. Universal Multiboot Installer is a utility that lets you install various operating systems and other software on a single USB drive.

It does so by creating a bootable USB device that accepts various USB formats. This utility is very easy to use, and it can create persistent storage for all your important files.



RMPrep USB is a multi-functional person pleasant device that enables developing bootable USB to put in Windows OS. This device has multilingual help and is a mild-weight device. To take a look at bootable pressure, you may use the in-built emulator of RMPrepUSB.

Using this device, you may create more than one wall on a USB drive and you may keep personal files. this USB utility helps users create a bootable USB to install the Windows operating system. It has various features such as built-in support for Windows 7.

5. Yumi multi-boot USB author

Yumi multi-boot USB author

Yumi multi-boot USB author is a bootable USB device that has evolved with the aid of using creators of Universal Multiboot Installer. It has the potential to put in more than one working system, firmware, and antivirus from USB pressure without formatting. Your Universal Multiboot Installer (YUMI) has straightforward usage.

Moreover, you may create a Persistent garage to again up vital files. Using this bootable USB software program promotes pick what you need criterion and this USB bootable device will deliver the download link. it has a pretty simple and unique interface with multiple OS and firmware help. Accordingly, it has a well-designed storage and gadget setting and a customizable bootloader.

6. Windows Bootable Image Creator

Windows Bootable Image Creator

Windows Bootable Image Creator is an amazing, truthful USB bootable device with fantastic functions. Using Windows Bootable Image Creator, the user may create bootable pressure from CD/DVD. Besides, this person can browse ISO photograph records from the gadget.

This device is straightforward to apply this indicates even an amateur can use it to create Windows 10 bootable pressure. It supports multiple OS and is quite lightweight with easy application. This carries out every task with one simple click efficiently. The software is studded with a gadget menu and QEMU emulator



If you’re searching for something that is freed from value WiNTOBootic bootable USB device is the product for you. it has a customized framework with portability and is lightweight. This Windows 10 USB creator is finely appropriate for PC lovers because it helps an ISO record, a DVD, etc. 

The interface of WiNToBootic is quite simple because it gives minimal functions that might be vital to creating a Windows bootable USB.

8. WinSetupFromUSB


WinSetupFromUSB is an amazing and fantastic bootable USB device that is accessible as a brand-new working gadget. The key gain of this device is other than developing Windows bootable USB you may additionally create bootable Linux for the usage of SysLinux.

Its personal interface is quite straightforward, but it gives superior and highly diversified options. Additionally, this bootable USB software can take a glance at bootable media in the QEMU emulator and several other beneficial equipment like FBinstTool, etc. It is highly customizable with several advanced options and a pretty simple and easy-to-apply interface.

9. Windows USB/DVD Tool

Windows USB/DVD Tool

Windows USB/DVD Tool is a device that creates the simplest Windows bootable USB, this is a certainly respectable device. As the name states, a Windows USB/DVD device is used to create a bootable DVD and USB. It is a clean-to-apply device program, where connecting to the USB pressure followed by picking an ISO and continuing the process will be enough resulting in the creation of a Windows 10 bootable USB.

Simultaneously, a bootable USB device will create a bootable pressure simply right after the preliminary format procedure.

The basic and only disadvantage of this software program is the loss of superior functions. It doesn’t facilitate the choice giving options to extrude partition scheme and record gadget. Though it doesn’t test for the horrific blocks it is potentially the simplest software developed for the creation of bootable USB.

10. Etcher


Etcher is a newly introduced Windows 10 bootable USB programming software. It is straightforward to use and in only some clicks user may convert a USB into bootable pressure. Etcher supports more than one OS like Windows, Linux, and macOS. Additionally, this open supply and even supports the Pro model version to benefit goal firms where 100+ drivers are required.

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