Top 10 Tools To Increase Twitter Followers

increase twitter followers

Twitter, a global platform for sharing thoughts and news, is a powerful tool to gain recognition and boost businesses. With millions of users, the challenge lies in standing out. To help you overcome this, here are the top 10 tools that can significantly increase your Twitter followers.

1) Owlead :


Owlead is an all-in-one Twitter growth tool that automates following and unfollowing, providing a real and engaged audience. Its Artificial Intelligence ensures a quality audience based on your filter criteria. Priced from $19 to $99 per month, with a free 10-day trial, Owlead is a valuable asset for organic growth.

2) Hootsuite :


Hootsuite is a comprehensive social media management tool offering features like automatic post scheduling, key metrics, team collaboration, and custom analytics. Plans range from INR 1915 to INR 45000 per month, making it suitable for both individuals and businesses. It simplifies post scheduling and improves social ROI.

pricings of hootsuite

3) Crowdfire :


Crowdfire aids in content scheduling and account management, boasting features like article discovery, blog sharing, and engagement optimization. With over 19 million users, it offers valuable insights and analytics, making it one of the best Twitter management tools.

pricings of crowfire
increase twitter followers
increase twitter followers

4) Tweepi :


Tweepi, powered by Artificial Intelligence, enhances your Twitter brand by finding relevant users and managing undesirable ones. Priced at $10.75 and $20.75 per month for basic and premium versions, Tweepi is a cost-effective solution for Twitter growth.

5) Buffer :


Buffer is designed to draw attention to your Twitter account by scheduling tweets based on existing high-engagement content. With pricing starting from $15, Buffer caters to both starters and businesses, providing exposure and engagement.

6) Twitter Analytics :

twitter analytics

Twitter Analytics, an official tool, measures your impact on Twitter through advanced analytics. Understanding your audience’s activity, interests, and demographics is crucial for gaining more followers. Explore Tweet Activity and Twitter Cards for enhanced engagement.

7) Canva :


Canva is a graphic design tool that makes your content visually appealing, leaving a lasting impression. Even without graphic design skills, you can create stunning visuals with features like drag-and-drop speech bubbles, photo effects, and stickers.

8) Manage Flitter :

manage flitter

Manage Flitter is a Twitter management tool that helps you manage multiple accounts, view & track analytics, and schedule tweets. This tool costs $12 per month for each account and $49 per month for each account if you want business features.

Manage Flitter has features like finding inactive accounts, identify fake/spam accounts, review your followers and those you follow, account search, tweet search, account export, account analytics, email reports, Powerpost to schedule your tweets when the chances of getting maximum views are the highest, reusable posts, permission management, and custom branding.

9) Rite Tag :

rite tag

Rite Tag focuses on hashtags, providing trending and instant suggestions based on real-time engagement. At $54 per month with a 7-day trial, Rite Tag enhances your post reach, attracting more followers through strategic hashtag usage.

10) Socialoomph :


Socialoomph boosts productivity with advanced post-scheduling tools. With a one-time payment starting at $6.97 and a free trial, it offers precise scheduling, post queues, RSS feeds, and more. Ideal for individuals and teams looking to optimize their social media strategy.

While these tools can increase your followers by up to 20%, consistency and loyalty to your audience remain key. Twitter is a powerful platform for showcasing your talents to the world. With the right tools, you can enhance your presence and make a lasting impact.

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