Top 10 Tools To Increase Twitter Followers

increase twitter followers

Twitter is a platform that is used to share ideas and news. Many big celebrities and names from all around the world use Twitter to put their views out in the public.

This is why many people use Twitter and since so many people use it Twitter becomes a great platform to become famous or boost up some kind of business.

People always try to engage more and more people to get recognition which helps them gain an audience for their business or themselves. So, here I have the top 10 tools to increase Twitter followers.

1) Owlead :


Owlead helps you grow your audience organically with real Twitter followers. This platform is an all-in-one Twitter growth tool where you can automate your Twitter marketing which means an automatic following and unfollowing process will be handled by these tools while you take care of your daily tasks.

With the help of its Artificial Intelligence and your filter criteria, Owlead gives you a good quality audience. You can tweak your campaigns in real-time to maximize your engagement and follow-back ratio.

When you post on your Twitter Owlead lets you know the keywords that are most relevant to your followers so that you can create amazing content. The pricing for these tools starts at $19 per month and goes up to $99 per month with a free 10-day trial.

2) Hootsuite :


Hootsuite is a tool that helps you manage all your social media in one place. This tool can be used by individuals or companies. They have three different plans which cost INR 1915, INR 7540, and INR45000 per month for 10, 20, and 35 user profiles respectively.

You get features like automatic post scheduling, key performance metrics, team message assignment, custom analytics, exportable reports, flexible approval workflows, 1 hour of 1 on 1 onboarding, 5 social media certifications, and 24/7 support.

Hootsuite helps you schedule your social posts and manage social content with ease. They even track and improve your social ROI.

pricings of hootsuite

3) Crowdfire :


Crowdfire helps you schedule your content and manage your Twitter account. Few things Crowdfire does for you discover articles and images to share with your targeted audience, helps you easily share blogs and updates from your website, schedule all your posts beforehand and automatically post them at the best time, and customize your post for every social network.

Crowdfire has amazing features due to which these tools have gained more than 19 million users from around the world.

Features such as recent un-followers inactive users, DM Marketing, Follow competition, Engagement optimization, detailed stats, copy followers, remove unwanted accounts, and Twitter analytics has made this app one of the best tools to manage your Twitter which ultimately lets you gain more followers.

pricings of crowfire
increase twitter followers
increase twitter followers

4) Tweepi :


Tweepi can help your Twitter brand with the power of Artificial Intelligence. This tool costs you around $10.75 per month for the basic version and $20.75 per month for the premium version.

It has features to find relevant users by interest and to unfollow undesirable users.

5) Buffer :


Buffer is very good at drawing people’s attention towards your Twitter account. This tool lets you schedule your tweets and automatically post them based on the existing content that gets you the highest exposure and engagement. Buffer has starter and business plans whose pricing starts from $15 and goes up to $399.

6) Twitter Analytics :

twitter analytics

Twitter Analytics measures and boosts your impact on Twitter. This is an official Twitter tool that has an advanced analytics option that you should go through to gain more Twitter followers.

It lets you know about your audience and their activity, interest, and demographics. Twitter Analytics has a dashboard that has Tweet Activity that lets you measure the engagement and learn how to make your tweets more successful and Twitter Cards with which you can post content that will increase retweets and followers.

7) Canva :


Canva is a graphic designing tool using which you can content more visually striking. This creates a very good first impression on the audience.

With Canva you can design better together you don’t actually need to have graphic designing skills, straighten your photo to keep your snapshots looking sharp, add stellar photo effects to make your photos magnificent, say it loud with drag and drop speech bubble, crop your image for precise compositions, blur your photo with their blur slider, add awesome photo frame effect, add stickers, etc.

8) Manage Flitter :

manage flitter

Manage Flitter is a Twitter management tool that helps you manage multiple accounts, view & track analytics, and schedule tweets. This tool costs $12 per month for each account and $49 per month for each account if you want business features.

Manage Flitter has features like finding inactive accounts, identify fake/spam accounts, review your followers and those you follow, account search, tweet search, account export, account analytics, email reports, Powerpost to schedule your tweets when the chances of getting maximum views are the highest, reusable posts, permission management, and custom branding.

9) Rite Tag :

rite tag

Everyone uses hashtags under their post, sometimes it is related to the picture and sometimes it is just random stuff. However, putting the right hashtags could help you grow by attracting more people to your post.

Rite Tag provides you with trending and instant Hashtag suggestions for images and texts based on your real-time hashtag engagement or searches to increase your reach and help you get more followers. Rite Tag costs $54 per month with a 7-day trial option.

10) Socialoomph :


Socialoomph boosts your productivity with its advanced post-scheduling tools. The pricing for this tool starts at $6.97 as a one-time payment and offers a free trial. There is also a free version.

Socialoomph has many benefits to offer like for individuals with team features and tags you can manage your own social posting, for teams you can add associates to your account and assign privileges to work on social profiles and blogs.

Some features of this tool are precise scheduling, post queues, RSS feeds, webhooks, bulk uploading, self-destructing posts, and post-flood control.

These tools will help you gain followers and might increase your reach by about 20% but you still have to be consistent and loyal towards your audience if you don’t want this to fade away. Twitter is a great social platform to put your best foot forward, so you have your chance to showcase your talent to the world.

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