Top 10 Tools to Increase Instagram Followers

increase Instagram followers

In the realm of Social Media, Instagram stands out as the leading platform, offering a visual haven for users worldwide. The quest for more followers on Instagram is a challenge many face, be it for brand promotion, personal fame, or to up the cool quotient. In this guide, we’ll explore the top 10 tools that can help you increase your Instagram followers.

1) Instaforce :


Instaforce is more than just a tool; it’s a growth companion for your Instagram account. With features like auto-following, liking, and commenting, it uses advanced options to target specific audiences through location and hashtags. Instaforce delivers real followers and offers a ‘Personal Assistant’ to manage your account’s growth.

2) Hootsuite :


Hootsuite is the go-to tool for managing multiple social media platforms, including Instagram. With plans catering to individuals and companies, it provides features like post scheduling, key performance metrics, custom analytics, and team collaboration. Hootsuite is your social hub, tracking and improving your social ROI effortlessly.

3) Yotpo :


Yotpo goes beyond traditional tools, offering solutions for customer reviews, visual marketing, and loyalty. It turns customer reviews into paid Instagram ads, making your account more engaging and marketable. Yotpo accelerates growth, giving brands access to user-generated content.

4) Kicksta :


Kicksta employs cutting-edge AI technology to provide real Instagram followers organically. It ensures authentic connections, meaningful engagement, and a safe growth environment. Kicksta is your go-to tool for not just gaining followers but establishing a vibrant online presence.

pricings of kicksta

5) Hashtagsforlikes :

hashtags for likes

Hashtags are your Instagram allies, and Hashtagsforlikes help you wield their power. It provides trending hashtags based on your search, increasing your post’s reach and attracting more followers. The premium version unlocks additional potent features, making your hashtag game strong

6) Juicer :


Juicer simplifies the process of showcasing your Instagram feed on your website. It aggregates posts based on your brand’s hashtag, displays them beautifully on your site, and allows moderation and analysis. Stand out, get noticed, and save time with Juicer’s user-friendly features.

7) Planoly :


Planoly is an Instagram-approved tool for planning and scheduling content. As an official Instagram partner, it offers designer templates and stickers to enhance your account’s aesthetics. Plan and schedule your posts effortlessly, making your profile more professional and appealing.

8) Iconosquare :


Iconosquare empowers Instagram users with data-driven insights. It provides analytics, tracks comments and likes, and assists in organizing content. With features like Best Time to Post and User Tagging, Iconosquare ensures your content reaches the right audience at the right time.

9) Woobox :


Woobox simplifies the integration of Instagram content into your Facebook page. It enhances exposure by presenting your Instagram feed directly on Facebook. With Woobox, your photos and videos gain more visibility, creating a seamless bridge between the two platforms.

10) Grum :


Grum is a straightforward Instagram scheduler that automates posting according to your set schedule. It eliminates the need for post-confirmation, saving you time and ensuring consistent productivity. Grum’s subscription plans start at just $4.98 per account.

While these tools can significantly enhance your follower count, it’s crucial to remember Instagram’s guidelines. Avoid using illicit methods that could lead to penalties, including account bans. The tools mentioned here focus on genuine growth, connecting you with real, active followers who contribute to the authenticity of your Instagram journey.

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