Top 10 Tools to Handle ZIP/RAR files on Windows

Tools to Handle ZIP/RAR files on Windows

When working on a laptop or a desktop, one of the major concerns is the files being depleted by mistake or being lost randomly in some folder, keeping an eye on every piece of data is nearly impossible but keeping track of it is not that difficult. These files can be secured by compressing them in the form of zip/rar.

Zip files can be defined in many ways, file compression encryption split archive and many more functions are just a click away. It is an archive file format that supports lossless data compression.

Zip file mainly works as a folder to keep your files and a document is a compressed form to consume less space. It facilitates easy storage and sharing of files across the internet in a much more feasible way.

Rar files are also similar to the zips but use a more algorithmically calculated way of compressing data making them lose less, incorporating a higher compression ratio compared to that of zip file compression.

There are several tools available for Windows to handle the usage of the win/rar/zip files.

1. WinZip


The simple interface is typically designed for zip files but also works for several other formats RAR, 7z, CAB, and ISO. WinZip also allows users to open files with the RAR extension.  It also provides the facility of encrypting the files and resizing and adding watermarks. The files there can be easily shared over cloud storage services. 

The program is also available for Mac, Android, and iOS. The software supports several tools for system integration and it efficiently unpacks other archive formats.

2. WinRar 


One of the most popular unarchiving software seamlessly extracts all available formats RAR, ZIP, CAB, ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZip, UUE, ISO, BZIP2, Z, and 7-Zip. It is a trialware file archiver utility designed for Windows.

The software also supports encryption and additionally helps to organize the compressed archives. The interface is user-friendly and makes extracting an easy task, even for high-volume archives.

Currently, the software comes for free services for up to 40 days and later costs a bare exact amount, which makes it worth it.

3. PeaZip


PeaZip is a free tool functional for major formats like 7Z, CAB, RAR, and XAR. Easy-to-use software made available for Windows users with a great UI. The software can be accessed by hosting the application, followed by browsing the RAR file, or by clicking on the icon to open and extract files to a desired location all over the device.

The software is also available for Linux users. Originally it supported PEA archive format and several other mainstream formats, with a special focus on open formats.

4. 7-Zip


After WinRAR, this is one of the most popular utilities available in the market for the Windows user. An instinctive interface designed for massive usefulness and no or minimalistic design. Potentially it is meant to archive in all major forms and support extraction for high-volume files. Currently, the software supports encryption and is only available for Windows.

5. B1 Free Archiver

B1 Free Archiver

It is modern-looking software that supports native compressing and archiving for more than 20 formats. It also facilitates the splitting of large files into smaller divisions based on size and encryption in the form of password protection for archives. It can only help in creating ZIP archives. The software is currently available for Mac, Linux, Android, and Windows.

6. IZArc


one of the most competitive software, with a clean interface and light features, typically designed as a RAR opener. It is a user-friendly program with no designer animations or graphics.

It allows disc spanning, creating self-extracted archives, and commenting on the created archives. It also facilitates zip encryption, and virus scanning, and supports the creation of multi-volume archives.

7. The Unarchiver

The Unarchiver

One the most treasured software, which allows easy navigation, and has a smooth interface. Moreover, it also has some distinct features like the ability to read non-Latin characters. This supported some previously prevailing formats like XAR, RPM, Deb, etc.

the software is completely free of cost. It is designed to handle filenames and read character encoding. It is one of the most powerful native compressors supporting various formats.

8. Ashampoo ZIP Free

Ashampoo ZIP Free

Another well-known and defined software available in the market for users studded with features.  It is designed with a tile-based UI and is user-friendly. The software supports compression for almost every format available and allows users to create archives.

It can repair broken files and also facilitates 256-bit AES encryption. It is currently only available for Windows users and to use its free license key, the user has to mail the owner.

9. Bandizip


It is software that supports all modern compression for every format available nearly reaching 30 formats. It is a feature-loaded RAR opener available for both Windows and Mac users.

The software has a built-in password manager which facilitates encryption and helps archive repairing and password recovery. The software air is free of cost initially but the features are unlocked by purchase.

10. ExtractNow


ExtractNow is so far the lightest software available for archiving which consumes approximately 4.4 MB of the space after installation process. It is designed with an intuitive user interface making it user-friendly. It supports file extraction and archiving for all formats.

Multiple files can be extracted in a go. The UI multi-language supports and scans folders from the archive to extract them for a desired location. The software is free of cost and currently available for Windows users only.

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