Top 10 Tools For Videos on Linux

Tools For Videos on Linux

For a generation where online streaming has become a trend, it is important to realize the worth of a safe medium for playing videos online and offline. The basic video player supports some basic features of playing video and organizing them.

Most of all is the fact that not everyone and every time it can subscribe to the paid subscription of those online streaming applications. Though it seems to be a difficult task when it’s an open source free application program it becomes efficient and effective to use such application.

Linux users have quite a few options available but still, many options are worth experiencing. Below is a list of some tools that can help Linux users in playing videos on devices.

1. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player

It is one of the most recommendable multimedia players for every platform available. It supports various file formats and other codes in a customizable form. The tool is designed to support media files for audio and video, directly from discs, streaming sites, webcams, CDs, VCDs, and DVDs.

It is a cross-platform media player tool that can vary videos up to 8K and stream a 360-degree view, and it supports MPEG4, MPEG2, MKV, WebM, and many more formats. It is one of the most recommended applications for Mac devices as it can also support a wide range of video compression and filtering functions. It is spyware and ad-free software available for laptops, PCs, cell phones, and even tablets. It supports a feature that synchronizes subtitles for audio and videos. It also helps users with screen recording.

2.Haruna Video Player

Haruna Video Player

It is a feature-studded application with some interesting features that support online streaming and many others. It also gives its users control over playback speed and screenshots and adds subtitles to the videos.

It is not a cross-platform tool but supports many distinct features that make it worth the use. It is free of cost and completely based on the command line. It has a minimalistic GUI featured with a color adjustment property to intensify the quality.



It is a command line-based video player that offers a married amount of features along with conversion of file formats and subtitles. That’s one of the best well-designed interfaces that can be executed on the terminal with a basic command. Potential it is a cross-platform to supports a great range of drives and features.



It is a backup engine for MPlayer, which supports almost every possible video format and online streaming within the video player. With the help of this unnecessary advertisements can be eliminated from the streaming. Furthermore, it is cross-platform software with a designated built-in codec. The interface can be customized along with the substitute integration of the application.

5. XMBC (Kodi Media Player)

Kodi Media Player

It is a popular platform with modified parts that act as a framework for various smart televisions and connected media players or customized speakers. It is a cross-platform tool that allows flexibility with its audio and visual files located in the local storage or on the Internet platform. It was formerly known as the Xbox media player.

6. MPV player

MPV player

It is one of the simplest applications with a finely designed GUI. It offers a lot of features but the most notable one remains that it creates a high-quality video output with the help of scaling. It is a cross-platform multimedia player with built-in codecs and online stream support from YouTube.  

7. GNOME Videos

GNOME Videos

It is software available for every GNOME desktop by default. It can support almost every major file format available and allows screenshot capturing. It can sort and synchronize various video playlists and channels with the utmost simplicity. It is pretty simple to use software feasibly available in the system at the software center.

8. Dragon Player

It is a software especially designed for KDE desktop users and supports almost every file format. It has an interface that is pretty simple and supports both CD’s and DVD’s. It supports various kinds of keyboard shortcuts that can be set by users and also facilitates a resume playback option. Though it is quite simple to use there is nothing that fascinating about this application when it comes to additional features and supports.

9. Bomi


It is based on the footprints of MPV players. This software offers almost every necessary feature that a video player should take on. It has an easy GUI and comes from free open source. Potentially this software has a recording option along with the tracking and playback features. It automatically generates a playlist and also supports a subtitle feature for multiple files.

10. Xine Multimedia Player

Xine Multimedia Player

It is a portable multimedia player that facilitates customization on its GUI free of cost. It has all basic features including the creation of subtitles, Capturing screenshots, and playback streaming features for almost every major and available file format like mp3, AVI, and MOV. These file formats can be decoded easily and online streaming over the internet is also carried out by this software efficiently.

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