Top 10 Tools for Securely Deleting Files on Windows

Tools for Securely Deleting Files on Windows

The device is very important to clear out data security. It is obviously important to permanently delete a personal or private file so that it is unrecoverable. In the case of Windows, there are several free tools available for this very process to be carried out on your device.

Once the deleted file has been overwritten it becomes quite difficult to recover those data. There are various methods to delete data from the current device and free up all the space available. The method which is easiest and quickest may not be secure but there are several apps that provide a secure and easy e elimination of data from the device.

1. Easy File Shredder

Easy File Shredder

Even after files are deleted from the recycle bin there is a quick way to recover them using several software applications because they are somewhere stored on the hard drive of the device. File shredder is not only used for deleting files but it should read them digitally to a level that it cannot be ever recovered clearing of the remains from the free disk space so that all the files are safely removed.

It can also share files and folders available on USB drives and SD cards. This is a highly useful feature for media to transport sensitive files. 13 advanced algorithms work behind the application software so that data can be deleted and cannot be recovered. It has a very well-designed easy and user-friendly interface with a step mechanism for deletion.  It works on both internal and external disks.

2. BitRaser File Eraser

BitRaser File Eraser

It is a useful file eraser with sensitive eraser folder files and all other application and system traces leaving no scope for recovery. It also keeps its hands on internet activities and volumes from window-based systems and storage devices.

This is not just a simple file eraser it is the safest tool for a system that offers several key features and advanced options like scheduling erasing tasks at a predefined time. The software can keep your files on a cloud repository and eliminate any traces from the PC ensuring a certification-based deletion. It evaluates and extensively gives a free trial to get rid of any confidential files.

3. CCleaner


The only software that has award-winning utility performance with 1.5 billion downloads all over the globe. It is well well-defined easy user interface. Basically, it is designed for deleting files and consuming minimal system resources. Basically, it has two versions the freeware version and the professional version but includes many more.

The software scans both the system and the third-party software fear files to considerably minute all the junk files. It includes uninstall and a startup I can remove software and startup entries ensuring the security trait for sensitive files and applications. It confidently cleans up and optimizes all the files with no traces behind the beneficiary adding up to the system’s health and its smooth working.

4. IObit Unlocker

IObit Unlocker

It is an application designed to manage all files and folders on the device to keep them safe. It has a user interface designed easy to use with no complex features or operations for management. Provides users with a drop and drag facility along with deleting unlocking renaming moving and copying files and folders.

It is a powerful tool that can be used as a protection against any digital risks and security breaches. Actively work on multiple files at once solving the complicated operations in fixing and protecting the valuable self data confidentially.

5. Kernel File Shredder

Kernel File Shredder

It is a great utility software designed for file deletion. It is a powerful alternative for the complete elimination of data in an unrecoverable form. There in this app, it can also be scheduled for file reading tasks at a particular time. Files can be renamed before shredding them and created as a log to store the shredded information.

Uses an advanced dish reading algorithm resulting in reliable work on unauthorized access to sensitive data. The superior service of this software maintains an activities log which confidentially restricts access of any undesirable character for data breach.

6. Wipe File

Wipe File

Wipe File is a program designed as a useful USB toolkit that supports around 13 erasing methods portably. It ranges from a single pass zero fill up to a 36-pass Gutmann erase. Individual files and folders can be added to this program for further process of deletion. One of the useful features provided by this program is an editable file mask for folders where files can be preferably chosen for getting erased by name or extensions.

7. File shredder

File shredder

File shredder is a permanent erasing solution for files and folders. It requires a proper installation process and does not have any portable version. It has some very useful and distinct functions which makes it worth working on.

It uses a specific algorithm that includes simple 1 or 2 pass or 35 gutmann pass method or secure 7 pass, DOD 3 pass, etc. It supports integrated explorer which directly rises of file or folder when added to the queue. It supports drag-and-drop facilities and deletes all the files from the basic root level making up all free space available on the device.

8. Permadelete


A software program designed with a user-friendly user interface and basic functions for pretty functioning. Files can be treated either by drag and drop function or by browsing the application. After choosing the deletion option there is a security check for confirming the process as it is irreversible.

By default selecting the right answer for the pop-up eliminates the files and folder from the device. Permadelete does not share its files on SSD and relies on garbage collection which decreases the wear and tear of the device. This application is portable and the installer will be available as open-source and requires a framework for all Windows users.

9. Alternate file shredder

Alternate file shredder

An alternate file shredder is a program that permanently deletes files and also whites of the free space on the device. A file can be overwritten up to 100 times. The application is quite useful for one sort of paranoid user. The files and folders can be added by drag and drop facilities or by the button on the toolbar.

Also include files from the recycle bin and for security reasons files can be shredded with original names and file sizes. It application is meant to edit files and has the ability to insert and replace specific bytes in the file.

10. Eraser


Eraser has several different types of data racing options like wiping recycle bins selectively, wiping the drives to free up space or drive completely, and forest reading files and folders. The portable version of this program is no more available but can be installed from the store. It has a one-click data eraser.

For multiple selections there is a shortcut provided i.e. shift+Ctrl. Potentially it has 6 algorithms for elimination ranging from single random, zero pass up to 35 pass. It has a responsive UI that allows long wiping operations making it difficult to recover the deleted data.

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