Top 10 Tools for Securely Deleting Data on Android

Tools for Securely Deleting Data on Android

Deletion of data remains the biggest issue with every mobile user whether it is Android or iPhones. But no matter how fast technology goes data security and safety remain one among basic necessities in this digital world.

It is highly important to keep the data safe while functioning and safely dispose of the data when not in use. Data deletion and elimination is no fun thing it should be ensured that no traces can be e recovered even after vulnerable digital attacks. In order to protect your data after deletion it is important to eliminate those safely and securely using tools that work on the device, especially with certain algorithms to permanently delete data files and folders.

1. Dr. Fone – Data Eraser (Android)

It is one of the safest data erasers and a pretty user-friendly application. Basically, the software algorithm is designed to securely erase data from any Android device in an unrecoverable form even in case any data recovery tool is involved.

The fact remains the same factory reset does not erase all the data but creates a temporary elimination most of the cases elimination of personal and sensitive information safely and securely is considered the most important task. This device can work on Android OS for phones and tablets. It effectively increases the speed of any Smartphone by freeing up the storage space and eliminating background running applications.

2. Lookout Security & Antivirus

Lookout security and antivirus is one of the few utility applications meant to flawlessly notify theft alert and clear out the device storage efficiently. Is it one of the best applications with the most innovative features including the signal flair and the lost detection?

It quickly scandalizes application and their information, In most cases, it aggressively restrict advertisements for wedding application and protects consumers’ privacy properly through app security and smart devices.

The application has both paid and free versions where the free version includes features like backup contacts antimalware protection and secure alarm remotely on the other hand the paid version includes features like call history privacy advisor safe browsing remote lock and wipe.

3. Simple factory phone reset

Basic factory reset does not complement to enable the content permanently in an unrecoverable form with this application is based on binary codes destroyer which cannot be rediscovered by any data recovery software existing on mobile or any other device.

This application clearly wipes out every file in the memory of a device. This software is designed without a program everything is embedded in the main screen providing a speed scan system. It clears out the SD card or any other drive data on the device by one click and on completion of a process, it reboots the device.

4.MobiKin Eraser for Android

New generation device utility software Air which security deals with every problem based on privacy and data security. It completely eliminates the data from the device which makes it clearly impossible for a travel by any possible tool.

It is multi-functional software available for Android users working for almost every available file format. It also permanently removes sensitive information on wanted files and helps free up space complementing the speed of the device. It works for every device running with Android OS and improves the performance of the system where after a quick scan the folders are the files can be selected accordingly and deleted.

5. Complete Wipe

Complete wipe is application software that deletes all the files with the utmost security and safety. It is a quite simple and portable utility software that restricts every third-party recovery tool to recover sensitive and informative data like banking details, passwords, etc. after deletion. 

It detects scans works on various file formats and is highly compatible with every device running with Android operating system. It basically effectively conquers the threat of data breaches and leaks. It’s one excellent application for people who switch devices often and usually takes a lot of time for a lot of data.

6. Coolmuster

Coolmuster is a feature that enriches applications integrated with a deep thought of small applications that can carry out tasks effortlessly and impressively without taking up much space. It erases all the data selected by a one-click option provided by the application interface.

It uses an integrated and advanced algorithm to sophisticatedly scan and minutely delete any type of data. It also works for other OS like Mac and Windows.

7.iSkysoft Data Eraser

The data wiper is designed with an integrated set of secure algorithms that can erase personal and sensitive data from any Android device. The data once deleted cannot even be recovered by the data recovery tool on any terms. It creates space for better functioning of the device by eliminating unnecessary data and unused files.

It conveniently overwrites the data traces remaining on the drive to ensure its safety. It is also supported on iOS devices. The application reliably safeguards data from any security breach and is vulnerable to digital attacks accommodated with great desktop assistance.

8. Vipre mobile security

It is application software designed to manifest the security of a device by securely monitoring and eliminating data risk. Basically, it wipes off the device remotely leaving no traces behind and safeguarding the device from the danger of data breach.

Comprehensively it also supports capabilities that can protect from malware functioning and cybercrimes. It securely creates backups on its online servers and helps in tracing lost tools by creating geolocation alerts.  It blocks the data being fetched by the application in favor of its safety precisely monitoring the device and wiping off the data.


It is software designed with utmost reliability and has data-erasing capabilities with compressive management features. It securely protects any device content by providing it an encrypted barrier to neglect and avoid any undesired access.

It automatically synchronizes the devices with computers although it has a crude interface it has quite an easy navigation property. Being expensive may be one of its cons but the amazing capabilities and features make it worth each penny.

10. Wondershare Mobile Trans

Wondershare is an exclusive application available for Android users that has a lot of additional features and capabilities. It can transfer data related to contacts, call history, music, playlists, applications SMS, etc. It organizes the details of data shared automatically.

It has multi-platform compatibility and works for a wide range of devices and networks. Potentially it actively works for several operating systems and also works with network-locked phones. It has a user-friendly interface and is quite easy to use.

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