Top 10 tools for screenshots in Linux

Top 10 Tools for Screenshots in Linux

In the digital world, capturing moments has become second nature to us. Whether it’s a vital piece of information or a casual encounter online, screenshots play a crucial role in preserving our digital experiences. However, when it comes to Linux, finding quality screenshot tools can be a bit challenging. Fear not! We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 beginner-friendly Linux screenshot tools that not only simplify the process but also offer basic editing functionalities. Let’s dive into the world of creative screenshotting!

1. Shutter


Shutter stands out as one of the easiest screen-capturing tools for Linux users. It allows you to customize your screenshots, whether capturing the entire screen or just a part of it. Beyond basic screenshotting, Shutter empowers you with features like highlighting, note-making, and instant online sharing. It’s your creative canvas, offering simplicity without compromising on power. Launch Shutter, capture, and let your creativity flow!

2. Imagemagick


ImageMagick goes beyond simple screenshotting; it transforms your screen captures into a realm of artistry. With a rich set of commands, this open-source tool lets you edit, transform, and modify images in ways you couldn’t have imagined. From color management to GIF creation, Imagemagick is a powerhouse for creative minds looking to add a touch of magic to their screenshots.

3. Gimp


GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is not just a screenshot tool; it’s a comprehensive image manipulation program. Available across Linux, Mac, and Windows, GIMP provides sophisticated tools for retouching and editing screenshots. Whether you’re an artist, graphic designer, or photographer, GIMP’s high-quality framework and user-friendly interface make it a go-to choice for unleashing your inner creativity.

4. Deepin Scrot

Deepin Scrot

Deepin Scrot combines simplicity with sophistication, offering Linux users an easy-to-use screenshot tool. Designed for user-friendliness, it allows you to capture and edit screenshots effortlessly. With detailed commands for features and an emphasis on easy availability, Deepin Scrot is perfect for those who prefer a straightforward approach to screenshotting.

5. Flameshot


Flameshot is a free and open-source screenshot program that adds a touch of quirkiness to your captures. With an interactive GUI control, Flameshot is quick, easy to use, and comes with a decent set of editing features. From annotations to blurring and text addition, this tool adds flair to your screenshots. Its highly customizable interface makes it a powerful yet approachable choice for users seeking a bit of fun in their screenshotting endeavors.

6. Spectacle


Spectacle simplifies the process of capturing desktop screens with precision. Whether you want to capture the entire desktop, a single monitor, or a specific region, Spectacle has you covered. With advanced image manipulation and editing options, it seamlessly integrates GUI mode for user-friendly captures. Share your screenshots effortlessly on Imgur, NextCloud, or social media platforms with Spectacle. It supports several image formats such as JPEG, PNG, PBM, TGA, XPM, PCX, MacOS icon, windows icon, etc.

7. Lookit


Lookit is your go-to tool for straightforward screenshot capture with a snappy interface. Known for its easy availability and user-friendly design, Lookit allows you to select areas for capture and upload them to various servers. Customize shortcuts for different capture modes and streamline your screenshotting process. Lookit keeps it simple, making it an ideal choice for beginners.

Capture windows (Cltrl+ALT+6)

Capture screen (Cltrl+ALT+5)

Capture window (Cltrl+ALT+4)

8. Kazam


Kazam is more than just a screenshot tool; it’s a versatile program for screencasting and screen recording. With support for both video and image formats, Kazam stands out as a light and memory-efficient tool. It offers stability across various configurations and includes a silent mode for a no-nonsense approach to screenshotting and recording. Capture your screen with ease and efficiency with Kazam.

9. GNOME screenshots

GNOME screenshots

Originally a part of the GNOME utility pack, GNOME Screenshots has evolved into a powerful standalone tool. Capture your screen, add effects and borders, or record your screen effortlessly. With user-friendly shortcuts like Shift+PrintScreen, GNOME Screenshots transforms your cursor into a crosshair for precise processing. Explore the transition from utility to a powerhouse screenshot tool with GNOME Screenshots.

Shortcut key:-:shift+printscreen (prtscr)

10. Screen cloud

Screen cloud

Screen Cloud wraps up our list as an easy-to-use, cross-platform tool for capturing and sharing screenshots. Compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac OS, Screen Cloud offers seamless sharing and even supports FTP servers. With a system tray for quick access, Screen Cloud simplifies the screenshot process, saving images locally and instantly creating shareable links. Experience simplicity and efficiency in cross-platform screenshotting with Screen Cloud.

In the realm of Linux screenshot tools, creativity knows no bounds. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, these tools offer a spectrum of possibilities for capturing and enhancing your digital experiences. So, grab your favorite tool, start screenshotting, and turn your digital canvas into a masterpiece!

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