Top 10 table plugins for WordPress

Top 10 table plugins for wordpress

WordPress table plugins are the unsung heroes, making it a breeze to create and manage tables on your website without diving into complex coding. Let’s delve into the top 10 table plugins for WordPress, each offering unique features to elevate your website’s functionality.



Easy, Free, and Flexible: TablePress is a go-to free plugin, simplifying table creation and configuration. It’s user-friendly with a shortcode feature, allowing you to embed tables effortlessly. Importing from various file formats makes it versatile, and you can make your tables as simple or complex as needed.

2.Data Tables Generator by Supsystic:

Data Tables Generator by Supsystic

Visually Striking Tables for Free: This free plugin is visually impressive, offering unlimited rows, cell merging, and data formatting. From CSS editing to responsiveness, the free version covers most needs. It’s an excellent choice for bloggers and small businesses.

3.Posts Table Pro

 3.Posts Table Pro

Code-Free Table Creation: Posts Table Pro is a plugin that lets you create tables without any coding. With quick search, sort, and filter options, it’s a powerful tool. Media support, including images and videos, adds richness to your tables, making them responsive and engaging.



Simple and Beautiful Tables: For those not needing advanced features, wpDataTables is an efficient solution. Create tables effortlessly or import them, and even the Lite plugin provides useful features. The premium version offers extensive functionalities like multi-database support and advanced filters.

5.WRC Pricing Tables

Convert Visitors into Customers: WRC Pricing Tables excel in product comparison. Responsive and customizable, these tables look great on any device. With unlimited rows and columns, numerous styling options, and an easy shortcode system, it’s a perfect fit for your pricing needs.

6.League Table:

League Table

For Sports Enthusiasts: Tailored for sports websites, League Table is fast and easy to use. It includes a built-in spreadsheet editor for easy data manipulation. Importing and exporting data is a breeze, and beginners can quickly set up a new table with available tutorials.

7.Ninja Tables:

Ninja Tables

SEO Optimized and User-Friendly: Ninja Tables, an SEO-optimized plugin, offers flexibility with single-row cells and fixed layouts. The backend table generator mirrors the front-end, making customization a breeze. Borders, stripes, and compact layouts make it a versatile choice.

8.MCE Table Buttons:

MCE Table Buttons

 Tables in Your Editor: MCE Table Buttons is unique, enabling you to create tables right in your WordPress post editor. The dropdown button provides easy access to table management options. This lightweight plugin is free, focusing on simplicity and functionality.

9.Visualizer Tables and Charts:

Visualizer Tables and Charts

Colorful and Animated Tables: This plugin offers both colorful animated tables and graphics, providing a diverse range of features. Upgrade to the paid version for advanced options like importing external data and creating private charts. With nine types of graphics, it’s a comprehensive tool.

10.Pricing Table by WordPress Plugin:

10.Pricing Table by WordPress Plugin:

Classic Pricing Tables: If you need classic pricing tables, this plugin has you covered. With 20 style templates, customization is a breeze. Configure your pricing table with various options and add uniqueness. Insert your price list anywhere using the shortcode.


Choosing a table plugin depends on your specific needs. Whether it’s the simplicity of TablePress, visual appeal of Data Tables Generator, or the editor-centric MCE Table Buttons, these plugins empower you to enhance your website effortlessly. Explore, experiment, and find the perfect fit for your WordPress site!

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