Top 10 table plugins for WordPress

Top 10 table plugins for wordpress

WordPress Table plugins allow you to construct a table outside of the main page and then insert it into the page using a shortcode or other item. There are numerous advantages to using WordPress table plugins instead of manual coding. Selecting the right table plugin is essential for your WordPress site.

Here are Top 10 table plugins for WordPress



TablePress is a free popular table plugin for WordPress. TablePress is s easy to install and offers simple settings to configure. After setting up a table, a shortcode gets generated to place anywhere you want on your website. Some of them include table row ordering and row filtering options.

You can embed any table, which can be created by importing from Excel, CSV, HTML, or JSON files and then displayed on any page via shortcode. The table can be as complex or as simple as you want.

2.Data Tables Generator by Supsystic:

Data Tables Generator by Supsystic

Data Tables Generator is a free plugin for creating and managing visually striking tables. The good thing is that the free version will cover most of the requirements of most blogs and small businesses.

For example, the free plugin supports an unlimited number of rows, cell merging, and data formatting. Your tables can also perform calculations and sort based on what your users want to do. Everything from a CSS editor to responsiveness comes with a free version.

3.Posts Table Pro

 3.Posts Table Pro

Posts Table Pro plugin allows you to create tables on your WordPress site without any coding knowledge. Each panel includes quick search, sort, and filter options. You also get full media support, which means you can put things like images and videos into your board. All boards are responsive, and you get great support from the developers. The Posts Table Pro plugin has options to add audio files and media playlists.



wpDataTables is who does not need all the advanced features of the premium version. All your data is then put into a simple and beautiful table to display on your website. You can also create your rows and columns from scratch. The Lite plugin is still a useful tool for those who only create tables for some of their blog posts.

  When all of that is said and done, many organizations could benefit from a free plugin. If not, you can at least test the interface to see if you need to upgrade to a premium plugin. The premium solution includes multi-database support, responsive tables, multi-data support, editable tables, advanced filters, and charts.

5.WRC Pricing Tables

WRC Pricing Tables is to compare multiple products and convert visitors into customers. Responsive WordPress tables look great on any device, and you can have unlimited rows and columns with tons of possibilities for your pricing table. In addition, customization is possible with 20 color options, two styles, an active slider column, hover animation, and color style.

To add a table to a website, all you need to do is design the table in an easy-to-use interface that gives you an overview. Then you get a shortcode to insert into the page. If you’re having a hard time coming up with ideas to create your first pricing sheet, you can use one of the twenty pre-configured templates that come with the plugin.

6.League Table:

League Table

League Table is especially for sports websites where league positions are displayed/used. The fast and easy-to-use plugin has a lot of potentials even outside of the sports arena.

There is a built-in spreadsheet editor that makes data manipulation extremely easy, and if you want to import or even export data, you can do it with just a few clicks. For starters, there are video tutorials and other materials that can teach you how to set up a new board on your site in just a few minutes.

7.Ninja Tables:

Ninja Tables

 Ninja Tables is SEO optimized and allows you to create tables using single row cells and fixed layouts. You can create a table with borders, stripes, and even a more compact table that is very useful to include in your articles.

Overall, the table generator on the backend is almost a replica of what you will see on the front-end. It’s easy to set up, and you can quickly add new colors, insert columns, and provide filters for your readers.

8.MCE Table Buttons:

MCE Table Buttons

 MCE Table Buttons enables you to create tables right in your WordPress site or post editor. With most of these plugins, you create a board from your post or your page in the dashboard. Drop-down button gives you several options for inserting tables, managing table properties, and adding rows and columns. It aims to create a simple, no-frills table right in your content editor.

The MCE Table Buttons plugin has a simple setting to start adding tables to your posts. This lightweight plugin is free, with no extensions or extensions that require additional purchases.

9.Visualizer Tables and Charts:

Visualizer Tables and Charts

The Visualizer Tables and Charts plugin offers Colorful and animated tables and graphics. You can also work with basic tables.

So, in a sense, you get multiple plugins in one. When you upgrade to a paid plugin, some of the features you get include options to import data from external sources, work with the live editor, and create private charts for internal use. department in the company. There are nine types of graphics to choose from in the main plugin.

10.Pricing Table by WordPress Plugin:

10.Pricing Table by WordPress Plugin:

Pricing Table by WordPress Plugin is to insert a classic pricing table into your website. There are 20 different style templates that you can use to display prices on your website. Adjusting your new price list is simple. You can change the button and title color and add additional features to the different services you need.

There are many different configurations that you can also add to your pricing table to make it unique. To add your price list to any page, post or widget, paste the shortcode.


The occasional user might consider TablePress, Data Tables Generator, or perhaps the MCE Table Buttons plugin.

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