Top 10 Table of Content Plugins

Table of Content Plugins

Are you tired of scrolling through lengthy blog posts or reports? Adding a table of contents can be a game-changer, making your content more manageable. Many of us rely on WordPress, one of the biggest Content Management Systems (CMS) platforms. In this post, we’ll explore the top 10 Table of Content WordPress plugins that can elevate your website’s user experience.

1.Eаsy Tаble оf Соntents Рlugin :

Eаsy Tаble оf Соntents Рlugin

Developed by Steven A. Zahm, this free extension allows you to effortlessly add a table of contents to your pages, posts, and custom post types. With a 4.4-star rating based on 15 reviews, it’s beginner-friendly and offers complete control over design and formatting. This plugin is perfect for WordPress users who are still learning the ropes.

2.Tаble оf Соntents Рlus :

2.Tаble оf Соntents Рlus :

Ideal for creating content tables on long pages, this plugin automatically generates an index of tables for your pages. Mimicking Wikipedia’s content chart, it facilitates easy navigation through extensive content. The user-friendly administration panel provides options for customization, including display position and styling elements.

3.Simрle TОС :

Simрle TОС

A straightforward TOC extension, Simple TOC is perfect for beginners. With a 3.5-star rating, it offers two ways to generate and display content tables in your posts. You can use the provided tag within your content or utilize the built-in editor for a more user-friendly approach. This plugin is budget-friendly, giving users 100% control over design.

4.Multiраge :


An open-source GLP v2 licensed plugin, Multipage allows you to segregate posts into multiple subpages and automatically generates titles for each. This advanced TOC extension enhances user experience and SEO-friendliness. It’s an efficient solution for curating posts into a single table of content.

5.СM Tаble оf Соntents :

This plugin stands out with its customizable and multi-level TOC feature. Offering flexibility in defining the table of content using various HTML elements, it supports translation for localization enthusiasts. Insert shortcodes into posts for easy display and enjoy hassle-free localization efforts.

6.HM Соntent TОС :

6.HM Соntent TОС :

Designed for generating content tables for specific HTML elements, this 3.5-star-rated plugin by developers dashaluna and tcrsavage is a simple yet effective tool. Though it hasn’t been updated for two years, it remains a valuable choice for developers interested in contributing to the project.

7.Соntent Tаble :

Соntent Tаble

A free WordPress plugin available in the repository, Content Table offers straightforward functionality. By using shortcodes within posts, it displays the table of contents at the corresponding position. With translation support, this plugin simplifies localization efforts without complications.

8.Thrive Builder Рlugin :

Thrive Builder Рlugin

For the easiest and most customizable TOC plugin, consider Thrive Builder. It eliminates the need for extensive manual work in creating an eye-catching table of contents. Thrive Builder allows you to select headings and associate them with specific TOC items, making it visually appealing and user-friendly.

9.Fixed TОС :

9.Fixed TОС :

The only floating table of contents WordPress plugin, Fixed TOC, supports custom post types and can be customized via the WordPress built-in customizer. With nearly 50 animation effects, complete control over colors and effects, and the ability to dynamically highlight the current heading, this plugin provides a unique and engaging user experience.

10.JСWР Simрle TОС :


Developed by Jaspreet Chahal, this free plugin allows you to display the ‘Table of Contents’ container on a specific post or page. While it comes with various features and customization options, it’s worth noting that it seems inactive, so caution is advised before using it on an active website.

Соnсlusiоn :

All the highlighted table of content plugins in this post are among the best available in the WordPress repository. To decide which plugin suits your needs, try them on your local site. Start with free add-ons, and if they fall short, consider investing in premium add-ons for additional features. Enhance the user experience on your WordPress site with these top 10 Table of Content plugins. Simplify navigation, improve SEO, and customize your content effortlessly. Find the perfect plugin for your needs!

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