Top 10 Survey and Feedback Plugins

Top 10 Survey and Feedback Plugins

WordPress stands tall as one of the most popular content management systems, powering nearly 75 million websites. What makes this open-source software truly exceptional is its repository of over 53,000 plugins, offering users the chance to enhance their websites’ functionality.

While plugins cover a vast range, from SEO tools and landing pages to social media integration and caching tools, there’s a special category that caters to user feedback. For WordPress users looking to kickstart their customer feedback program, the abundance of options can be overwhelming.

To simplify your choices, we’ve compiled an updated list of the top 10 user feedback plugins for WordPress, all conveniently available in the plugin library on the WordPress website.


1.WРFоrms :


WPForms positions itself as a mobile-responsive and speed-optimized drag-and-drop form builder. While excelling in creating various forms, it also serves as an excellent tool for collecting user feedback. Its impressive feature list includes file uploads, MailChimp forms, AWeber forms, and spam protection.

2.Mорiniоn :


Mopinion emerges as a versatile free feedback form plugin, empowering users to capture a spectrum of user sentiments – from suggestions and compliments to bug reports. The unique feature lies in its ability to collect visual feedback, including screenshots, pinpoint specific page elements. Mopinion allows extensive customization of feedback forms, enabling users to tailor questions, incorporate branding elements, and set triggers for actions like exit intent.

3.Fоrmidаble Fоrms :

Fоrmidаble Fоrms

Formidable Forms takes the user feedback game a step further by offering a range of options for contact forms, surveys, and quiz forms. Its drag-and-drop editor simplifies form creation, and the convenience of viewing form entries directly from the WordPress dashboard adds to its appeal.

4.Ninjа Fоrms :

Ninjа Fоrms

Ninja Forms caters to beginners with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop form creator. This plugin facilitates the creation of complex forms without the need for coding. Noteworthy features include the ability to send success messages or redirect users after form submission.

5.JоtFоrm :


JotForm introduces a feedback button that seamlessly integrates with your website, allowing for personalized feedback requests. Users can create custom forms, and the feedback button becomes automatically visible on every page of the website. It offers a free version for up to 100 form submissions per month.

6.Quiz аnd Survey Mаster :

Quiz аnd Survey Mаster

Quiz and Survey Master is specifically tailored for those looking to add quizzes and surveys to their websites. With a variety of question types, including multiple choice, true/false, and open-answer, this plugin allows for diversified user engagement. The option to email both users and administrators with quiz/survey results adds a valuable follow-up feature.

7.СарtаinFоrm :


CaptainForm stands out as a comprehensive form builder plugin with a drag-and-drop interface. Users can craft diverse forms, including order forms, payment forms, and, of course, feedback forms. Advanced features include data sorting, filtering, analysis, and export capabilities.

8.Fоrm Mаker by WD :

Fоrm Mаker by WD

Form Maker by WD caters to both WordPress beginners and advanced users. With a clean, visual form editor toolbox, users can create unlimited forms, surveys, questionnaires, and registrations. Pre-installed template forms add convenience, and results can be exported to CSV or XML files.

9.Helрful :


Helpful presents a basic yet effective feedback form plugin, usually placed under posts. It employs a straightforward ‘Was this helpful?’ query with ‘yes’ or ‘no’ options. The integrated dashboard facilitates data visualization, simplifying the analysis process.

10.СBX Feedbасk :

СBX Feedbасk

CBX Feedback brings simplicity and customization to the forefront. Its user-friendly interface allows the creation of a simple, vertical feedback button that is fully customizable. The free version provides the option for a single button while upgrading to PRO unlocks unlimited buttons and support for various forms.

Соnсlusiоn :

The importance of understanding user experiences cannot be overstated, and these top 10 survey and feedback plugins offer a diverse range of functionalities. When selecting the ideal companion for your website, factors like customization capabilities, trigger options, analysis, and the level of technical knowledge required should be considered. Explore these plugins to elevate your WordPress website, simplify user engagement, capture meaningful insights, and enhance your online presence.

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