Top 10 SSL plugins for WordPress

top 10 SSL plugins for WordPress

Securing your WordPress website is no longer just a recommendation; it’s a necessity. With the rise of cyber threats, integrating SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption has become a standard practice. In this guide, we’ll explore the top 10 SSL plugins for WordPress, each offering a unique set of features to fortify your digital fortress.

1.Really Simple SSL:

Really Simple SSL

Really Simple SSL lives up to its name, being the go-to choice for many WordPress users. This plugin excels in simplicity. Once you’ve provided the SSL certificate, Really Simple SSL takes charge, resolving all SSL issues seamlessly. From forwarding requests to HTTPS and changing URLs, this plugin automates the SSL setup, making your transition to a secure connection truly simple.

2. HTTPS Redirection:

easy HTTPS redirection

After installing an SSL certificate, HTTPS Redirection steps in to effortlessly redirect your HTTP URLs to their secure HTTPS counterparts. The plugin provides flexibility, allowing you to decide whether the entire site or specific pages should enforce HTTPS. It ensures that your visitors always access the secure version of your site, enhancing overall user security.

3. WP LetsEncrypt

What makes this plugin awesome is that it’s free and you can make your certificate files and put them on your server, like Apache or Nginx, if you’re using a fancy VPS/Dedicated Server without cPanel. Its really good

4. SSL Insecure Content Fixer:

SSL Insecure Content Fixer

SSL Insecure Content Fixer takes care of any insecure HTTPS content on your website, ensuring airtight security. Its default settings work effectively, and customization is available to meet specific site requirements. With translation support for over 10 languages, this plugin ensures that language is no barrier to reinforcing your website’s security.

5. One Click SSL:

True to its name, One Click SSL makes securing your website a breeze. The plugin operates by redirecting non-SSL pages to SSL with just one click. Its user-friendly setup wizard ensures a smooth activation process, checking SSL support on your hosting or server. It’s a quick and straightforward solution for implementing SSL on your WordPress site.

6. WP Force SSL & HTTPS SSL Redirect:

WP force helps you redirect insecure HTTP traffic to secure HTTPS and fix SSL errors without touching any code. Activate Force SSL and everything will be set and SSL enabled. The entire site will move to HTTPS using your SSL certificate. It works with any SSL certificate. It can be a free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt or a paid SSL certificate that can be used.

7. JSM Force SSL:

 JSM Force SSL

JSM Force SSL stands out with its efficiency in ensuring that all HTTP URLs are rerouted to secure HTTPS URLs. Unlike some plugins that employ PHP’s output buffer, JSM Force SSL excels in speed and simplicity. With an SSL certificate in place, this plugin seamlessly rebuilds and forwards all your HTTP URLs to their secure counterparts.

8. WordPress Free SSL Certificate :

This WordPress plugin is next on the list, and it can help you with any SSL plugins on your site. All you have to do is make sure your site has the plugin installed and this can help you set it up.

Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate is FREE but they provide it through their API which is not for non-technical people. If you are not a coder you will struggle. Here is where ‘Auto-Install Free SSL’ comes into play. This WordPress plugin provides an easy automated way to install the free SSL certificate for your website.

9. SSL Seal for Woocommerce:

Security is paramount for an online store. Tailored for online stores, WC SSL Seal focuses on enhancing security for WooCommerce users. Once your site has an SSL certificate, this plugin secures the areas where users enter personal information. It builds trust with customers, making your WooCommerce-powered site a safer space for transactions SSL Secure Seal for WooCommerce integrates a security seal emblem, instilling confidence in customers. With an SSL certificate installed, this plugin allows you to display and manage the SSL security seal or a custom image on specific WooCommerce pages, further securing your e-commerce platform.

10. SSL Zen:


SSL Zen offers automation with minimal input. The premium version streamlines tasks, providing spam and brute-force protection, along with defense against various attack types. Even the free version offers essential features like HTTPS redirection and URL replacement. While some setup is required, SSL Zen automates much of the process, contributing to a more secure website.


In an era where online threats loom large, the importance of securing personal information cannot be overstated. The top 10 SSL plugins for WordPress presented here offer a spectrum of features, catering to different user needs. By choosing the right SSL plugin, you not only fortify your WordPress site but also contribute to a safer online environment. Stay secure, stay protected.

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