Top 10 SSL plugins for WordPress

top 10 SSL plugins for WordPress

SSL is a technology that encrypts the connection between your website and the browsers of your website users. SSL means that any data sent over that connection would be difficult to read by others, making it relatively safe against several threats.

Adding an SSL certificate to your WordPress website has been one of the most widely accepted ways to add an extra layer of protection in recent years. There is no exemption when it comes to adding SSL to your website.

1.Really Simple SSL:

Really Simple SSL

Really Simple SSL is the most popular SSL plugin on WordPress. This plugin is simple and has few features, but it will do the job if you remember to provide the SSL certificate. The plugin will then take care of the majority of the work.

It will fix all of WordPress’ SSL issues, ensuring that all future requests are forwarded to HTTPS, changing the site URL and home URL, and replacing HTTP URLs with HTTPS. This plugin can detect all of your settings automatically and configure your website to use HTTPS.

The pro version may be if you need to implement HTTP Strict Transport Security or configure your website for the HSTS preload list.

2. HTTPS Redirection:

easy HTTPS redirection

To use the HTTPS Redirection plugin, you must first install an SSL Certificate on your site and verify that HTTPS. This plugin will allow you to set up a redirect from a conventional HTTP URL to the HTTPS version of the URL automatically.

This forces your site visitors to view the HTTPS version rather than the HTTP version. You can choose to have all of your site’s pages redirect to the HTTPS version, or you can choose to have only a few select sites forwarded.

3. WordPress HTTPS(SSL):

WordPress HTTPS(SSL)

WordPress HTTPS is a robust SSL plugin. Because it was created to be an all-in-one SSL solution, this plugin is characterized as a “heavy hitter” among SSL plugins.

Even though this is a popular heavy-duty plugin, installing it on your WordPress site is still free. We’ve discovered that WordPress HTTPS is a fairly solid SSL plugin.

4. SSL Insecure Content Fixer:

SSL Insecure Content Fixer

SSL Insecure Content Fixer cleans away any unsafe HTTPS content and mixed content warnings on your website. Once you’ve installed this SSL WordPress plugin, it’ll work by default, but you may adjust the settings to make it do more depending on your site’s demands.

The SSL Insecure Content Fixer has the added benefit of being ready to be translated into more than 10 additional languages, so you’re not confined to English.

5. One Click SSL:

One Click SSL

The One-Click SSL plugin is straightforward to use, allowing you to set up SSL with just one click. This plugin works by redirecting any non-SSL pages to SSL. By ensuring that all of the resources on your SSL pages load over SSL. Once the One-Click SSL plugin is activated, it comes with a highly user-friendly setup wizard.

Before allowing SSL to be enabled, the setup wizard will verify if SSL supports the hosting or server. It also ensures that the website may be accessed even if SSL isn’t available.

6. WC SSL Seal:


First, as with almost all of our other WordPress SSL plugins, you must install and configure an SSL certificate for your site. Your consumers will be happy that your site is secure.

By securing the parts of your site where they enter personal information using this plugin, you may be able to attract even more customers who will take your business more seriously. Next, we have a WordPress SSL plugin for anyone with an online store or a retail shopping component to their WordPress site.

When clients checkout on your site and have to enter personal information such as credit card numbers and addresses, the WC SSL Seal plugin makes using the famous WooCommerce WordPress plugin safer for them.

7. JSM Force SSL:

 JSM Force SSL

What distinguishes the JSM Force SSL plugin from others is that most other comparable plugins create an output filter by searching and/or replacing URLs within a webpage document using PHP’s output buffer.

But, let’s talk about how easy it is to use, how fast it is, and how good it is in ensuring that all of your HTTP URLs are rebuilt and forwarded to the safe HTTPS URL You must also have an SSL certificate for your WordPress site, just like everyone else.

8. Verve SSL :

Verve SSL

The Verve SSL WordPress plugin is next on the list, and it can help you with any SSL plugins on your site. All you have to do is make sure your site has an SSL certificate to get started with this plugin.

This WordPress SSL plugin enables HTTPS login and management in WordPress (SSL). Once you’ve logged out of WordPress, the plugin will automatically switch it back to HTTP.

Verve SSL allows you to read your WordPress blog through HTTPS while remaining signed in. While you logged in, this plugin can also immediately delete any insecure material from your WordPress site and update it to secure.

9. SSL Secure Seal for Woocommerce:

SSL Secure Seal for Woocommerce

SSL Secure Seal for WooCommerce is related to WooCommerce.An SSL plugin is important for your online store and may make or ruin it.

 First, you’ll need to install an SSL certificate on your WordPress site, and a secure seal emblem will give clients the confidence to enter sensitive information like their address and credit card number.

You can also show and manage the SSL security seal or your custom picture on certain WooCommerce pages with the SSL Secure Seal for the WooCommerce plugin.

10. SSL Zen:


Some plugins will work with as little input as possible from you. Others will want you to complete at least a portion of the task independently. Depending on the version you obtain, SSL Zen will do either. Purchasing the plugin’s premium version will automate all of these tasks.

Everything will begin to happen at the touch of a button, and you will have access to even more useful features for your website.

You’ll get spam and brute-force protection, as well as defense against a range of known attack types. The free version includes redirection to HTTPS, site and home URL fixes, and the replacement of ordinary URLs with HTTPS URLs. However, you must give the Certificate, verify your domain, install the Certificate, and ensure that it is updated.


In today’s increasingly tech-heavy and tech-reliant society, we’ve heard many horror stories about people having their personal information stolen, including credit cards, bank account details, and so on.

We’ve learned to be aware of all the hackers and digital crimes out there.  If our personal information is stolen it may be a danger to our lives. So, for you, we have analyzed the top 10 SSL plugins for WordPress

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