Top 10 Sites to Unshorten Shortened URLs

Unshorten Shortened URLs

We all know what URLs are but do we all know how dangerous those URLs can be if we are not careful enough. There was a way that we have taught in school on how the URL is generated with all the required parameters but time has changed now. It is possible to shorten the URL to very convincing ways to make it look safe and sound. Shortened URLs do seem convenient as we like short and sweet things. But shortened links hide important data that can let know about the link you are following. It is very important these days to unshorten shortened URLs so as to get the exact idea of its safety. There are tons of hacking URL (s) on the Internet, ready for use.

Does it take you to the actual page which is safe or a bunch of malicious pages waiting to scam you? With the increase in hackers its always better to be safe. So to help you here are 10 of the best URL Expanders and Unshorteners that you can use to stay safe online. unshorten shortened URLs unshorten shortened URLs

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URLex: unshorten shortened URLs

IPVoid: unshorten shortened URLs

Tools Void: Best Site to see real link and safe link

linkunshorten: Fastest Site to see real link and safe link

ExpandURL: Safe Site to see real link and safe link

URLExpander: Best way to recognize hacking URL
URLExpander: Best way to recognize hacking URL

I hope this guide has been informative for you and you have learned how to unshorten shortened URLs and recognize the real link. Always ensure that you check and find all the details about the links you use. The rise of hackers is on a whole new level with phishing scams that are way too common. Many of these scams are very professional and thus can put us in a lot of trouble if we fall prey to it.

Stay safe.

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