Top 10 Sites for Free Stock Videos

free stock videos

Today best quality content is very important for promotions, to achieve fame, to create quality content, etc. But it’s very hard to create each and every stock video itself by creator and paid stock videos are too costly and no new creator can affordable.

So we are founded top 10 sites for free stock videos which can help you to better quality content.

1) Pixabay :


Pixabay offers a lively network of creative’s, sharing sans copyright I video cuts. The webpage permits you to download sovereignty-free recordings and furthermore permits you to share your recordings as a public space with individuals everywhere in the world.

2) Pexels :


Pexels offers high caliber and free stock videos. It permits you to put your photographs and recordings before a huge number of guests and advance your site, blog, or online media profile

3) Depositphotos :


Depositphotos is a stock video film site that empowers you to purchase assortments of clasps to upgrade the task. It empowers you to utilize recordings on the web promoting and TV.

4) FOCA :

free stock videos

Free recordings cuts and formats which you can use in your site, topics, layouts, print materials, and online media posts. All the stuff is arranged in specific categories to help users to get their desired stock video.

5) Videvo :


Videvo is where you can discover a huge number of free stock recordings, movement designs, music tracks, and audio effects. Personally, I had also used this website many times to create content on my youtube channel named Krash On Tech.

Honestly saying there are too many free stock videos which seems to be very useful. This site also contains many paid stock videos which are seem to be affordable.

6) Videezy :


Videezy is a free stock video site that gives a developing assortment of great films that makes filmmaking simple and moderate.

This site contains free HD stock footages and also in 4k quality which can be used in your content without any copyright issues.

7) Motionarray :

motion array

Motionarray website allows you to download a huge number of layouts, sovereignty-free stock videos, music, and so on. All the videos are managed in categories that an user can easily receive the stock video which he needed.

8) Flickr :


Flickr is a free stock videos site that empowers you to share video cuts with others. It encourages you to store, sort, and quest for online recordings.

There are almost 2 million groups of content creators in which discover new ideas and lots of things.

9) Pikwizard :


Pikwizard is a free stock videos library of 1 million stock pictures and recordings. It is sans eminence recordings that are ok for business use, with no attribution required.

10) Bigstock photograph :

free stock videos

Bigstock photo is a site that contains a wide range of free stock videos for business use. It permits you to pick permit types as per the delivered model for publication or non-article use.

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