Top 10 SEO Extensions for Chrome And Firefox

seo chrome extensions

Keeping track of all the SEO Stats or better yet checking the SEO stats of your competitors has always been a tedious task. In this article, we are going to show you some really good SEO extensions for Chrome and Firefox and about the Top 10 SEO extensions for Chrome. These extensions help you track all the SEO stats that you need and much more.

So without further ado let’s start with the top 10 SEO extension for chrome and firefox

1) GrowthBar :

growth bar

This is our first topic as an SEO extension, which is simple and gives you instant access to key SEO data about any website or blog and unlocks the growth channels and keywords that are working for them. Which now you can utilize. Do note it’s a fairly expensive tool but it really does its job well. The cost of the GrowthBar paid version is $49/month and you can use it for free for 5 days.

If you are using its free version then it allows you to see basic SEO metrics like ranking difficulty score, domain authority, and organic traffic, but everything else will be locked. For improving your search ranking this extension is quite the treasure trove of SEO insights and metrics to unlock your website’s max potential.

2) Buzzsumo Extension :

Buzzsumo Extension

Buzzsumo is quite a popular content marketing tool and as such its Seo Extension is equally amazing. It is a trend marketing tool that allows you to search for the most popular or shared content online for any given topic. The tool shows the number of engagement display extensions on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit, along with the number of links and the article of Evergreen score.

Buzzsumo not only can be used for analyzing your own posts but also for competitors’ posts so you can get better ideas on how to make your audience grow.

This Chrome and Mozilla Firefox extension provides you insights into how a particular content piece is performing without leaving your web browser. Quite the nifty tool if u ask me

3) MozBar :

moz bar chrome and mozilla firefox extension

If you are trying to build backlinks for your website then none can beat this amazing Seo extension for Chrome and Firefox. This SEO Chrome extension is made by Moz and requires a Moz account ideally with a premium membership to unlock all its features. It gives instant SEO and backlink insights about different websites or search engine result pages without leaving your web browser. You can easily research your or your competitor’s backlinks via this tool and get free or easy backlinks to expand your business.

4) Video Vision For YouTube :


This SEO extension is by far the most popular tool for youtube SEO. If you are struggling in getting views on your youtube channel this plugin and tool is what you need. This chrome extension goes beyond YouTube analytics to provide you insights on how to get more views and subscribers on YouTube by comparing your and your competitor’s videos and other data used by them. It has multiple metrics like channel audit, video score, comparison tool, etc. If you want to be a big youtube then you need its premium plan. No two ways about it.

5) FindThatlead :


If you are using FindThatlead as an SEO extension for Chrome then you know it is one of the most effective techniques to generate backlines via blogger outreach in the blogging space. It can help you find leads for potential clients, collab partners, or simply backlinks. It helps you find the correct emails for business as well so you can easily contact the right parties. It is a paid tool with some free options and trials. If you are serious about your business I recommend trying it out.

6) Hunter :


Hunter is another SEO extension tool that was an information-gathering tool that is used for gathering emails from websites. If you are looking for leads or just contact info for some business of site then this tool is for you.

The free plan of Hunter allows you 50 free credits per month. And you can get names, job titles, social networks, and phone numbers if using Hunter as an SEO tool

7) SEOquake :

seo chrome extensions and firefox extension

SEOquake is an SEO extension for Chrome and Firefox similar to Moz but which is a tool developed and maintained by SEMrush the popular SEO service. It shows important metrics such as Alexa Rank, Google Index, Bing Index, and much more.

The result is shown varied information about the pages in SERPs, with information on backlines, whois, info, traffic info, number of pages indexed, and domain age. By using this information you can get plenty of insights into the SEO of your and your competitor’s website.

8) Mangools SEO Extension :

Mangools SEO Extension

This is one of the most powerful SEO extensions for Chrome way to perform quick SEO analysis for clients if you are an SEO-based company or provide that as a service to clients. This tool helps you see a website’s authority and trend metrics, backlinks analysis, key on-page SEO data, and tracking. You need a subscription for this tool to really show its magic. Basically, it gets necessary information from their in-style SEO tools like KWFinder, SERPChevker, and LinkMiner right in your browser with the flexibility to use the tools anytime for an in-depth analysis.

9) SEO Search Simulator by Nightwatch :

seo chrome extensions

The best thing about when using the SEO Search Simulator by Nightwatch is it is a free SEO Chrome extension by the Nightwatch, an SEO performance tracker, which simulates search engine queries from any location on Google. This can help you track how your website is performing based on different regions and can help with region targeting if that is your business goal. Its a bit niche tool but useful nonetheless.

10) Redirect Path :

seo chrome extensions and mozilla firefox extensions

Redirects are very important for SEO reasons and this Chrome extension can help you find any broken or unnecessary redirects that might be happening on your website. This is more of a troubleshooter tool that can help you find broken links and pages in a website.

Are you using any one of these Chrome and Mozilla Firefox extensions? Let us know in the comments section! See you next time

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