Top 10 Screen Sharing Apps For Mac OS

Screen Sharing Apps

In the age of remote work, professionals are transforming their workspaces from offices to homes. Virtual connectivity, presentations, and interactive team sessions have become integral to maintaining workflow consistency. Screen sharing applications play a vital role in delivering effective presentations and facilitating seamless communication. Here, we explore the top 10 screen sharing apps available for macOS, ensuring you stay connected and productive.

1.TeamViewer :


TeamViewer stands out as the most popular screen sharing application, allowing users remote access to devices. It offers text messaging, audio calls, video conferencing, and live remote access in a secure environment. This environment is safeguarded by a user ID and password, ensuring secure remote control sessions. TeamViewer is compatible with various operating systems, including Android, Apple iOS, Linux, and Raspberry Pi. It even enables users to adjust the resolution of the shared screen.

2.Skype :


Skype, renowned for video communication, now offers screen sharing capabilities. With a straightforward user interface, Skype provides features such as audio calls, video conferencing, chat, and file sharing under a stable internet connection. It’s an excellent option for those already using Microsoft Outlook, allowing easy import of contacts.

3.Discord :


Discord is a favorite among gamers but extends its utility to screen sharing. Hosting voice or video calls, Discord allows shared screen audio along with the host’s voice. It’s lightweight, faster than Skype, and supports in-game streaming, multi-servers, and file sharing up to 8MB. Discord serves as a platform to connect with communities and like-minded individuals.

4.Zoom :


Zoom has gained immense popularity during the lockdown, providing HD quality video calls and screen sharing. Ideal for virtual meetings with a large number of collaborators, Zoom is feature-rich. Premium members enjoy benefits such as VoIP connectivity for seamless communication.

5.ScreenLeap :


ScreenLeap supports various operating systems, including Mac, iOS, and Android. Offering a free plan for instant screen sharing (up to 40 minutes), ScreenLeap allows chat during meetings. Premium members enjoy two-way clear audio conferencing, video conferencing, cloud recording, and the ability to share recorded videos.

6.Screens :


Screens empowers users to configure, share screens, and deliver presentations remotely. Mac owners can effortlessly transfer presentations between devices using this software. Screens enable users to control devices remotely, including opening apps, moving files, and restarting the PC. The tool allows customization of the shared screen toolbar.



Mikogo simplifies instant meetings without requiring participants to install the software. Participants can join via a web browser, engage in voice calls and text messaging during real-time screen sharing. The Professional Mikogo trial lasts 14 days, supporting up to 25 participants. After the trial, it reverts to a free version with limited features.

8.Join. Me :

Join. Me

Join.Me streamlines meetings with a one-click process to add people and host sessions. Attendees can join via a provided link, eliminating concerns about software installation. Join.Me supports text messaging, audio, video, and screen sharing. It is light, compatible with both Windows and MacOS, and remembers URLs for quick access.

9.Jump Desktop :

Jump Desktop

Jump Desktop stands out as a top Mac-to-Mac screen-sharing app, allowing remote device control. With features like connecting to unlimited devices, easy file migration, Single Sign-On, and encrypted team logs, Jump Desktop offers a user-friendly interface. It consumes minimal battery power and requires no networking expertise.

10.USE Together :

USE Together

USE Together focuses on controlled screen sharing for collaborative work, popular among programmers, developers, and designers. Similar to Google Docs, it enables real-time changes with collaborators, accompanied by voice and text chat. USE Together delivers crisp voice quality, eliminating echoes during conversations.

Conclusion :

Explore these top screen sharing applications to organize virtual meetings, presentations, and address real-time problems seamlessly. Whether you’re a gamer, professional, or creative collaborator, there’s a screen sharing app tailored to meet your specific needs.

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