Top 10 Screen Sharing Apps For Mac OS

Screen Sharing Apps

Due to the pandemic, professionals have been switching their workplaces from offices to their homes. At this point, the virtual connectivity, presentations, and interactive sessions with the team become necessary for the consistency of workflow. Screen sharing applications are becoming big for good presentations and teaching purposes, hence it is important to know some of the top screen sharing apps available for the macOS:

1.TeamViewer :


Team Viewer is counted as the most popular screen sharing application which allows users to even let them access the devices, remotely. During the online session, it provides features like text messaging, audio calls, video conferencing, lives remote access in a safe environment. Such an environment is secured by the user id and password that is, for remote control sessions between TeamViewer host and attendee, one needs to share his user id and meeting code to connect with others.

Apart from macOS, this software is also compatible with Android, Apple iOS, Linux, and Raspberry Pi operating systems. It also enables users to change the resolution of the sharing screen from regular size to full size.

2.Skype :


Skype has been popular in terms of video communication to connect with family and friends, since 2011. After several advancements and improvements, it also provides the facility of screen sharing to the users. To use this app, you need to sign up by creating your own user-id and password.

Skype comes with a very simple user interface and which provides features like audio calls, video conferencing, chat-system, share files up to 300 MB such as some small games, documents, videos, images under a stable internet connection. It also allows you to import the contacts if you have an account on Microsoft Outlook.

3.Discord :


Discord is the most popular choice among gamers. Discord not only allows you to have a conferencing voice or video call but also lets you share the screen such that you will be able to hear the shared screen’s sound along with the host’s voice. The host can select to share whichever screen he/she wants to share and the rest elements will remain hidden from the stream.

Discord is comparatively lighter and faster than Skype also provides additional features like in-game streaming, support multi-servers, and share files up to 8MB. Through Discord, you can connect with different communities and chat with like-minded people there.

4.Zoom :


Zoom screen-sharing app has been impressively gaining popularity during the lockdown and provides a video conferencing feature for Windows 10. Via Zoom, you can easily share screens and do video calls in HD quality. If you have a stable internet connection in your area.

This software is best for virtual meetings consisting of a large number of collaborators. For premium members, it provides additional features including benefits from VoIP connectivity for seamless communication among the people.

5.ScreenLeap :


ScreenLeap supports Mac, iOS, Android, or any operating system that supports Google Chrome. Through its free plan, you can instantly share the screen for 40 minutes. Although it doesn’t provide video or voice conferencing while sharing but through the available chat system. Participants can message during the meeting. For premium members, get benefits like

  • two-way clear audio conferencing
  • video conferencing
  • cloud recording
  • and share the recorded videos with the collaborators

Unlike the free version, paid members will be enabled to host more than two meetings and can exceed the number of participants in a meeting, depending upon the plan they select.

6.Screens :


Screens provide the feature to configure, share screens and give big presentations remotely. If you are a Mac owner, then it is super easy for you to connect and transfer the forgotten presentations from one device to another, via this software.

Screens let you make groups organize your work and also allows you to control your device remotely including, opening apps, closing them, moving files, and even restarting the PC.

Although Screens provides the best quality while displaying the screen in real-time but you can choose to adjust the scale, switch between Observe mode and Control Mode, customize the toolbar of the shared screen.



Mikogo is very simple to use and invite your friends for instant meetings. Participants would not need to install the software in case they don’t have it on their PC, they would just need to open the link to jump in the meeting via their web browser.

Although, video conferencing is not available in Mikogo the voice call and text messaging can be done while sharing the screen in real-time. The free trial of Professional Mikogo continues for 14 days after downloading it. It allows up to 25 participants but after 14 days, it turns back to a free version providing limited features.

8.Join. Me :

Join. Me

In just one click, you will be able to add people and host a meeting. If you regularly attend a meeting then Join.Me remembers that URL and suggests it in the drop-box through which you can again simply click and join it. This light program allows text messaging, audio, video, and screen sharing in a meeting.

People can join the meeting by the link that will be sent by the host. Hence, Join.Me is known as a quick solution for presentations as it eliminates the worry of whether the participants have installed the software or not. Join.Me is very light and compatible with Windows as well as with MacOS

9.Jump Desktop :

Jump Desktop

One of the best Mac to Mac screen-sharing app and controlling the device remotely. It provides features like connecting with unlimited devices over unlimited servers, easy migration of files, Single Sign-On, encrypted team logs, and stored securely in the cloud for 90 days.

The jump comes with an interactive user interface and consumes less battery of the device. It is simple and straightforward to use, so you don’t need any networking experience or heavy knowledge.

10.USE Together :

USE Together

Use Together has been designed with the idea of controlling the screen sharing to the few people on the server. This screen-sharing app is mostly used by programmers, developers, designers, architects to solve real-time problems remotely. It is just similar to using Google Docs, which is used to make real-time changes with the collaborators.

USE together allows collaborators to voice and text chat online also eliminates the echo to give a nice and crisp voice during the conversation.

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Conclusion :

So far, we have been able to understand the features of the top screen sharing software which would help in organizing virtual meetings, presentations, and solving real-time problems.

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