Top 10 recipe plugins for WordPress

recipe plugins for WordPress

In recent years, food blogs have become a sensation, captivating audiences with delightful recipes and enticing visuals. Crafting the perfect recipe page requires more than just good content; it needs an impressive presentation. That’s where WordPress recipe plugins come into play. With numerous options available, choosing the right one might seem overwhelming. Fear not, as we’ve curated the top 10 recipe plugins for WordPress to make your food blog stand out

1. Zip Recipes

Zip Recipes

Zip Recipes offers a user-friendly visual editor, making it accessible for beginners. With rich snippets for enhanced search engine visibility, it lets you create stylish recipe pages without any coding. The premium version provides advanced features like automatic nutritional information and unique recipe search options, starting at $39 per year.

2. Delicious Recipes

 Delicious Recipes

Delicious Recipes, a free plugin, thrives on stunning visuals and diverse customization options. Optimized for SEO and featuring nutritional information and variable serving sizes, it’s an excellent choice for community-based food websites. If design is a priority for you, Delicious Recipes is worth considering.

3.Create by Mediavine

Create by Mediavine

Create by Mediavine is a versatile free plugin suitable for various content styles, with a particular focus on recipes. Importing data from other recipe plugins is seamless, making it adaptable to diverse needs. If you have a wide range of content requirements, Create by Mediavine might be your quick and flexible tool.

4.WP Tasty Recipes

WP Tasty Recipes takes the crown as the best WordPress recipe plugin on the market. This powerful plugin allows you to effortlessly add beautiful and customizable recipe cards to your WordPress website using the ‘Tasty Recipes’ block. With premade templates, robust schema markup, rich snippets, and integrations like Nutrifox, it offers everything you need to elevate your culinary content. It has no free version to test. You need to buy it.

5.WP Recipe Maker

WP Recipe Maker

WP Recipe Maker is a popular freemium plugin that streamlines the process of adding beautifully formatted recipes to your website. With SEO-friendly design, social media integration, and the ability for visitors to rate your recipes, WP Recipe Maker maximizes visibility. It also features a print button for aesthetically pleasing print versions of your recipes.

6.Recipe Card Blocks

Recipe Card Blocks

Recipe Card Blocks integrates seamlessly within the WordPress editor, automatically adding structured data for Google-rich snippets. With a structured data checking tool and a visually appealing recipe card, it ensures correctness and attractiveness. The core plugin is free, while the Pro edition offers additional features for $59.

7.RecipePress reloaded

RecipePress reloaded

RecipePress Reloaded focuses on creating and managing beautiful and functional recipe lists. Whether as single posts or integrated into regular content, it offers flexibility in organizing ingredients, adding images, and providing various details. Despite its modest appearance, it adapts to the needs of developers, editors, designers, and administrators.

8.Blossom Recipe Maker

Blossom Recipe Maker

Blossom Recipe Maker, a free plugin, allows quick recipe creation with advanced search features and image-less printable versions. Visitors can adjust meal sizes, and shortcodes enable easy integration into articles or pages. Its simplicity and shortcode capabilities make it an efficient tool for food bloggers.

9.Total Recipe Generator

Total Recipe Generator

Total Recipe Generator is an Elementor add-on, offers control over well-formatted recipes on your WordPress site. With various layout options, including videos, reviews, ratings, and nutritional information, it caters to those who want complete presentation control. Ideal for users familiar with Elementor’s interface.

10.Boo Recipes

Boo Recipes

Boo Recipes is a completely free, highly configurable, and SEO-friendly plugin. With an easy-to-use interface, it simplifies the process of adding new recipes without coding. The plugin generates schema markups automatically, making it a hassle-free choice for bloggers focused on content creation.


In the competitive realm of food blogging, standing out requires more than just a great recipe. These Top 10 recipe plugins for WordPress offer the tools you need to present your culinary creations attractively. Choose the one that aligns with your blog’s vision and start making your food blog a cut above the rest.

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