Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Images Compression

Plugin For Webp Images

Images are like the vibrant paint on the canvas of your website, but too many large images can slow things down and hurt your SEO. Luckily, there’s a solution – image optimizer plugins. If you’re using WordPress, optimizing your images is easier than ever. In this article, we’ll dive into the top 10 plugins for WebP images, helping you turbocharge your website’s performance. Here are the best plugins for WordPress image compression:



Smush takes the lead as the go-to image optimization plugin for WordPress users. It employs lossless compression, reducing image sizes individually or in bulk by up to 5 MB. Featuring convenient extras like lazy loading and auto-resizing, Smush is not just effective but also user-friendly.



Optimus shines by addressing bandwidth concerns, optimizing uploaded WordPress images by up to 70%. This plugin sends image files to the Optimus server, getting back smaller versions to use on your site. With its lossless compression, your image quality remains intact.

3.EWWW Imаge Орtimizer

EWWW Imаge Орtimizer

Automation is the name of the game with EWWW Image Optimizer. This plugin streamlines image optimization upon upload, offering lossless compression and supporting unlimited file sizes. The premium API version even extends support to PNG, GIF, and WebP files.

4.ShоrtРixel Imаge Орtimizer

ShоrtРixel Imаge Орtimizer

ShortPixel is a versatile solution offering both lossless and lossy image compression. It keeps the original image, making restoration easy if needed. With features like CMYK to RGB conversion and image rescaling, it supports various file types without size limits.

5.Соmрress JРEG & РNG Imаges

tiny png

This plugin automatically optimizes your JPEGs and PNGs by integrating with TinyJPG and TinyPNG compression services. It cleverly analyzes image content to choose the best compression strategy without sacrificing quality.

6.Imsаnity :


Imsanity is all about resizing images rather than compression. Perfect for content-heavy sites, it automatically adjusts image dimensions upon upload, ensuring they adhere to specified maximum width, height, and quality.

7.Imаgify :


Imagify takes the hassle out of image compression by automatically compressing both newly uploaded and existing images in your WordPress media folder. With three optimization levels, it provides control over quality and file size. :

As the official WordPress plugin for the image compressor, it applies various compression algorithms to each uploaded image. It allows free compression of images up to 5 MB and supports bulk optimization with just two clicks.

9.Krаken Imаge Орtimizer :

Krаken Imаge Орtimizer

Kraken Image Optimizer taps into the API, supporting both lossless and lossy compression. With features like adaptive images, retina device support, and image lazy loading, it’s a comprehensive solution for reducing file sizes.

10.WР Соmрress :

WР Соmрress

WP Compress employs both local and live image optimization to automatically shrink file sizes. With adaptive images by device, retina device support, and image lazy loading, it’s an excellent choice for agencies managing multiple client sites.

Conclusion :

Selecting the right image optimization plugin is pivotal for enhancing website load times and boosting search rankings. These 10 plugins offer a variety of options, from lossless compression to bandwidth optimization. Explore and find the one that suits your needs best. Your WordPress site’s performance will thank you.

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