Top 10 Payment Gateways for Websites

Payment Gateways for Websites

In the fast-paced digital age, the routine act of providing credit card details online has become second nature. This trust, however, wasn’t built overnight. The evolution of e-commerce relies heavily on the ability to transact securely over the Internet. Major credit for this goes to early payment gateway service providers.

Back in the day, each e-commerce service provider designed its own gateways, resulting in a need for generalized payment platforms. These platforms act as intermediaries, ensuring reliable, atomic, and instant transactions for both e-commerce businesses and customers.

Today’s market is teeming with a variety of payment gateway providers that you can integrate into your website, charging either a small service fee or fixed monthly charges based on anticipated transaction volume. In this post, we’ll explore the top ten payment gateways (in no particular order) that cater to different business needs.



Established in 2002, PayPal is currently the most widely used payment gateway in the US. It accepts international and multi-currency payments. Recognized for its brand, security, and easy setup, PayPal is the go-to choice for many businesses. Despite being considered costly, it remains popular among small businesses and startups. With features like availability in 203 countries, no startup costs, and strong anti-fraud measures, PayPal maintains its stronghold.

2. Striрe


Considered a tough contender and a fast-growing company, Stripe, founded in 2010, is valued at around $20 billion. Offering a trial period with delayed payments and no refund fees, Stripe is known for being easy to set up, integrate, and maintain. Unlike PayPal, Stripe allows customers to stay on-site during payments, providing a seamless experience. Compatible with most payment methods and accepting cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Stripe is available in 21 countries.

3.Аmаzоn Раy

Аmаzоn Раy

Backed by the giant brand name, Amazon Pay is gaining traction as the go-to option for small and medium enterprises in hosting payment gateways. Available in the US, UK, and Germany, it facilitates on-site checkout options, enhancing the customer experience. Amazon Pay, with its simple API, has provided multiple e-commerce platforms with free plugins. It leverages Alexa for engaging shoppers further, offering recommendations and improved customer service.



Known for its developer-friendly API and flexibility, provides a customized, comfortable user experience. It boasts high security and promotes advanced fraud detection, preventing chargebacks and fraudulent transactions. With no limit on transaction amounts, it ensures quick transactions and immediate fund transfers. offers various add-on features, including fraud prevention and a simple checkout system, with a fixed monthly charge in addition to transaction fees.



More known for its crowdfunding services than as an e-commerce service provider, WePay’s API and services are tailored for crowdfunding portals. It allows the use of Apple Pay and ACH payments, unlike PayPal, but doesn’t support PayPal payments. WePay, as a payment aggregator, faces account freezes based on transaction assessments.



Recommended for businesses with a brick-and-mortar setting, Square brings together payments, software, and hardware for online and on-location sales. Focused on a virtual terminal, Square lets you accept payments from any device, targeting businesses that don’t need an online store but require on-location payments through handy devices.



Ranking among the top credit card processing companies, FirstData accepts almost all major credit cards. It facilitates on-site validation, providing a seamless end-user experience. While not presenting rates online, FirstData is chosen when expecting a higher number of consistent sales, making it one of the costliest payment gateway services.



Checkout, one of the lesser-known payment gateway services, accepts payments globally, functioning in more than 200 countries and facilitating 80+ currencies. Despite being costlier than its competitors, it is chosen for its easy integration facilities. There are no monthly or setup fees, but international payments may incur conversion rates 2-5% higher than average bank rates.

9.Merсhаnt e-sоlutiоns (MeS)


Offering easy integration solutions while securing cardholder information and providing PCI compliance, MeS manages offline transactions with a point-of-sale payment processing option. It provides integrated check readers, printers, and PIN pads while offering mobile, online, and in-person solutions. MeS accepts payments in 150+ currencies, avoiding currency conversion fees and promoting fixed timelines of payment with end-to-end data visibility.



Starting with online shopping carts and evolving into mobile and other forms of payment, SecurePay focuses on small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and startups. It acts as a feasible solution by providing all types of payment options with easy registration and integration steps with existing shopping carts. SecurePay offers a free trial plan along with plans for online payments and e-commerce payments priced based on the number of transactions processed each month.


The decision to procure a payment gateway should be evaluated based on several factors beyond popularity. With around 60% of websites using PayPal services, the evaluation of a suitable gateway should consider:

  • Number of countries
  • Number of currencies
  • Service charges, setup fees, gateway fees, and monthly fees
  • Sign-up process and details required
  • Criteria for fraud protection
  • Compatibility with various credit/debit cards and other payment options.

In conclusion, based on your budget and the flexibility you need for your customers, you can choose the right payment gateway for your business. Keep an eye out for evolving payment methods, such as the introduction of alternative currencies like bitcoin, in the market. This list provides an overview of the most popular gateways, aiding your decision-making process.

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