Top 10 paid Vulnerability Scanner

paid Vulnerability Scanner

Vulnerability Scanning software is a tool used to detect vulnerabilities in a system. This software makes analytical reports about how the software or network performed against known vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Scanner tools save both time and money for an organization by scanning for any possible risk of data breaches because they cannot pour all their time and resources into this task.

Since a company’s network is always in use by its users or employees there is always the risk of malware exploiting it through some security hole. So, here I have a list of the top 10 paid Vulnerability Scanner.

1.Network Configuration Manager: Solarwinds:

Network Configuration Manager which is popularly known as NCM scans switches, routers, firewalls, and other network devices for vulnerabilities. NCM automatically detects issues in a network and creates a configuration and compliance management solution.

Some features of this software are Real-Time Change Management where on any configuration changes you get an instant notification to prevent unauthorized changes, Compliance Auditing where it checks device configurations for violations and readily apply remedial measures, Automating Configuration Tasks where time is saved by automating repetitive, User Activity Tracking, Distributed Configuration Management where network configuration in a distributed network is managed, In-depth Reports, PCI Review, Remote Firmware Upgrade, Configuration Rollback, and Role-Based Access Control.

NCM has 3 versions of its software among which the Enterprise version is the best vulnerability scanner with the most features available in it. The Enterprise version costs $8395 for 250 devices to 50000 devices (max).

2.ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager Plus:

ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager Plus

Vulnerability Manager Plus’s enterprise version costs $695 per person annually. This software has features like vulnerability assessment where the software identifies risks from a plethora of vulnerabilities, patch management where you can customize and automate your entire patching process, security configuration management, web server hardening, configuration deployment, automated patch deployment, test and approve patches, high-risk software uninstallation, and zero-day vulnerability mitigation. Apart from this VM Plus provides its user with executive reports, antivirus audits, deployment policies, and role-based administration.



Nessus is built for security and it has the lowest false positive rate with six-sigma accuracy. The entry-level pricing for Nessus is $2790 which is pretty reasonable considering the features it has and the services it provides to its customers.

More than 30000 organizations use Nessus and it is a well-trusted brand worldwide. It has the deepest and broadest vulnerability coverage. With this software, you can scan unlimited IPs, get unlimited assessments, advanced support, role-based access control, predictive prioritization, enterprise scalability, configuration assessment, and much more.

4.IBM QRadar Security Intelligence:

IBM QRadar Security Intelligence

IBM QRadar is software with intelligent security analytics for actionable insight into your most critical threats and quickly reduce the total alert volume. This software provides a demo version and a free trial for 14 days of the full version where you can see why this is one of the top vulnerability scanners available.

It can detect advanced threats, uncover insider threats, protect data and address GDPR, secure the cloud, address compliance, and orchestrate an incident response. IBM QRadar has a different version of its software for different focuses on security. The pricing of this software starts from $800.

5.Paessler PRTG:

Paessler PRTG

PRTG lets you monitor all the systems, devices, traffic, and applications in your IT infrastructure. This software has a simple and powerful interface and is perfect for businesses of all sizes. You can manage all sorts of technologies be its HTTP requests, ping, SQL, SSH, WMI, SNMP; it can manage your entire IT infrastructure.

Some features are flexible alerting, cluster failover solution, distributed monitoring, and in-depth reporting. Basic plans of Paessler PRTG start from $1750 and go up to $15500 which has unlimited sensors and only one server installation. PRTG also has a custom subscription plan starting from 20000 sensors.

6.Acunetix Vulnerability Scanner:

Acunetix Vulnerability Scanner

Acunetix finds vulnerabilities in your website and web APIs. This software can prevent potential attacks, manage web and network security, automate your scanning, detect SQLi, XSS, and integrate with your SDLC.

It has IAST which allows you to find and test hidden inputs that are generally not discovered during DAST. The pricing of Acunetix is custom where you can choose the services you want and the websites you want to scan and pay accordingly.

7.Rapid7 Nexpose:

Rapid7 Nexpose

Rapid7 helps you act at the moment of impact by letting you know your risk in real-time by covering your entire network. This software has many different subscription plans like SIEM, Vulnerability Management, Application Security, Log Management, and Orchestration & Automation.

It provides a free demo of all of these plans and a trial version as well. The pricing are $52/asset, $22/asset, $2000/app, $19/GB respectively.



Burpsuite is a PortSwigger product that is a global leader in the fight against cybercrime. This software has many features like a web vulnerability scanner, scheduled & repeat scans, unlimited scalability, CI integration, advanced manual tools, and essential manual tools.

The enterprise version of this software costs $3999 per year. BurpSuite is available in more than 140 countries. It can report a large number of vulnerabilities including SQLi, XSS, and the whole OWASP top 10.

9.BeyondTrust Retina Network Security Scanner:

BeyondTrust Retina Network Security Scanner

Retina Network Security Scanner’s new version 6.1 was released recently and this new update came in with many new updates and features. This software has IPv6 scanning support for SCAP scans. It can scan your network, web services, databases, containers, virtual environment, and IoT devices as well.

The pricing starts at $1200 where you can avail of features like anti-spam, snit virus, audit trail, compliance management, database security audit, file access control, financial data protection, maintenance scheduling, real-time monitoring, security event log, and vulnerability protection.

10.Qualys Cloud Platform:

Qualys Cloud Platform

Qualys Cloud Platform powers IT security and compliance cloud apps. This software collects data from 3rd parties cloud platforms and applications for threat intelligence feed. It has passive scanning sensors for real-time network analysis, internet scanners which are cloud-based scanners for a hacker’s view of the perimeter, and virtual scanners for scanning software premises on the cloud. The pricing starts at $2995 and goes up to $4995 for the professional subscription plans.

Vulnerability Scanners are very crucial for any big company because it saves them a lot of time and money. They are very efficient and many times saves the skin of big IT companies since they can scan network and applications for flaws, vulnerabilities, and misconfiguration and then perform accordingly.

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