Top 10 paid tools for youtube SEO & Marketing

One of the best platforms for long-term video engagement is YouTube.

Making use of YouTube’s ability to provide evergreen content can help you effectively target and impact more prospects farther down the funnel.

YouTube Marketing Tools will guide you through the process and help you improve your video rankings on YouTube. YouTube is the second most popular search engine on the internet, and optimizing your videos for YouTube will almost certainly increase your video’s reach and conversions.

When it comes to increasing the reach of your YouTube videos, YouTube Marketing Tools will assist you in performing result YouTube SEO in the most automated and conversion-oriented manner possible.



SerpStat is one of the best YouTube Marketing Tools for discovering the search phrases videos your target audience is searching for and comparing your performance to your competitors and receiving automated reports.

Choose SerpStat for its best-in-class keyword research features, which will provide you with a detailed understanding of the keywords your competitors use to rank well in YouTube searches. You may direct it to present you with a range of suggestions that you can use in your videos to help them rank high by giving it one base keyword.

You can also use it to figure out what topics people are searching for in your niche, and then use that information to create video content that answers those questions. SerpStat can give keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns, establish keyword value, acquire long-tail keyword recommendations, study keyword trends, and analyze web page relevancy, among other things.



Google’s YouTube promotion program is called Brandcast. It is said to be one of the most effective YouTube marketing tools, with browser and mobile versions accessible.

Brandcast enables you to create channels, promote brands, share various types of video, manage media, and do other tasks critical to the success of your YouTube content. Incorporating their sponsor program will give your YouTube Marketing Tools outcomes a whole new depth.

3.Tube Toolbox

Tube Toolbox

Tube Box is a collection of YouTube marketing tools that will help you improve your overall YouTube success. Tube Toolbox can gather data, communicate directly with audiences, automate processes, manage lists, and so on.

Many popular YouTube channels employ Tube Toolbox’s services to increase their video views, subscribers, and shares. Given the benefits Tube Toolbox provides to its customers, the price you will pay for this product will undoubtedly be worthwhile.



Vidiq offers a variety of YouTube marketing tools for growing a dedicated YouTube audience. It allows you to tenfold your tag library, allowing your movies to rise in the ranks. Vidiq’s suggested tags assist your YouTube video to be discovered in the “similar videos” section of YouTube’s sidebar. Vidiq also advises you whether or not attempting to rank for a specific term would be profitable.

It assists you in identifying keywords with little to no competition. If you want to know more about your Facebook and Twitter mentions, try Vidiq. Vidiq assists you in determining the best time to upload, the top-performing videos in search, and effective YouTube video administration.

Vidiq assures SEO for YouTube videos by increasing organic reach, engaging with your audience, tracking social conversations, and managing cooperation as one of the top YouTube Marketing Tools.



Cyfe is a YouTube Marketing Tool that allows you to access all your content marketing analytics in one location.  Cyfe tracks the company’s social media mentions across many networks, as well as marketing channels.

In addition to client reports and web analytics, Cyfe can assist you with your YouTube marketing initiatives. You may use Cyfe to keep track of your company’s finances, including balances, expenses, and revenues.

Its sales board will allow you to keep track of your sales targets, new customers, and other recent prospects. It comes with a project management interface that displays a list of your most recent projects and tasks.



Tubic’s tag suggestion tool is for you if you usually choose tags only based on what’s similar to the video topic. The software will recommend tags based on search volume rather than topical similarity. It’s a data-driven approach to ensuring your video has the best chance of ranking.

On each of your films, Tubics also delivers an easy-to-follow set of SEO best practices recommendations. It’ll assess the video either before or after it’s published and provide you with a list of recommendations, along with light—red, yellow, or green—that indicates how well you’re doing on each metric. Tubics will inform you what has to be changed in your description for the light to turn green.



The SEO tool Ahrefs has long been regarded as the gold standard. If you’re already paying the $99+ monthly cost for Ahrefs as part of your overall marketing strategy, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use keyword research for YouTube videos.

Although using Ahrefs solely for YouTube may not be worth the money, the good news is that the free edition of the tool provides practically all of the information you require. For the country you select, Ahrefs will provide you with a comprehensive list of keywords as well as search volume.

The only keywords with the lowest traffic are concealed behind the barrier, which most YouTube creators won’t be targeting anyhow.



Morningfame offers a keyword research tool that rivals the competition while maintaining Morningfame’s easy readability. It shows you exactly where your channel is performing and failing.

Morningfame is now invite-only, which means you’ll need an invite code from an existing member. However, if you obtain an invite code, you will quickly learn what makes Morningfame so unique.

They’ve assisted their users in gaining 190 million subscribers and 36.4 billion views to their channels so far.



Quintly is a premium web-based software established to help businesses to keep an eye on their social media accounts and set benchmarks. Quintly’s connection with YouTube makes data collection and analysis quick and easy.

You can choose with pinpoint accuracy whatever data points you want to see results for: subscribers, uploaded videos, channel, or video interaction – you name it.

In addition, you can connect your YouTube Analytics account and have Quintly up and running in minutes, saving you hours and hours of manually tracking your YouTube channel’s KPIs. The reporting is simple – automated, configurable, and white-labeled, and customized to meet your specific needs.

10.Rival IQ

Rival IQ

Rival IQ enables you to have a better understanding of your YouTube competitors and make more informed decisions. Social media tracking and cross-channel reporting give you deep insights into your “rivals'” success, allowing you to compare and improve your online presence.

Competition monitoring is a breeze when you know when to upload material for optimum interaction, check past backlog data, and be notified when your competitor makes an update. The way Rival IQ displays data makes it simple to process for both novice analysts and data experts.


There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to improving the reach of YouTube videos. You should use the proper tags, utilize effective and keyword-rich descriptions, additionally make high-quality, interesting, and relevant videos.

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