Top 10 Paid Security Apps For iOS

paid security apps for IOS

In this article, we will be looking at the top 10 paid security apps for iOS that will effectively protect your iPhone from viruses and malware and provide several privacy and anti-theft features resulting in secure and worry-free usage of your device.

iOS is an operating system developed by Apple mainly to support its hardware. It powers many of Apple’s products, such as the iPhone, iPad (until late 2019), and iPod Touch. IOS occupies a 30% share in the operating systems market and is the world’s second-most widely installed mobile operating system, with Android taking the top spot.

Apple annually releases updated versions of the iOS, with the latest being iOS 14 which was released in September this year. iOS, like any other mobile operating system, is susceptible to virus and malware attacks that may breach the security of your device.

Security apps will protect your phone from viruses and malware in an effective manner along with providing you with anti-theft and privacy features resulting in secure and worry-free usage of the device. Therefore, we bring to you the Top 10 paid security apps for iOS which will provide a seamless and safe experience while using your iPhones to the fullest. So what’s say, let’s begin.

1.Avira Mobile Security:

Avira Mobile Security

Avira Mobile Security boats of some great features that will surely provide top-notch security and enhance your device overall. Along with malware scanning, it also provides protection against phishing, and even backups your contacts in the event of loss of the device.

Avira efficiently combats unauthorized encryptions and frees up unwanted storage space. It has both a free and paid version with the latter coming with advanced functionalities.

2.Norton Mobile Security:

Norton Mobile Security

Norton Mobile Security offers top-notch security to your iOS device and boasts several amazing features. It protects your device from unauthorized encryptions, spam calls and even notifies you when your device connects to an unsafe network.

Apart from this, Norton even provides some impressive anti-theft and privacy options, all of which completely make your device secure. However, the downside is the price which might prove to be a bit high. So if you want something light on your pockets then Norton despite its amazing features may not make the cut for you.

3.Avast Mobile Security:

Avast Mobile Security

Avast Mobile Security goes beyond malware and virus scanning and enhances the performance of your phone through various measures. This app comes with a junk cleaner that will effectively remove unwanted files eating up your storage space and a RAM booster that speeds up your device.

Avast even has an inbuilt app-locker that provides improved security to some of the important apps on your phone. Avast comes in both free and paid versions, while there is no difference in the functionalities, the latter is free of annoying advertisements.

4.AVG Antivirus Free:

AVG Antivirus Free

AVG boasts of some robust antivirus engines which effectively scan for malware. In addition to this, it has some strong anti-theft features which enable you to locate your device when stolen or lost.

AVG Antivirus, like Avast, comes with both free and paid versions, however, the latter has advanced functionalities as well as free from ads. It is regarded as one of the top security apps for iOS.

5.McAfee Mobile Security:

McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee Mobile Security protects your device from unauthorized encryptions, spam calls, and even notifies you when your device connects to an unsafe network apart from malware scanning.

McAfee even enhances the performance of your iPhone’s battery and effectively clears unwanted storage space. Like many apps on the list, this has both a paid and free version. However, people might find the former to be a bit too expensive which may prove to be a hindrance to their purchasing power.

6.Lookout Mobile Security:

Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout Mobile Security apart from virus scanning also provides protection from phishing which gives it a competitive edge. Features like Identity protection and Wi-Fi Scanning also make it one of the top security apps for iOS. Lookout, in addition, comes at quite an attractive price ($2.50/month).

7.Trend Micro Mobile Security:

7.Trend Micro Mobile Security:

Trend Micro is quite nichè when compared to the others in the list. It comes with an inbuilt ad-tracker and blocker and is integrated with Safari in order to effectively deviate you from suspicious websites. Trend Micro has several amazing features and you can try all of them out through a 14-day free trial.

8.F-Secure SAFE:

F-Secure SAFE

F-Secure SAFE even doubles up as a secure browser providing you protection from malicious websites. It also provides some anti-theft measures which, in the event of loss of device can be quite handy. F-Secure also has simple parental controls through which they can make sure their kids do not access unauthorized encryptions.

9.Fyde Mobile Security:

Fyde Mobile Security

Fyde has an intuitive interface and enables the user to navigate its setup with ease. It focuses on anti-privacy and identity protection measures and does a fairly good job. Fyde is one of the top security apps for iOS targeted at users with budget constraints.

10.Bitdefender Mobile Security:

10.Bitdefender Mobile Security:

Bitdefender is one of the pioneers in the market and is easy to make for one of the top security apps for iOS. It provides razor-sharp security to your device enabling you to use it worry-free.

Boasting numerous stellar features, it is a no-brainer to buy it, provided you are okay with spending a little extra. However, if you want to test the effectiveness of the app yourself, there is a free 14-day trial you can use.

Well, this was our list of the top 10 paid security apps for iOS. While selecting a security app do take into consideration various factors such as its ability to combat unauthorized access, the efficiency of its antivirus engines, and presence of performance and device boosting utilities apart from the cost of subscription and in-app purchases to make a deal that provides the maximum protection and security.

Having a security app for your device has become important than ever before, due to increased threats to system security, network traffic, the advent of new malware and viruses, etc.

Therefore it is wise to have a security app to ensure the secure and worry-free usage of your iOS powered device. All the 10 security apps listed above make for great choices. Hope you enjoyed reading the article!!! Feel free to type in your thoughts on the article in the comment box below.

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