Top 10 Paid Security Apps For Android

Paid Security Apps For Android

In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 paid security apps for Android that ensure effective protection against viruses, malware, and provide privacy and anti-theft features, offering worry-free usage of your device.

Android, Google’s mobile operating system, launched in 2008, dominates the market with around 70% share globally, boasting two billion active users. Regular updates, such as the recent Android 11 release, showcase Google’s commitment to keeping the OS robust. However, like any operating system, Android is susceptible to security threats. To address this, security apps play a crucial role in safeguarding your device.

1.Norton Mobile Security:

Norton Mobile Security


  • Top-notch security against encryptions and spam calls.
  • Anti-theft and privacy options.
  • Notifications for unsafe network connections.

Norton Mobile Security offers comprehensive protection for your Android device, including advanced anti-theft and privacy features. While it comes at a higher price point, its impressive capabilities make it a reliable choice.

2.Avast Mobile Security :

2.Avast Mobile Security :


  • Performance enhancement through junk cleaning and RAM boosting.
  • Inbuilt app-locker for added security.
  • Both free and ad-free paid versions available.

Avast Mobile Security goes beyond traditional security, offering performance enhancements and additional security features. The paid version removes ads, providing a smoother experience.

3.AVG Antivirus Free :

AVG Antivirus Free


  • Robust antivirus engines for malware scanning.
  • Strong anti-theft features for locating lost or stolen devices.
  • Both free and ad-free paid versions available.

AVG Antivirus Free is known for its strong antivirus engines and anti-theft features. The paid version enhances functionality and removes ads, making it a top choice.

4.McAfee Mobile Security :

McAfee Mobile Security


  • Protection against unauthorized encryptions and spam calls.
  • Optimization of device battery and storage space.
  • Both free and paid versions available.

McAfee Mobile Security not only protects against common threats but also optimizes device performance. While the paid version is on the higher side, it offers comprehensive security.

5.Kaspersky Mobile Security :

Kaspersky Mobile Security


  • Unlimited coverage for multiple devices.
  • Both free and paid versions available.
  • Stellar features even in the free edition.

Kaspersky Mobile Security stands out with unlimited device coverage. Even the free version offers stellar features, making it a strong contender in the market.

6.360 Security :

360 Security


  • Affordable security solution.
  • Basic but effective features.
  • A budget-friendly option at close to $6.00/year.

360 Security may not boast the most advanced features, but it provides effective security at a reasonable price, making it an ideal choice for budget-conscious users.

7.Lookout Mobile Security:

Lookout Mobile Security


  • Protection against viruses and phishing.
  • Identity protection and Wi-Fi scanning features.
  • Attractive pricing at $2.50/month.

Lookout Mobile Security offers a competitive edge with features like virus protection and phishing prevention. With identity protection and Wi-Fi scanning, it’s a well-rounded choice at an attractive price.

8.Bitdefender Mobile Security:

Bitdefender Mobile Security


  • Advanced security features.
  • A pioneer in the market.
  • Free 14-day trial available.

Bitdefender Mobile Security, a market pioneer, provides advanced security features. A free trial allows users to experience its effectiveness before committing.

9.NQ Mobile Security:

NQ Mobile Security


  • Basic yet effective security features.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • A pocket-friendly option.

NQ Mobile Security offers essential features at a reasonable price, making it a sensible choice for users seeking effective security without breaking the bank.

10.Webroot Secure Anywhere Mobile:

Webroot Secure Anywhere Mobile


  • Enhanced security for rooted devices.
  • Effective security measures.
  • Tailored for rooted Android devices.

Webroot Secure Anywhere Mobile focuses on enhanced security for rooted devices. While limited to rooted devices, it offers a reliable choice for those seeking specialized security.

Selecting a paid security app for your Android device involves considering factors like antivirus engine efficiency, anti-theft features, and performance utilities. With the increasing threats to system security and the rise of new malware, having a robust security app has never been more critical. The top 10 security apps listed above provide excellent choices for a secure and worry-free Android experience.

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