Top 10 Paid CDN Services in 2021

paid CDN services

In this article, we are going to talk about the top 10 paid CDN services. So CDN is also called a Content Delivery Network which is a highly distributed platform of servers that helps to minimize delays n loading web pages content by reducing the physical distance between the server and the website owners.

Without CDN content origin servers must respond to every single end-user request, this is called CDN that helps to minimize delays in loading web pages, so it is a must for website owners.

Over half of the traffic of the internet is served by Content Delivery Network. The work of the CDN is to reduce latency the delay between submitting a request for a web page and the web page fully loading on your device by reducing the physical distance which request has to travel. So let’s start the topic to know the top 10 CDN which is paid.

1) StackPath


StackPath is our first pic in this article as a paid CDN service, which is among the best CDN provider in the market and it acquired MaxCDN a few years ago to strengthen its service. This CDN setup is very easy to set up and provides you monitor real-time analytics.

There are many features provided by stack path CDN services provider like

  • it can be used on unlimited websites without any restrictions
  • has a free EdgeSSL certificate
  • comes with additional security services
  • has multiple servers locations across the globe

But there are some bad things about StackPath like they do not offer a free plan, and StackPath offers different plans and services at discounted rates where you can only purchase their CDN services at $10 month.

2) Sucuri


This platform is very popular for CDN services among the users which provide you security from the companies that protect your site from hackers. They use the best hardware and technology required to improve the performance of your site and offer multiple caching options for different types of websites.

Sucuri has an unlimited bandwidth limit with every plan, offers security features along with their CND service, and provides you 24/7 to help you to solve your problems. But it is very costly compared to StackPath and does not offer any free plan.

pricings of sucuri

3) Cloudflare


This one is the most popular CDN provider among bloggers, small businesses, and professionals. It is free-to-play with o limitation on bandwidth. Cloudflare has more than 180 data speed centers around the world. This platform can be proven to be useful to improve the performance, speed, and security of your website.

Cloudflare is very easy to set up, easy to monitor the performance from the control panel, and the rest of API lets developers take full control of what the services are doing. But there are bad things too like the free plan comes with limited features, and using Cloudflare you will have to upgrade to their paid plans to use their chat or phone support

4) KeyCDN


keyCDN can easily integrate it into your WordPress site by using the CDN enabler plugin. This Platform provides pay-as-you-go plans to their customers which means you pay for what you use. Though this seems useful for low-traffic websites, the monthly bill can increase if you receive a lot of traffic to the site.

It provides you 34 data centers, easy to set up WordPress, pay-as-you-go plans, and Supports you 24/7 at no additional cost. But it does not offer a free plan and has limited security features compared to other prices.

pricings of key CDN

5) Rackspace

rackspace technology

Rackspace is also a very popular paid CDN services that are managed and dedicated service provider. It offers CDN to help you to boost the performance of e-Commerce sites, web applications, and other websites.

The features provided by Rackspace are it is powerful cloud infrastructure, 200 centers across the World, and pay-as-you-go pricing plans.

The disadvantage of this CDN is it does not offers DDoS protection, it is costly compared to KeyCDN, and configuring their service is a bit complicated compared to the rest.

6) Google Cloud CDN

google cloud CDN

It is a low-cost among paid CDN Services that use Google’s global network. It comes with an SSL certificate integrated at no additional cost to secure your website. You can also without hesitating integrate it with the Google Cloud Platform.

You get the option to their $300 free trial credit to test their service over the next 12 months. Google Cloud CDN provides you with 90 data centers, an affordable pricing plan, and offers a $300 free trial credit.

But configuration can be difficult compared to others. The other drawback of this CDN is the lack of proper support, you need to pay to get technical support price.

7) CacheFly

cache fly

It is one of the oldest CDN in the market where you can use its server to stream videos and podcasts without hassle. It also provides security features including DDoS and malware protection to protect your website from hackers.

Using this as a paid CDN you get advantages that are :

  • a simple dashboard to manage everything
  • offers security features
  • has an excellent support team

But it’s very expensive compared to other paid CDN.

8) Amazon CloudFront

amazon cloud front
amazon cloud front

Amazon is a very famous company all over the world. It is also popular for CDN services for a website, the reason is due to its speed. It is so fast and very advanced.

This is why it is better for programmers or developers instead of beginners. It provides you with Integrals with AWS, instant deliverability of personalized and dynamic content.

It is used by many popular brands like :

  • Hulu
  • amazon prime video
  • king
  • slack
  • Rovio
  • discovery communications
  • cannon
  • dow jones
  • malbam
  • Bandai Namco
  • Supercell
  • and many more.

9) MaxCDN

If you are searching for MaxCDN, Its name had been changed to Stack Path. We have mentioned it in 1st place.

10) Akamai


Akamai is our last pic. It is paid CDN service provider and a leading provider of cloud services. Akamai helps enterprises provide security. The high-performing user of cloud experiences on any device anywhere.

Akamai helps enterprises accelerate innovation in the organization can focus on driving their business fast forward.

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