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Websites are being so easy to create on the Wp platform. But to create awesome websites we need a page builder to create a page of the website. So it’s important for developers to find the right page builder. Most of the page builders are user-friendly by which even beginner-level users can create stunning web pages in minutes after a little bit of their knowledge.

So in this article, we will discuss the top 10 page builders for WordPress to build dynamic web pages and gain the lead in your business.

1) Elementor

Elementor is one of the most famous page builders with more than 5 million plugin downloads. Due to its UI structure, it becomes most user-friendly for new users to create websites without any experience. Most web developers, freelancers, etc use this page builder to create stunning and dynamic web pages for their respective businesses.

This page builder is the most leading page builder platform on entire WordPress. Its free version is also available with its basic features. But its pro features are also too good for getting more features. Their Pricings are mentioned below :

pricings for elementor pro

2) Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder has been robust in the page developer market for a long while now. It yields clean code (for a page manufacturer), is famous with end clients and implementers the same, and gets customary consideration as new highlights and updates.

Approximately more than 1 million sites are created by using this page builder. It is the second most popular pager builder. This page builder has a free version and also a paid version with more features. Its pricings are mentioned below :

beaver builder pricings

3) Divi Builder

Divi Builder is a mainstream premium page developer from Elegant Themes. While it’s most regularly utilized as a component of the Divi topic, Divi Builder is likewise an independent module that you can use with different subjects.

This page builder platform offers a free trial. There are 2 plans: one is subscription-based and another is lifetime-based. If you loved their services you should try their lifetime plan as you can use it for unlimited websites. Their prices are mentioned below :

4) Flourish Architect

Flourish Architect is the patched-up variant of what was once Thrive Content Builder. The new interface includes plenty of likenesses with Elementor’s interface, which you’ll find in a second.

Though anybody can utilize it, it’s particularly well known with bloggers and subsidiary advertisers on account of its attention on change rates. What’s more, something I for one like about Thrive Architect is that it’s default styling glances entirely great right out of the container.

They had just a pricing plan mentioned below :

5) SiteOrigin Page Builder

SiteOrigin Page Builder has been around for what seems like until the end of time. What’s more, in that “eternity”, it’s figured out how to gather more than 1 million dynamics introduces at, which makes it one of the most mainstream page manufacturer modules in the market.

This platform has a free version for low-budget users and 2 types of plans i.e, yearly subscription and lifetime subscription .

Yearly Subscription plans are mentioned below :

Lifetime plans are mentioned below :

6) WPBakery Page Builder

The UI of the wp page builder is very user-friendly and a simple beginner can also create stunning websites by using it. If you want to build a website but you don’t know how to code then you can use wp bakery page builder to create your website without learning any rocket science-like things.

There are approximately 4.3 million users worldwide using wp bakery page builder. this platform has a free plan and also a paid plan whose price is just $45.

7) Themify Builder

Themify page builder is the most intuitive page for WordPress. You need to simply select, drag, and drop to create beautiful and dynamic web pages. You can create a website even you don’t know how to code. There are 42+ different themes in themify. In this platform, there are 12 plugins to build a website.

8) Brizy

Dispatched in April 2018, Brizy is one of the “most youthful” page developers on this rundown. However, it originates from a notable engineer – ThemeFuse – and has immediately piled on 60,000 dynamic introduces. Moreover, it plain just offers an exceptional way to deal with certain pieces of page building, which makes it a fascinating contribution.

9) Visual Composer

visual composer

WPBakery Page Builder used to be known as Visual Composer. The explanation behind that “used to” is that the group behind Visual Composer chose to turn off WPBakery Page Builder so they could dispatch a totally new item utilizing the Visual Composer name. This page builder is free to use but they contain a paid plan too.

10) WP Page Builder

wp bakery page builder

WP Page Builder is a free WordPress page builder to create websites easily just by dragging and dropping content on a page. Whether you’re an experienced developer or just a beginner, you can build dynamic websites by yourself with this tool. You don’t need any coding skills and can create stunning web pages in minutes. You don’t need any experience to use this tool as it is beginner-friendly.

This Page Builder is another contribution from Themeum, a setup WordPress designer. So while the module itself is new, it originates from a group around the WordPress space for some time.

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