Top 10 Menu plugins for WordPress

Menu plugins for WordPress

Site navigation is important for any website. It plays a critical influence in how your website is perceived, how long users stay, and how satisfied they are with their site experience. It’s an effective navigation system in place if you want your website visitors should be able to find your content.

After all, what use is having a website full of great information if no one can find it?

Because of numerous options selecting the best WP menu plugin for your website is difficult than it appears at first. We’ve compiled a list of Top 10 Menu plugins for WordPress.

1.Uber Menu:

Uber Menu

 Uber Menu offers three different menu systems as standard, which you can further adapt to your requirements. With the plugin, you can easily create menus from publications, develop pages, or other content. It’s responsive and has CSS3 animations. The main advantage of this plugin is that it has a simple user interface and options that are pretty easy to customize.

UberMenu not only comes with a lot of pre-built menus for your WordPress site, but it also gives you a lot of control over how they look and function. Drop and down image menus, tabbed menus, and, of course, mega menus are just a few of the sorts of menus you may add to your WordPress website with this plugin.

You can start adding content-rich drop and down navigation areas to your site using the mega menu functionality.

2.WordPress Menu Plugin

WordPress Menu Plugin

WordPress Menu plugin can be used as a supplement to your menu system or as a stand-alone application. It will assist you with vertical navigation, full-screen mode, and an icon toolbar, among other things.

The plugin has a live customizer, which makes it very simple to use. Additionally, CSS3 will allow you to apply efficient animations. With multiple modes, it’s a popular WordPress menu plugin.

It allows you to customize the display based on the user’s device. There are multiple menu sources available, as well as the option to hide the default menu button.

3. Mega Main Menu:

 Mega Main Menu

Mega Main Menu is a fully customized menu plugin for your WordPress site. By combining multiple types of material, including photos, text, shortcodes, and Widgets you can customize.

It includes a single menu with sticky menus, huge drop and downs, color schemes,  icons, logos, and search options. Vector icons and Google Fonts are available in a variety of styles.

4. Groovy Mega Menu:

 Groovy Mega Menu

Groovey Mega Menu is easy to use because it not only works with any WP theme, but it also works with WPBakery Page Builder, Elementor, Divi Builder, etc. A large number of color, background display, and icon customization options, as well as a preset library, allow you to create a design that matches your theme.

You have the option of customizing your navigation as a vertical panel fixed to the side of your page or as a sticky, always-on element.  It has a WooCommerce mega menu and is Mobile responsive.

5. Max Mega Menu

Max Mega Menu

Max Mega Menu is a WordPress menu plugin that makes navigating your website easy and elegant thanks to its theme editor, which includes options to change the text, colors, and other aspects of your menu’s appearance. It comes with built-in options for altering the menu’s behavior.

You can easily organize your submenus into columns and rows thanks to its Grid Layout. Max Mega Menu is free. It supports multiple menu locations with its configuration. Menu item options include hiding text, disabling the link, hiding on mobile, etc.

6.Responsive Menu:

Responsive Menu

The Responsive Menu plugin’s most notable feature is that it allows you to make menus that blend in with your WordPress theme’s aesthetic. You can use a picture as a menu background, change fonts, colors, and text sizes, and adjust many other aspects of your menus’ design and functioning.

You can choose between horizontal and vertical menus, activate menu animations, and much more, all while knowing that they’ll work and look great on any mobile device. It is a free-of-cost plugin.

7.WP Mega Menu- Quad Menu:

Quad Menu

It can show/hide specific menu items depending on the device used by the visitor. It also offers a pleasant user experience on touch screens.

It’s easy to use because of its drag-and-drop interface. It has features such as horizontal and vertical menu layouts, off-canvas menus, etc. It’s beginners friendly because it allows you to see a live preview of your menu as you make style changes.

The free version of the plugin allows you to use any WordPress widget, cart, and icons, while the premium version adds tabs, social icons, carousel menus, and more.

8.WP Mega Menu:

WP Mega Menu

The WP Mega Menu plugin is popular because it allows you to create unique navigation regions and add more menu layouts to your website.

This plugin comes with 14 menu styles and formats, allowing you to be as creative as you want. It allows you to design horizontal and vertical menus that suit your needs, with options such as hover and flyout effects.

It allows to construct drop-down, custom tabbed mega menus that you can use to show rich media like product images, text, and link icons, contact forms, and similar material, hence increasing conversion rates.

9. WP Mobile Menu:

 WP Mobile Menu

WP Mobile Menu is a plugin that allows you to create fully effective and flexible mobile menus for your website. You may make multi-level menus with widget spaces, a backdrop image, logo and text branding, and many other appealing features.

The free version includes everything you need to create a menu that looks great on any mobile device. The premium version comes with more advanced features, like animated icons and 5th depth menu levels.

10.Hero Menu:

Hero Menu

Hero Menu promises to make upgrading your WordPress website menu system as simple as possible. The Hero Menu plugin may help you modify your website’s navigation regions in just a few simple clicks. Perhaps the most striking feature of the Hero Menu plugin is its ability to create giant menus.

A collection of tools, including a drag-and-drop menu builder and push-button settings for determining how your Hero Menu looks, may be used to modify it. If your visitors expect to contact you or find your location easily via your website, these capabilities are essential.


Easier our website is to navigate attracts more users to your website.

Here is the list of the top 10 Menu plugins for WordPress.

  1. UberMenu
  2. WordPress Menu Plugin
  3. Mega Main Menu
  4. Groovy Mega Menu
  5. Max Mega Menu
  6. Responsive Menu
  7. Quad Menu
  8. WP Mega Menu
  9. WP Mobile Menu
  10. Hero menu

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