Top 10 membership plugins for wordpress

membership plugins for wordpress

Creating memberships on your WordPress website is a fantastic way to offer exclusive content, courses, or subscription-based services. With the right membership plugin, you can turn your site into a profit-generating engine. Let’s explore the top 10 membership plugins for WordPress that can help you build and manage memberships effortlessly.

1. Member Press

 Member Press is a powerhouse when it comes to creating memberships with powerful access rules. You can control access to pages, posts, categories, and more. The plugin simplifies the membership creation process, allowing you to monetize your content easily. Ideal for e-learning websites selling online courses, it even features a dripping content option.

2.Learn Dash:

Learn Dash is a popular learning management system (LMS) for WordPress. It provides a distraction-free environment for learners and offers a drip-feed feature. Create automated permission levels for various elements, send automated email notifications, and reward learners with certificates and medals upon reaching milestones.

3.Paid Memberships Pro:

Paid Memberships Pro allows you to establish unlimited membership levels with different payment options. Set pricing, billing cycles, trial periods, and more. The plugin offers unique advertising possibilities and integrates seamlessly with various email marketing services and payment gateways.

4.Restrict Content Pro:

Restrict Content Pro enables the creation of a full-featured membership site with multiple tiers. It includes a user-friendly member administration interface, automated email notifications, and built-in payment interfaces like Stripe, Braintree, PayPal, and 2Checkout.

5.Woo-Commerce Membership:

WooCommerce Memberships is an extension plugin for WooCommerce, offering a fully functional membership system for your online store. Create and sell various types of memberships, assign memberships manually, and enjoy features like content dripping, special discounts, and easy import/export of members.


S2Member features a comprehensive knowledge base with tutorials. While the free version has limitations, the premium editions unlock features like additional payment options, coupon codes, and drip content. It is compatible with marketing tools like Mailchimp and BuddyPress.

7. WP-Members:

WP-Members is user-friendly, allowing you to hide content on the front end and generate custom profiles and registration fields. It offers teaser information to attract user interest and comes with robust security measures to ensure member safety.

8.AR- Members:

ARMember provides an easy-to-use interface with multiple membership tiers, drip content, restricted access, and more. It allows subscription management, awards, badges, and includes a form builder for custom forms and signup pages.

9. Wishlist Member:

WishList Member offers infinite membership levels, one-click content protection, quick payment acceptance, and seamless integration with email marketing providers. It provides extensive content, including lessons and tips, and interfaces with various email marketing services and payment gateways.

10. Paid Member Subscriptions:

Paid Member Subscriptions is a lightweight and flexible plugin, available for free on It creates multiple membership levels, offers front-end member registration and login forms, and supports additional features with paid subscriptions.


After exploring the top 10 membership plugins for WordPress, it’s clear that Member Press stands out as the best overall. With features for unlimited memberships and powerful access rules, it provides everything you need to set up a fully functional membership system. For those focused on offering online courses, Learn Dash is an excellent choice. Choose the plugin that aligns with your website’s goals and start monetizing your content effectively.

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