Top 10 membership plugins for wordpress

membership plugins for wordpress

A membership plugin is designed to assist you in creating memberships. This plugin allows you to grant access to content to specific members only. You can monetize your page and make it profitable using WordPress membership plugins. Whatever your project is, whether it is a blog with exclusive content, a course-based platform, or a subscription-based business with the right plugin, you can convert it into a long-term profit-generating engine. 

Let us see the top 10 membership plugins for WordPress.

1. Member Press

 Member Press membership plugin allows you to create an unlimited number of memberships and powerful access rules for your premium content. You may control who has access to your website pages, posts, custom post kinds, categories, tags, and other files.

This plugin makes creating a membership simple. All you have to do now is install the plugin, provide your payment gateway information, and start adding products to your site. If you wish to share content over time rather than giving everyone access to it all at once, it has a dripping content feature.

It is primarily for e-learning websites that sell online courses.

2.Learn Dash:

Learn Dash is the most popular WordPress learning management system (LMS). The course builder allows creating your own branded learning portal with a distraction-free environment for your learner. Learn Dash offers a drip-feed feature that provides users to view the next module only after finishing the current one. The plugin allows you to send your learner automated email notifications based on their activities.

LearnDash allows you to create automated permission levels for videos, study materials, assignments, forums, and more. It also gives them certificates and medals when they reach certain milestones.

3.Paid Memberships Pro:

Paid Memberships Pro lets you establish an unlimited number of membership levels with different payment options. You can set pricing, a regular billing cycle, a membership term, and free or discounted trial periods. Paid Memberships Pro adds a meta box to your posts/pages that allows you to restrict content on a per-post/page basis. You can also choose to limit an entire category.

Paid Memberships Pro offers several unique advertising possibilities. There are numerous connectors with email marketing services and payment gateways included in the plugin. Paid Memberships Pro is for individuals who want to build membership websites with a lot of features.

4.Restrict Content Pro:

Restrict Content Pro allows you to create a full-featured membership site and make money by selling different membership tiers. It includes a straightforward member administration interface that provides you to see all of your active, pending, expired, canceled, and free usage. Restrict Content Pro allows you to send automatic emails to your members to keep them informed.

It also comes with a customer dashboard where your customers can view and manage their account information. Stripe, Braintree, PayPal, and 2Checkout are all built-in payment interfaces with the Restrict Content Pro plugin.

5.Woo-Commerce Membership:

WooCommerce Memberships is a WooCommerce extension plugin that allows you to establish a fully functional membership system for your WooCommerce store. You can create and sell many types of memberships using this plugin.

For the invite-only members’ area, you can also assign memberships manually. It also has several handy features, such as content dripping, special discounts, and the ability to export and import members. The disadvantage of the plugin is that it requires the installation of another plugin, WooCoommerce Subscriptions, to accept subscription-based recurring payments.


S2Member features a comprehensive knowledge base with helpful tutorials and instructions. The free version is restricted to four paying membership levels and does not allow for the creation of coupon codes or drip material, among other limitations. If you are serious about building a membership site, upgrade to premium editions to unlock those capabilities.

The Pro plan provides extra payment choices, such as Stripe and, in addition to PayPal.The WordPress membership plugin is compatible with a variety of marketing tools, including Mailchimp and BuddyPress.

7. WP-Members:

WP-Members is easy to use and allows you to hide stuff from the front end. You can use the plugin to generate custom profiles and registration fields. Also, tiny teaser information is utilized for attracting user interest.

WP-Members also comes with over 120 filter hooks and actions to let you personalize your membership section. You may even use its security measures to ensure the safety of your members.

8.AR- Members:

ARMember is an excellent alternative for beginners as you get an easy-to-use interface. AR- Members plugin provide you with as many membership tiers as you like, drip material, restricted content, etc. You can upgrade, cancel, renew, or reduce subscriptions with the membership plugin.

Not only that, but you may also give your subscribers awards and badges. It also has a form builder that allows you to construct custom forms and signup pages. The disadvantage of this plugin is that customer support is slow.

9. Wishlist Member:

WishList Member offers several features, including the ability to establish infinite membership levels, safeguard content with a single click, accept payments quickly, and link with your email marketing provider.

It also includes a wealth of content, including lessons, videos, and tips, to help you get the most out of it. With only a few clicks, you can protect your content and set the price. It also provides Numerous interfaces with email marketing services, payment gateways, etc.

10. Paid Member Subscriptions:

Paid Member Subscriptions is a lightweight and flexible WordPress membership plugin available for free on It also has paid subscriptions with additional features. Paid Member Subscriptions creates multiple membership levels. It allows you to restrict access to content based on a user’s membership level.

as It features to create front-end member registration and login forms. You’ll obtain more payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal Express if you provide discount codes or “pay what you want.”. You’ll also be able to collect recurring payments for subscriptions automatically, and users will be able to manage numerous membership levels from their account section.


We examined the Top 10 membership plugins for WordPress and find out that Member Press is the best. It comes with everything you need to set up a fully functional membership system. If you want to develop a membership site exclusively for offering online courses, you can use Learn Dash.

List of the top 10 membership plugins for WordPress curated for you.

1.Member Press

2.Learn Dash

3.Paid Memberships Pro

4.Restrict Content Pro

5.Woo-Commerce Membership


7. WP-Members

8.AR- Members

9. Wishlist Member:

10. Paid Membership Subscriptions:

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