Top 10 mac OS Ad blocker Tools

Mac OS Ad blocker Tools

In the present world, the internet has become the major source of entertainment, let it be sports or comedy or enjoying your favorite series or movies online, it has never failed to help us. Or Studying from the most popular sites, and searching for your doubts, the internet plays an important role in almost every aspect.

But imagine you are searching for an important doubt or enjoying the climax of your movie and those annoying ads come to spoil your mood, terrifying right? Everyone is tired of those time-consuming Ads each time we step in to do something important.

Sometimes there are even ads at an interval of minutes which is enough to make you lose your mental calm luckily we have Adblocker tools for Mac OS users, after going through several online reviews we have finally come up with the top 10 Mac OS Ad blocker tools.

1. Wipr


The first tool that tops this list is considered one of the best Adblockers for  Mac OS. It is the most suggested Adblocker by users as it comes with several features, such as blocking advertisements and saving you from trackers, and cryptocurrency miners.

It gives you complete security as it can’t track your information. Though it comes for $2 its features are worth its price. You can download it from the Mac App Store.

2. AdGuard


The next app that comes on the list is named AdGuard. This app comes with several features making it attractive to the users. It not only takes care of ads but also offers cleaning. It can even block ads in games. Its features include firewall configuration and security against malware and phishing scams.

To get this app you have to download a .apk file from their site. It is a desktop software that can also be used for mobile phones. It works best in Chrome and Firefox. It comes with several filters and offers you complete protection before touring any suspicious sites.

3. Ghostery Lite

Ghostery Lite

The 3rd name that comes on the list is Ghostery Lite. Though it doesn’t come with many functions what makes it eye-catching is its simple working procedure and also its free-of-cost availability. This app will make sure you are safe from annoying popups.

4. Quite Content Blocker

Quite Content Blocker

Though not directly an Adblocker, this tool may not completely remove all the ads from the website but makes sure annoying elements are blocked in your website. From annoying elements, the objects such as comment sections, chat bubbles, and relevant tabs are indicated.

This even enables you to block some apps on your Mac device which makes it one of the most attractive options.

5. Ad Block

Ad Block

The next app that comes on the list is AdBlock. This amazing app comes with several cool features making it one of the best options. This app blocks the ads even before they are loaded on the page which results in low usage of data,

It gives you a choice to make your wishlist of the useful ads you want to see, and the rest are blocked. The most attractive feature is that it even stops the annoying ads from playing on the YouTube platform in the middle of the video you are watching.

6. Ad Block Max

Ad Block Max

This is a safari extension that comes completely free of cost. It is known for effectively blocking ads on YouTube and other social media platforms such as Facebook. It ensures your privacy is protected and makes you experience an enhanced browsing speed.

7. Magic Lasso

Magic Lasso

Another tool that comes for free is Magic Lasso. It is known for blocking major ads on the website keeping your browsing experience clean. The only problem with this tool is that it can’t block ads on YouTube. But for web pages, it is a great option.

8. Ka Block

Ka Block

The next tool is a Block. If you are annoyed with those irritating and time-consuming ads appearing on your web pages and browsers again and again then the best solution you can have is ka Block. This amazing tool has proven to be the best in hiding ads from YouTube and various other platforms.

It occupies very little space which is one of the greatest qualities any tool or app should have. Its efficiency rate is high making it the most reliable option present out there. It reduces traffic by 35%.

9. Ad Block Plus

Ad Block Plus

This app is considered to be the most popular among users. It is suitable both for rooted and non-rooted devices. It is mainly downloaded as an extension. Overall it is the best option you can surely go for.

This app guarantees to make you experience a cleaner, faster web and complete blockage of unwanted ads. It allows acceptable Ads by default to support websites. This is completely free of cost. All these features answer the query about it being one of the best.

10. uBlock


uBlock is another valid option in the list, though it doesn’t hide important advertisements but effectively hides YouTube ads. It reduces traffic by 26%. Though not the best on the list but definitely not the worst, you can surely give it a check.

So some of the best tools have been discussed which are surely going to give you satisfaction and save you from those annoying Ads that distract you from heading toward your goal. You can go through each of them to find the one that suits you most. Presently many new tools are coming with enhanced features but the above-mentioned ones are safe and reliable options out there that would surely resolve your problem.

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