Top 7 Linux Ad Blocker Tools

Linux Ad Blocker Tools

In the present world, the internet has become the major source of entertainment, Let it be sports or comedy or enjoying your favorite series or movies online, it has never failed to help us. Or Studying from the most popular sites, and searching for your doubts, the internet plays an important role in almost every aspect.

But imagine you are searching for an important doubt or enjoying the climax of your movie and those annoying ads come to spoil your mood, terrifying right? Everyone is tired of those time-consuming Ads each time we step in to do something important.

Sometimes there are even ads at an interval of minutes which is enough to make you lose your mental calm. Luckily we have Adblocker tools for Linux users, after going through several online reviews we have finally come up with the top 10 Linux Adblocker tools.

1. NextDNS


The next tool that comes in the list is NextDNS. This tool guarantees to stop ads, trackers, and malicious websites on all your devices. Not only this it offers you complete protection of your privacy and protects your kids from adult content.

The coolest feature includes an extensive collection of predefined content filtering lists and blocklists. This tool ensures protection against threats like malware, phishing, crypto-jacking, typosquatting domains, and many more.

2. Bluehell Firewall

Bluehell Firewall

While downloading any tool the first area of concern is space so the next name on the list will take care of this issue too, it is a lightweight Adblocker that blocks ads very easily without compromising your privacy. It runs well for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

This free open-source extension focuses mainly on blocking without prioritizing other features. So if you are tired of all those useless stuff overloading your website then you can surely rely on this tool.

3. Privoxy


The next app on the list is Privoxy, which comes with advanced filtering abilities for protecting the privacy and modifying web page data and HTTP headers. Especially known for removing ads and other unpleasant internet stuff. The facility that users like the most is its flexible configuration which allows you to customize it in a way that suits you most.

4. Webmail Ad Blocker

Webmail Ad Blocker

This amazing app ensures that annoying ads are unable to reach you by blocking them on various sites such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, and making sure you get a clean area with hindrance-free work experience. It is available as Firefox and Google Chrome extensions.

5. Facebook AdBlock for Chrome

Facebook AdBlock for Chrome

If you are an active social media user and love to spend your leisure effortlessly on social sites such as Facebook without dealing with those notorious ads then you are on the right track. This tool enhances your Facebook user experience by blocking useless gaming ads or ads from other companies. It not only saves you a huge amount of time but also gives you a clean surfing experience.



This extension is an open-source and free product that enables you to block ads. The best thing about this extension is it comes with Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera, Google Chrome extensions, and Flickr integration.

7. Video AdBlock for Chrome

Video AdBlock for Chrome

Last but not least app on the list is Video AdBlock for Chrome. As the name suggests this special tool not only blocks text ads but also video ads on the most well-known platforms such as YouTube and others making your net surfing smooth and giving you a distraction-free atmosphere while watching your favorite videos online. The most amazing fact about the tool is its lifetime free and Adware free. So this is the most sensible option for hiding ads.

So some of the best apps have been discussed which are surely going to give you satisfaction and save you from those annoying Ads that distract you from heading towards your goal. You can go through each of them to find the one that suits you most.

Presently many new tools are coming with enhanced features but the above-mentioned ones are safe and reliable options out there that would surely resolve your problem. So no more worrying about those useless ads taking up your time, the above-mentioned Ad blocking extensions will make your browsing experience just the way you want it to be.

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