Top 10 image gallery plugins

image gallery plugins

Image Gallery plugins are beneficial for everyone from hobby bloggers to professional photographers. Therefore the choice of the best image gallery plugin is important. Some are only concerned with making things as simple as possible to achieve a fashionable look. Others are more heavy-duty alternatives with specific tools for photographers or other visual artists. Some merely focused on making it very easy to establish a good-looking gallery.

We have compiled for you Top 10 image gallery plugins.

NextGEN Gallery is a powerful photo gallery plugin for photographers and other creative professionals. NextGEN Gallery is not for you if you’re just a casual user trying to make nice-looking galleries. If you’re a photographer, for example, who wants to handle hundreds or thousands of photographs and possibly sell or work with clients, NextGEN Gallery is one of the best options.

NextGEN Gallery comes with a variety of gallery layouts to assist you in creating visually appealing galleries. The free edition is somewhat limited in what it offers, but the Pro version includes several layout options. You’ll receive a lot more gallery layouts, eCommerce capabilities, automatic print fulfillment, image proofing, Lightroom integration, and a lot more with the premium add-ons.

Paid subscriptions start at $99 per month and include most of the visual elements. You’ll need the $139 Pro version to get access to eCommerce, fulfillment, proofreading, and other “backend” capabilities.

Modula is a WordPress gallery plugin that makes it simple to construct a grid gallery. One of the most appealing features is that it comes with a drag-and-drop grid builder that allows you to modify every aspect of your grid.

It offers a custom grid builder to design the exact layout for your gallery. Upgrade to the Pro edition for access to different premium add-ons if you desire more capabilities. Plans start at $18 for a single site, but to obtain access to all of the add-ons, you will need at least the $78 Business license.

Envira Gallery is a freemium gallery plugin on It is mainly for photographers and power users, but it is also user-friendly enough for casual users, making it a multipurpose gallery plugin. This image gallery does a great job by balancing ease of use with advanced features, and the Pro version offers a lot of flexibility.

Although the free version is adequate for casual usage, photographers and other power users will benefit from the premium edition, which includes advanced capabilities such as image proofing, eCommerce, Lightroom integration, albums, and more. The basic premium features are available for $19, but you’ll need the $89 Pro subscription to access all of the advanced capabilities.

Meow Gallery is a simple WordPress image gallery plugin that integrates well with the WordPress block editor. There is no separate interface; everything is configured from the block settings while working in the editor. The plugin provides you with a separate block to create your gallery, and you will use that block’s settings to customize the layout and design of your gallery.

The majority of Meow Gallery features are available in the free edition on The Pro edition is required for unlimited scrolling/lazy loading, carousel and map layouts, and animations. The Pro edition is for $19


FooGallery is a  free gallery plugin with a lot of free features. You will get six alternative gallery layouts, album support, hover effects for free. It does not come with a built-in lightbox by default, but you can easily add a lightbox to your galleries using the free FooBox plugin from the same developer.

You will need to upgrade to Pro if you want more advanced features like filters, dynamic galleries, advanced lightbox, endless scroll, and more. The pro plan starts at $59 for one year of maintenance and updates, as well as use on a single site.

Photo Gallery is a plugin, and it contains several advanced features such as eCommerce integration and gallery image commenting. It also comes with many free features, like audio and video support, albums, image watermarking, and more.

It has layouts, such as mosaic or masonry galleries, require the Pro version. offers the main Photo Gallery plugin for free. The majority of the more sophisticated layouts are only available in the Pro version. For a single site, pricing starts at $30.

Responsive Lightbox & Gallery is a free gallery plugin on There are three distinct gallery templates to pick from (grid, slider, and masonry), as well as eight different lightbox scripts. You may quickly rearrange the photographs in your gallery using drag-and-drop, and you can embed galleries using a shortcode or dedicated block.

You can also incorporate other types of content, such as posts or videos, in addition to photographs. Premium extensions that provide extra layouts, such as justified or extended galleries, as well as more lightbox options, are available if you desire more features.  It is a free plugin and can get add-ons at$49.00.

8.CoBlocks :

CoBlocks is a collection of new blocks for the WordPress block editor. You will be able to configure anything about your galleries without leaving the WordPress block editor. If you want to rapidly construct lightweight galleries that look excellent from within the block editor, this is a fantastic choice.

The main drawback is that it includes more than just gallery blocks, not as flexible as a standalone gallery plugin. You do not need to know about the inner workings of CoBlocks; all you need to know is that it includes several gallery blocks, and the finished galleries look fantastic. The advantage of the plugin is integrated into the block editor and has five different gallery blocks. CoBlocks is 100% free.

The  Gmedia Photo Gallery comes with a companion iOS app that allows you to manage your galleries from your phone, which is particularly useful if you frequently use your phone for photos and are on the go (for example, if you run a travel blog).

Another feature is the ability to display a map with the geolocation of your images. Overall, this plugin has a lot of features, which are great for specific use cases but may be excessive for ordinary galleries. offers the core Gmedia Photo Gallery plugin for free. There is also a premium edition, which starts at $29.99 for a single site and includes several standalone add-ons for $16 each.

10.Flagallery Photo Portfolio :

Flagallery Photo Portfolio allows you to create music and audio playlists in addition to photo and video galleries. The advantage of this plugin is the ability to upload several files at once. It is ideal for websites that need to upload a large amount of content at once while remaining orderly.

WordPress makes it simple to manage all of your graphic material from a single centralized dashboard. It is a simple procedure to construct fully customizable collections. The plugin is SEO optimized and works with all major Internet browsers.

So in this article we learnt about the top 10 image gallery plugins. I hope you liked this article. Please make sure to share our content to improve our website. If you want premium digital marketing services at affordable prices then feel very free to contact us !

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