Top 10 Image Compression Plugins for WordPress

image compression plugins

The size of the website and its load times play a huge role in terms of ranking the website on the Google Search Index. By compressing the images on your website you can significantly speed up your website. That is why Image Compression Plugins can play an important role to increase the speed of the website by decreasing load times and improving user experience.

So to help you guys out here are the Top 10 Image Compression Plugins on WordPress that you can use to compress images and increase website loading speeds.

1) WP Smush :

wp smush image compress

This image compression plugin has the quickest and most straightforward picture compression module available. The plugin lets you control the picture size, length, and width so you can resize the pictures as per need.

WP Smush is one of the oldest and most used plugins that we recommend for compressing images. It’s pretty easy to use and has automated modes so you can select those and let it do its thing. Its paid version is by far the best. You can always have a free trial and see if it suits your needs

2) ShortPixel Image Optimizer :

shortpixel image optimizer plugin

ShortPixel Image Optimizer is a simple-to-utilize, lightweight, WordPress image plugin that packs all the features that you could need from an image compression plugin and so much more.

The plugin can compress JPG, PNG, GIF, and furthermore, PDF, etc types files. ShortPixel likewise has the alternative to change over JPG, PNG, and GIF into WebP. Making it the ultimate Swiss knife of image compression plugins

3) Tiny Png :

tiny png free image compression website

This is technically not a WordPress plugin but a free website where you can get the best image compression for your images free of cost. It supports multiple times of images and can compress your image files up to 60-70% in size saving you a lot of space and increasing your website loading speed without any loss of quality. It’s pretty easy to use.

More than 1 billion PNG and JPEG images are optimized by the Tiny PNG image website and still counting. You need to do this manually though that’s the only issue. Also its better to compress the image in the first place before uploading so there are no issues in the future with images.

4) Imsanity :

image compression plugins

Imsanity is another great image compression plugin that you can download from the WordPress library. It’s fairly straightforward and easy to use. It lets you resize the images on your site when you upload them on the website itself making the whole process less tedious. Overall it’s a great plugin that simplifies managing the sizes of your images on the website.

There are many automated features as well that you can take advantage of to make it easier to use.

5) EWWW Image Optimizer :

ewww image optimization service

EWWW Image Optimizer is a well-known WordPress plugin known for its image compression. It has a subscription model starting at 7$ per month and going up to 25$ per month at the time of writing. It helps compress images on your website and also compresses the images you previously uploaded on the website.

This is a bit on the expensive side but can help speed up your website and can improve your rankings on Google. It has many automated features to save you time as well so if you have the cash I recommend using this.

6) WP Retina 2x :

wp retina 2x image optimization plugin

WP Retina is an incredible WordPress image compression plugin that has a tonne of features and can help manage the images on your website to enhance the overall user experience. From regenerating thumbnails to optimizing image sizes to speed up load times this plugin does it all. It also has free and paid options to suit your image compression needs. It has a CDN which is connected with EWWW service

7) Image Optimizer :

image compression website lets its users compress their images by utilizing the API. The plugin gives decent image compressions for images in spite of it being free. The best part is that it is free to use and does what it’s supposed to without any extra hassle. It has plenty of downloads and decent support via the WordPress support forum

8) Optimus – WordPress Image Optimizer :

optimus image compress

Optimus is one of the newer more advanced WordPress image compression plugins made by the popular CDN service KeyCDN. KeyCDN is a famous CDN, Content Delivery Network that helps in speeding up website speeds by its CDN network. It’s easy to use and has all the features you need for optimizing images on your website.

9) Imagify :

imagify image compressor wordpress plugin

This is one of the best compression plugins for images but is more on the expensive side especially if u have a 1000s of images on your website. It can help reduce your website load times significantly and supports lossless and lossy compression options. Do note that don’t over-optimize the images as they will start looking choppy on big screens for your website. It supports webp images as well making it one of the best plugins if you have a good budget for it.

10) Image Optimizer :

kraken image compression plugin

This image compression plugin works with’s API as the name suggests. It has its own algorithms for image compression and is used by multiple big brands as you can in the image above. Its algorithm is really well optimized for image compression and can yield really good results for websites. It’s on the expensive side but it definitely delivers when it comes to quality so can’t really complain.

Thats all folks, These were the top 10 image compression plugins that we recommend for your WordPress website. Everyone has their own pros and cons so try them out and see what works best for you. If you have any better suggestions do mention them in the comment section below so we can check them out. See you again next time.

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