Top 10 Highest Paying Cyber Security Jobs

highest paying cybersecurity jobs

IT sector jobs are the most deemed jobs in the world and especially when it is related to Cyber Security. Since every company wants their data and systems to be secure and safe they spend loads of money on experts and pay huge cyber security job salaries to those whom they can rely on for handling the security.

If you have advanced cyber security skills then you will get hired in no time by high esteem companies. So, here I have a list of the top 10 Highest Paying Cyber Security Jobs.

1.Chief Information Security Officer :

1.Chief Information Security Officer :

Chief Information Security Officer or a CISO is responsible for protecting the information assets and technologies within an organization. Getting a CISO certification is one of the toughest to achieve in the world. A CISO is recognized as the highest executive level of information security.

The salary of a CISO ranges from 140,000 USD to 300,000 USD. However, an exemplary CISO salary could be as high as half a million USD. Which is justified given the responsibility they hold on to their shoulders.

2.Bug Bounty Specialist :

Bug Bounty Specialist

A Bug Bounty Specialist is not in a profession as such, it is more of a freelance work where they earn huge amounts of cash by solving bug problems of big orgs who are ready to pay a good amount so that they don’t face problems later on when the software is released.

There are no specific salary for Bug Bounty Hunters because it depends on the bounty program they are capable of handling however, if they are specialists then companies like Apple even pay 1,000,000 USD as the upper limit reward for the topic ‘Zero-click kernel code execution with persistence and kernel PAC bypass’.

With the randomness in the amount of money they make out of bug hunting, this is potentially the highest paying cyber-security job in the world.

3.Lead Software Security Engineer :

Lead Software Security Engineer

A Lead Software Security Engineer is one of the finest in any company. They not only have to possess the skills of a software security engineer but also that of a leader. These people are top-notch coders and programmers.

They are responsible for testing security software and information systems for any potential risks, suspicious activities, and security gaps. The salary offered to a Lead Software Security Engineer sometimes exceeds that of a CISO in some companies but on average, it is around 225,000 USD or more.

4.Cyber Security Sales Engineer :

Cyber Security Sales Engineers are in high demand these days and that indicates that companies would willingly pay somewhere around 180,000 USD and 220,000 USD for a highly skilled Cyber Security Sales Engineer.

Every day new technology surfaces on the market so these Sales Engineer besides taking care of the hacker attacks and security threats also have the job to sell new and innovative technology solutions in the market so that those can create revenues for the company.

5.Cyber Security Manager :

Cyber Security Manager

Cyber Security Managers are also known as IT Security Managers. They have the job of Cyber Security protection, detection, recovery, and response. They have the responsibility to monitor all operations and infrastructure, maintain all security tools and technology, monitor internal and external policy compliance, monitor regulation compliance, work with different departments in the organization to reduce risk, implement new technology, audit policies and controls continuously, ensure cyber security stays on the organizational radar, and detail out the security incident response program. Professionals at the position of a Cyber Security Manager earn a salary between 125,000 USD and 215,000 USD.

6.Data Security Analyst :

A Data Security Analyst’s job is to secure the organization’s computer systems and networks. They are the first shield standing between hackers and the company’s networks for protection. These people have many responsibilities where they need to install data protection software, conduct testing, create security standards, educate others, and report security breaches.

You need to have information technology experience, computer skills, industry-related knowledge, analytical thinking skills, and give attention to detail to become a professional Data Security Analyst to a high degree. The upper limit in the salary of a Data Security Analyst is somewhere around 175,000 USD.

7.Senior Security Consultant :

senior security consultant

As the name suggests Senior Security Consultants have to provide effective security recommendations for their organization. They give advice to the organization to check for possible security vulnerabilities based on their analysis to heighten the security levels of the company.

Senior Security Consultants are also responsible to conduct interviews to gain information about their customers to maintain good relationships, prepare and deliver risk analysis reports based on findings, assess vulnerabilities through the usage of various software security tools, and provide improvement suggestions. They earn a salary of around 130,000 USD based on the experience and skillset they possess.

8.Cyber Security Architect :

A Cyber Security Architect has to maintain, create, and design the security systems of n organization’s IT network, computer systems, and data. They have the responsibility to gain a total understanding of the organization’s information system, research the latest security standards, perform vulnerability testing, design powerful and flexible security architect, prepare cost estimates of all cyber security measures, designing critical public infrastructure, testing final security structure, providing technical guidance, updating and upgrading security systems as needed, and many more. After having all these responsibilities to fulfill they deserve the heavy payload of 150,000 USD.

9.Application Security Engineer :

An Application Security Engineer secures the organization’s software applications for internal employees or for the customers. Their responsibilities include troubleshooting, debugging, implementing, testing, and operating software security techniques. They also have to perform security testing to improve software security. They earn a prominent salary of 130,000 USD.

10.Director of Information Security :

An Information Security Director is responsible for designing, implementing, allocating, and managing all technology security measures within an organization. They earn a salary of around 130,000 USD.

Cybercrimes are on a rise every day and with growing threats to the company’s data and information sector, there is always going to be a vacancy for a Cyber Security expert.

So, in the near future, cyber security job requirement is just going to increase and getting a Cyber Security job will not be tough if you have the right ingredients to nurture your skills according to the companies demand.

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