Top 10 Hidden Camera Detector Apps for iPhone

Hidden Camera Detector Apps for iPhone

Cameras have become an important part of our day-to-day life let it be capturing your precious moments or taking a selfie after a long working day brings a separate glow to your face. But like all other useful inventions, it also has managed to catch the eyes of wicked mentalities.

The thought itself terrifies that someone can easily keep an eye on your every action just by placing a hidden camera let it be in shopping malls, hotel rooms, or any other place. If you are still unaware of what hidden cam or more specifically spy cam is then your answer is here, these are small wireless cams sometimes so small that it doesn’t catch our eyes.

Some even hide them in other objects such as mirrors, Teddies, any devices, in your car, toilet, bathroom, or any such places basically to spy on you or blackmail you. Luckily there are hidden camera detector apps that easily find out and alert us about hidden cameras.

With the increasing amount of crime, it becomes immensely important for us to keep a hidden camera detector on our phones. And for this, we can only rely on high-rated apps. So based on various online reviews the 10 best names that top the list for iPhone users are discussed below.

1. Hidden Spy Camera Detector

Hidden Spy Camera Detector

The first app that tops the list is Hidden Spy Camera Detector. This is one of the best spy camera detection apps currently existing. It can easily find hidden cameras in trials, hotels, or washrooms. This app helps in the detection of both pinhole cameras and infrared cameras. It either scans with a magnetic sensor to detect the magnetic fields or uses infrared detection mode to find infrared cameras.

2. RadarBot


It is another best apps for detecting spy cameras. It is the only app that combines real-time alerts with the best offline radar detection alert system. This app offers plenty of cool features like an ANPR camera and a Traffic light camera. It easily detects the hidden camera and makes the process convenient for you.

3. Spy hidden camera detector

Spy hidden camera detector

As the name suggests it helps in finding spy cameras hidden in various places. It uses magnetic and EMF scanner features to inspect hidden cameras. We have to just scan the room with the app to find the camera, once the app finds any suspicious object it turns on and off with flashlights. It is a paid app.

4. iAmNotified


This is another best apps for finding a hidden camera and saving you from problems. iAmNotified though doesn’t come for free but its security features are worth its money. This app gives you complete security not only against hidden cameras but also against leakage of your private data by notifying you if someone else tries to unlock your phone.

5. Dontspy


DontSpy saves you from evil eyes by not letting anyone spy on you through hidden cams, its unique spy bug detector finds all kinds of hidden electronic devices such as microphones, recorders, cameras, spy bugs, etc. This is a paid app and requires registration of the participants. You can just scan the place to find out any camera watching you.

6. Hidden camera Detector

Hidden camera Detector

Worried about hidden cams watching you? but not anymore cause this specialized app is specially designed for you to feel safe. It uses your smartphone’s camera and flashlight to scan and detect the spy camera. It has a unique GPS system to locate any spy cameras.

7. Hidden Camera Detector Pro

Hidden Camera Detector Pro

The best solution against hidden cameras is here, Hidden camera detector pro analyses magnetic activity based on readings from the magnetic sensors. It can even detect hidden microphones and even spy bugs.

8. Real Hidden Cam Finder

Real Hidden Cam Finder

The next app that comes on the list is Real Hidden Cam Finder. It is specially designed not only to find hidden cameras but to also detect their exact location. It comes with a powerful magnetic field detector which helps it in accomplishing this task very easily. So no matter how hard somebody tried,  your cam detector is gonna spill water in their plan. After having all these features it comes free of cost which makes it more attractive to the user’s eye.

9. Hidden Devices detector

Hidden Devices detector

It is a free-of-cost app that uses a magnetic sensor to detect radiation intensities emitted by the devices. It is one of the easiest to use cam detecting apps that find hidden devices in no time. It includes some of the most exciting features such as an excellent hidden device locator, an easy-to-use interface, and free security, and privacy tools which makes it the best option.

10. Glint Finder

Glint Finder

Another best app in talks is Glint Finder. This app is suggested both for Android and iOS users.  It’s completely free, which makes it the most charming option. It uses retro-reflection of the camera flash for detecting spy cameras.

The lens optics of hidden cameras produce specular reflection when illuminated with a flash. These retro reflections show up as highlights or hotspots in the image that stand out as the flash toggles on and off. It’s the most reliable option currently available.

All the above-mentioned apps are considered to be the most reliable spy-cam detection apps for iPhones. So the next time you enter any trial room or in any unknown area make sure to use these hidden cam detectors as the crime ignored today can be the cause of a bigger destruction tomorrow. Make sure to try different apps before you finally decide to choose your perfect cam detector match.

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