Top 10 Google Tools For SEO

google tools for seo

SEO is search engine optimization or the process of optimizing a website in order to make it easy to find through search engines like Google. There are many Google tools for SEO that are very useful for ranking.

So in this article, we are going to know about the top 10 Google tools for SEO. We will know which of these can be a good tool for SEO. So let’s start the SEO.

1) Google Mobile-Friendly Test

google search console

Google’s mobile-friendly test is one of the best tools for SEO, as it’s important to understand the impact that can have on your search engine results.

Google has cleared it that website or blog should be mobile-friendly, so this point you should not take lightly.

If you are using Google mobile-friendly as a tool for SEO then it clears in a couple of seconds that your website is mobile-friendly or not, so you don’t have to wait much for knowing it.

2) Google My Business

google my business

Google my business is another best tool for SEO, with which you are in a position to provide prospective customers with more information on your company, including business hours, location, and contact numbers.

Google my business is a simple tool for SEO. This tool for SEO is not for all business owners, but it’s one that local companies can take full advantage of.

Getting a Google my business listing does not guarantee online or foot traffic, but it is definitely moving you in the right direction. Google tools for SEO like google my business are just very useful.

3) Google PageSpeed Insights

google pagespeed insights

If you are seeking your website at the top of the search engine ranking, this is the best option and if you are willing to best serve your website users this could be a good idea.

If you are a user of Google PageSpeed Insights you have never to guess whether or not your site is up to par, in regards to speed. It helps you to make your website fast for all the users with any device.

4) Google Correlate

google correlate

If you are one among them who wants to go above and beyond when researching keyword data, then Google Correlate is one of those tools which is a tool that can help you generate the best search results.

Using this tool as a tool for SEO you can uncover search patterns that correlate with real-world trends, this free tool focus on relevant keyword research.

If you are strongly interested in uncovering the best long-tail keywords for any subject, the Google Correlate tool can be your friend as a tool for SEO.

google trends

Google Trends may be a terribly powerful tool for SEO and infrequently this can be unmarked by online marketers. . Google Trends as a tool for SEO does not allow data that you can new ideas for future website posts.

From the SEO point of view, it is quite worth using on a regular basis in search engine keyword research.

In addition, to explore main insights you can also run a search for any topic or keyword that comes to your mind.

6) Google Chrome

google chrome

Google Chrome is one of the best tools for SEO, and I think this browser is one of the famous tools which is used.

If you are open to using Google Chrome ad your browser, make sure you are open to downloading a few SEO extensions.

Chrome provides the opportunity to track the impact of your SEO strategy, not only this but also it does not the same or your competition.

Whereas a result you will gain a better understanding of what you need to do, in order that moves to the top of Google for your target keywords.

7) Google Alerts

google alerts

Google alerts is another good option as a tool for SEO as it is as simple as typing and reviewing the alert preview.

One of the best features allowed by Google Alerts is to set up n alert for your top three to five competitors.

Like this, you can receive a notice any time that they are mentioned by an online outlet. Google Alerts is vital for your long-term search engine optimization efforts as a tool for SEO.

8) Google Voice

google voice

This is where Google Voice comes into play. There are many features given by Google voice as a tool for SEO.

You can send messages directly from your computer, create personalized greetings to customize the caller’s experience, you can share voice mails and read transcriptions online and receive calls from any number.

You can not consider this to be a traditional search engine optimization tool for SEO, but in many ways, it is extremely important to the success of your marketing plan.

9) Google Sheets

google tools for seo

Google Sheets is also a good tool from google for SEO but this is not the most powerful SEO tool, but Google Sheet is one of those simple things that have a big impact on your business.

As well as those you want to touch on in the future, and tracks the number of links to your site including where they come from. You may want to choose from one of the templates that are allowed by Google.

10) YouTube


If you hassle to push your website to the top of the rankings, you can be able to achieve success with your YouTube videos.

YouTube has many features as a tool for SEO that to dedicating most of your video marketing resources. Including the fact that it has the largest user base of all video-sharing services.

This is the 2nd largest search engine and a great platform for content creators and to gain knowledge about something. The biggest search engine company in the world is the owner of the biggest video-sharing website.

Visitors of one or more of these tools will definitely change your approach for the better.

In this article, we knew about the top 10 Google tools for SEO. This article is going to help you find the best tool for you.

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