Top 10 Google Tools For SEO

google tools for seo

When you think about SEO Google is the big daddy of SEO by far. Whatever Google says goes. SEO is nothing but search engine optimization or the process of optimizing a website in order to make it easy to find through search engines like Google. So when it comes to optimizing your website for Google what better tool there is aside from Google itself? There are many of these Google tools for SEO that are very useful for ranking your websites.

So let us show you the top 10 SEO Google tools

1) Google Analytics

google tools for seo

Google Analytics is the undisputed king when it comes to SEO tools and thus ranks number one. Using Google Analytics properly is an art. No two ways about it. Once set up properly you can get so much amazing data about how your viewers are experiencing your website. If you did not want to use any other Google tool at least use this. The customer info this tool provides is too good.

You can track everything about how your readers and viewers interact with your website what devices they use what regions they are from etc. It’s a treasure trove of information that can help you master the SEO game and thus a must-have by far. If you learn nothing else at least learn google analytics properly.

2) Google Mobile-Friendly Test

google search console

Google’s mobile-friendly test is one of the best tools for SEO, as it’s important to understand the impact that can have on your search engine results. The world is moving to mobile faster than anything. Most of your website visitors are mobile users. If your website is not optimized for mobile then you are pretty much trolling your business.

Google has cleared its stance on mobile SEO stating that every website that wants to rank well needs to be optimized for mobile.

If you are using Google mobile-friendly as a tool for SEO then you can easily check how mobile-friendly your website is and what you can do to improve it.

3) Google My Business

google my business

Google my business is another awesome tool that has a direct impact on SEO and your business’s lead generation. If you don’t have a well-optimized business profile for Google Business or worse if you don’t even have a profile you are in trouble.

Getting a Google my business listing does help make your business stand more chances online as well as offline. So make sure to have a good well-optimized google business listing along with proper reviews so you stand out like a champ.

4) Google PageSpeed Insights

google pagespeed insights

If you want to rank on the first page of Google then you need to meet its standards. Google page speed insights help you do exactly that. Website speed is a very important factor when it comes to ranking. And google page insights helps you figure out exactly how you can speed up your site to the max.

Make sure your website is well optimized according to the Google page speed insights test and see your website ranking improve.

5) Google Adsense

google ads

Google ads are by far one of the biggest SEO tools made by Google as long as you have money to spend. When it comes to lead generation I doubt anything can beat Google ads. By researching keywords and targeting high cpc and low cpc keywords you can make amazing strategies to make money and generate numerous leads for your business. Google AdSense is quite the beast so I recommended checking out some youtube tutorials on how to conquer this amazing Google SEO tool.

You can not consider this to be a traditional search engine optimization tool for SEO, but in many ways, it is extremely important to the success of your marketing plan.

google trends

Google Trends as the name suggests shows you the Google search trends for searches over the years. As an SEO expert, this is a very useful and important insight into how your customers and visitors are searching for you online. It is also an amazing tool for predicting trends and giving new ideas for future website posts.

Into has plenty of information on trends and which regions searched what at what times etc. In the hands of an expert, this data is pure money.

7) Google Correlate

google correlate

If you are one among them who wants to go above and beyond when researching keyword data, then Google Correlate is one of those tools which is a tool that can help you generate the best search results. Using this tool for SEO you can uncover search patterns that correlate with real-world trends, this free tool focuses on relevant keyword research and give you a detailed in-depth analysis of trends. Its a pretty high-level and pretty nerdy tool but if you want the extra 1% edge beyond everyone else this tool is for you. Otherwise, you can always use the previous tool if you are not that much of a techie.

8) Google Chrome and extensions

google chrome

Google Chrome is one of the best tools for SEO due to the numerous SEO extensions for google chrome that exist that can convert this simple browser to an SEO Swiss knife. With extensions like moz bar, vid iq, etc you can get amazing insights into SEO and market trends that can put you ahead of your competition by miles.

If used properly google chrome is one of the best tools for you to step up your SEO game and be an expert in the field of Seo and marketing. The second way to use Chrome for SEO is through search engine operators. Search engine operators are amazing at predicting content topics. You check this post if you want more in-depth info about search engine operators

9) Google Alerts

google alerts

Google Alerts is another good but not well-known option for keeping track of your competition. The tool is simple to use as you can set up it to send you alerts when posts or certain topics show up on the internet.

One of the best features allowed by Google Alerts is to set up an alert for your competitors or topics that can help you gain an extra edge in the trend and market analysis game.

With this tool, you can receive a notice anytime that website or that topic is mentioned by an online outlet. Google Alerts is vital for your long-term search engine optimization efforts as a tool for SEO.

10) YouTube


Youtube is actually also a treasure trove of content ideas. Youtube search suggestions are great ideas that you can use for creating content. This is the 2nd largest search engine and a great platform for content creators to gain key trend ideas and info about topics not yet spoken about. Not only that you can find videos that don’t have corresponding website posts which can be your niche posts and if marketed and packaged properly and give you an amazing boost in SEO reach with youtube and Google search algorithms

That’s all folks. These are the top 10 Google tools for SEO that you must learn to use. Let me know what is your favorite Google tool in the comment section below. See you next time

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