Top 10 free tools to generate hashtags

tools to generate hashtags

Hashtags have become the unsung heroes of social media, helping brands and marketers expand their reach, increase engagement, and grow their follower base. To make the most of hashtags, continuous experimentation and exploration of new hashtag combinations are essential. In this blog post, we’ve curated a list of the top 10 free tools to generate hashtags, empowering you to supercharge your social media game.

1.All hashtag

All Hashtag’s Hashtag Generator is a user-friendly tool that returns the top 30 hashtags based on your keyword input. Choose from three filters—top, random, or live—to discover widely used hashtags related to your theme. This tool is perfect for those who want versatility in their hashtag choices.



Ingramer stands out as an AI-powered tool offering a range of features. It categorizes hashtags into common, average, and uncommon, guiding you on the optimal mix for your posts. Once you’ve made your selections, Ingramer combines them into a single string for easy copying. An excellent choice for those who want tailored hashtag suggestions.



Sistrix’s hashtag generator for Instagram is a free tool that claims to search over 15 billion hashtag possibilities. With a simple interface, it allows you to type in keywords and receive relevant hashtags sorted into groups. Perfect for users who appreciate a tool that’s both powerful and easy to use.



HashtagsForLikes is a versatile generator that shows trending hashtags on any topic. Ideal for Instagram and Twitter marketers, this tool helps you find the best hashtags for your niche, ensuring you reach genuine followers and avoid unnecessary ones.



Photerloo takes a unique approach by utilizing machine learning based on the content of your photo. By dragging and dropping your image, this tool suggests relevant hashtags and keywords, making it a go-to for those who want personalized suggestions.



Instavast offers an Instagram Hashtag Generator as part of its comprehensive marketing platform. With features like permanently and temporarily banned hashtags, it ensures your content complies with Instagram’s guidelines. Ideal for those who seek a one-stop-shop for Instagram marketing.


Hashtagify aims to enhance your hashtag strategy by providing real-time insights on any hashtag. Discover popularity rankings, related hashtags, and trends. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, this tool offers valuable information to boost your social media approach.



#HashMe is a free iOS app that empowers users to generate hashtags based on photos or text input. With limitless search queries and the ability to find popular hashtags by photo, it’s a handy tool for those on the go.



Kicksta not only helps increase Instagram followers but also includes a straightforward hashtag search option. With filters for top, random, and best match suggestions, it caters to users with simple hashtag needs.



Bigbangram offers a free hashtag finder with options for filtering and sorting. Businesses, influencers, and agencies can benefit from hashtag statistics and insights. While the free plan is basic, it provides a solid foundation for keyword searches.


In a world where social media users once viewed hashtags as a formality, they now hold immense value. Influencers are making substantial incomes, and businesses are achieving digital marketing success through strategic use of hashtags. Don’t underestimate the power of hashtags—explore these free tools, experiment, and watch your online presence soar.

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