Top 10 free tools for YouTube SEO and marketing

free tools for YouTube SEO and marketing

It is important to use SEO and marketing with solid content, to achieve success on YouTube. If the viewers are unable to see good content, it will rank nowhere.

If you can’t afford to pay for YouTube SEO and marketing tools, here are some free alternatives.

The top 10 free tools for YouTube SEO and marketing are given below.

1.YouTube Marketing Tools


The first of the greatest YouTube Marketing Tools is YouTube’s Search Engine Filters. Which you can use to find other videos with similar material to the one you’re going to create. This method assists marketers in determining what is already working. As a result, gives them a better notion of which routes they should pursue.

You should use YouTube Search Filters to look for the top-ranking terms in your niche. Going over the descriptions, thumbnails, tags, and other details of the films in your niche will help you figure out why they have a higher reach. YouTube Search Filters, one of the best YouTube marketing tools, allows you to search for a keyword and sort videos by relevance, view count, rating, upload date, and other factors.

2.YouTube Search Auto-Suggest

YouTube Search Auto Suggest is one of YouTube Marketing Tools for creating an efficient YouTube strategy since it allows you to find long-tail keywords in your niche fast. It helps you rank well for keywords that are specific to your industry and, as a result, will help you drive visitors to your website.

You may view the most relevant long-tail keywords that your target audiences are searching for by typing some of the short-tail keywords. Using a service like SEOChat, you may discover long-tail keywords that help your films rank higher in search results.

3.TubeBuddy- free version sufficient

TubeBuddy is a Chrome extension for YouTube marketing tools. This extension can help you manage your YouTube channel by providing various optimization, promotion, and management features for your YouTube videos. It includes advanced analytical tools to aid with YouTube SEO optimization.

You may use it to figure out which video tags are already helping you rank highly and which ones will help you in the future. Captions service, Opportunity finder, Video A/B tests, and Best Practice Audit are some of TubeBuddy’s prominent features that help you make sure you’re not making any mistakes when submitting your videos.

4.Youtube Analytics

YouTube Analytics is valuable for more than just counting views and money. Use analytics to see how your video marketing methods are affecting the growth of your channel. It’s for figuring out how people find your films — via search, the home page, or recommended videos.

It can help you improve future videos by focusing on what works. You can track the progress of your channel and receive notifications about what is working. In real-time, assess how effectively your video content strategy is performing. is the most effective tool for discovering keywords to target. It’s simple, but it delivers useful information that you can utilize straight away.

You can receive keywords for every major search engine and customize your list of keywords using multiple filters using KeywordTool will display keyword data in a sidebar on the search page. You can save the terms you want to target into a custom list from there.


NoxInfluencer is a service that links brands with potential sponsors and influencers. That means that their commercial software won’t be particularly beneficial for your YouTube videos, even if your marketing team needs it for other reasons.

The free tools provided by NoxInfluencer, on the other hand, are valuable. Only a small percentage of the analytical features are behind a barrier! The Video Analytics tool estimates the worth of your YouTube videos, allowing you to see how much money your competitors are making from each one.

They provide a Video Title Analysis tool that will assist you in creating engaging, click-worthy titles for all of your videos.

7. TagsYouTube

The TagsYouTube tool’s free version allows you to acquire a list of tags related to your target phrase, choose which ones you want, and add them to your final tag list. After that, you can add another keyword and those tags to the final tag list. Continue to add keywords until you have a list of tags that you like.

TagsYouTube tool contains features such as an Advanced Title, Description, and Thumbnail Generator, as well as practical recommendations and advice on how to ensure that your videos are optimized for YouTube.

8.YT Rank

YTRank is a free application that was built with one objective to track the position of a YouTube video’s ranking for a given term. After visiting their website, all you have to do is choose the country from which you receive the majority of your traffic, enter the URL of your YouTube video, and add up to six keywords for which you want to check rankings. Then \scroll down to see the page and position your term is currently on.

That’s all there is to it.


The RankTrackr program monitors search engine ranks and gives precise information on a site’s position, as well as keywords, for the most popular search engines. When tracking keywords, it’s helpful to be able to do so by location (city or zip code) and observe how they rank on mobile devices.

You may find out how you’re ranked even at the start-up level using RankTrackr’s tracking engine by filtering the particular area where you wish to make an impact. This information will enable you to develop excellent techniques for engaging your audience. You can see a graphical representation of your performance history in a snapshot, and you can use SERP result backtracking to retrieve more historical data.

This makes spotting and resolving problems a breeze. Finally, you can use this freemium tool to stay ahead of the competition by analyzing and comparing your keyword rankings to those of your competitors — as seen above — and changing your strategy to stay on top.



RapidTags, as the name implies, quickly produce tags. One of the best features of RapidTags is that you may use a language filter while searching for tags for different locations.

The process is simple: type your desired question into the search box, and the program will create suitable tags that you can copy and paste into YouTube. You may then dig deeper into the target query’s traffic analytics, such as how many views, likes, dislikes, and comments.

conclusion :

Thus, it takes more than merely uploading video after video to increase your YouTube reach and video rankings. When you prioritize quality above number, you’ll achieve better results.

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