Top 10 Free SEO and Keyword Research Tools

Top 10 Free SEO and Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research isn’t just about SEO. It’s the foundation of all of the other digital marketing practices. A keyword analysis is that the blueprint for your online promoting efforts, driving each call you create. research is the blueprint for your online marketing efforts, driving every decision you make.

It makes everything down the road additional economical. These tools and techniques can assist you to increase conversion rates and generate revenue. . Nowadays, there are many SEO and keyword research tools available that make the work easier.

So let’s discuss Free SEO and Keyword Research Tools in the following article.

1) Rank Tracker :

rank tracker

Rank Tracker is one of the best among Free SEO and Keyword Research Tools and helps you to find the most simple list of keyword variations and analyze their SEO profitability.
 Rank Tracker comes in especially handy with 23 different keyword research tools inside it:

  • Suggestions from Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Amazon.
  • Google Ads Keyword Planner and Google Search Console integration
  • Database of all SEO keywords your competitors rank for.
  • Long-tail keyword and question generator.
  • Popular misspellings and permutations and more etc.

Using the tools one by one, you get the foremost ample list of keyword ideas. Moreover, you’ll analyze the keywords’ traffic potential and check how fierce their SEO competition is. This helps you to focus the SEO efforts on what takes the smallest amount of effort to herald the foremost traffic.

Version :

Rank Tracker is 100% free and is absolutely enough for keyword research. It permits you to use all the analysis tools and analyze the keywords’ traffic potential.

2) Google Search Console :

google search console
        It helps to discover “low-hanging fruit” traffic growth opportunities for your current keywords.
  • Google Search Console is the place to analyse your current SEO keywords with their average Google positions, impressions and CTRs.
  • Looking through this data may be a good way to search out unexpected SEO shortcuts. 
  • For instance, if your URL currently ranks on page two or three, Google already considers it pretty relevant for the keyword and also the URL might need just a touch SEO boost to storm onto page one and begin bringing you plenty more traffic. A touch tweaking of their SERP snippets or adding the Schema mark-up could work wonders here.

Version :
Google Search Console is a free version tool to use.

3) Google Ads Keyword Planner :

google ads keyword planner
              Google Ads Keyword Planner can be used to decide which keyword to target with SEO and PPC.

In Google Ads Keyword Planner for some keywords, low ad bids make it reasonable to easily purchase keyword clicks with PPC. For others, overly expensive clicks mean you would like to persuade the traffic with SEO.

  • So, before starting out any computer program marketing campaign, you wish to separate your keyword list between SEO and PPC targeting, therefore the best place to appear for the needed data is Google Ads Keyword Planner.
  • The tools shows you search volumes, cost-per-click data, advertiser competition and seasonal traffic fluctuations, tired one place. And it even enables you to estimate the potential PPC spends in your niche.

Version :

Google Ads Keyword Planner is tool-free to use.

4) Answer the Public :

answer in public

This tool can be used for popular questions to featured answers and voice search optimization.

  • Google’s ability to raised understand linguistic communication, searchers got wont to phrasing their queries as questions instead of separate words. And with the increase of voice search, the trend got even further.
  • Making your content answer exact searcher’s questions is one amongst the key aspects of your voice search success. Plus, question based content incorporates a bigger chance of compressing into Google’s featured answers or the so-called “position 0” results.
  • The quickest and simplest way to seek out popular questions associated with your business niche is AnswerThePublic – a no brainer tool that mixes your main keywords with various question words (like who, what, etc.).

Version :

This version is free to use.

5) Keyword Tool Dominator :

keyword tool dominator

This tool helps to find words from amazon, eBay, and esty.

  • The way your customers search Google differs from the way they search Amazon. In fact, they Google for places to buy at, and search Amazon for the products they buy.
  • A nice tool to dig through the Amazon database is Keyword Tool Dominator. The sole thing to stay in mind is that there’s no thanks to check Amazon’s search volumes. What you get could be a plain keyword ideas list.

Version :

Without a paid license, you can only make three requests to each of the databases (eBay, Amazon, Etsy) a day.

google trends

Google helps you to find the right keywords for your local business.

  • Google Trends is here to assist you to identify city/location specific search volume variation. Just have the tool compare two synonymic queries to determine how misleading a rustic level keyword analysis may well be for a neighbourhood biz.
  • Another no decreased use-case is tracking down your keywords’ seasonal fluctuation and having the ability to reliably predict how this or that keyword goes to perform in its high and low seasons.

Version :

Google Trend is free to use.

7) Google Correlate :

google correlate
                           It helps to pull unexpected keyword ideas from adjacent niches.
  • Google Correlate is like Google Trends in reverse. With Google Trends, you type in a query and get back a data series of activity.
  • But Google Correlate helps you have a look at your keyword list at a replacement, unexpected angle, identifying the words, whose seasonal interest fluctuations correlate therewith of your main keywords.

Version :

Google Correlate is free to use.

8) Keywords everywhere :

keyword everywhere
                                     It helps to analyse keywords while you are browsing.
  • Keywords Everywhere may be a free browser add-on, which allows you to analyse keywords while simply browsing Google, Bing, YouTube and other websites.
  • Whenever you begin typing into the search box, search volumes are added to any or all the keywords you see in Autocomplete suggestions.

version :

This tool is free to use.

9) Keyword in :

keyword in

If you would like to “combine your keywords in a simple manner, “you’re within the right place. It all starts with an extended tail (or seed) keyword or keywords. 

It solely takes a handful of seconds to infix your keywords, selects your choices, and generate results. you’ll not perpetually like what you see, however, it’s straightforward to double-back and alter your seed keywords.

The additional you are doing this, the additional results you’ll generate. With Keyword In, you get the simplest results with no complications.

Version :

This version is free to use

10) Jaxxy :


Jaaxy is the only one of the free SEO and Keyword Research Tools that was developed by affiliate marketers FOR affiliate marketers. With Jaaxy you’re getting the foremost advanced, yet useful platform within the world for managing all aspects of keyword, website, competition, and research.

Having access to the Brainstorm, Affiliate Search, and Alphabet Soup platforms within Jaaxy is going to give you true insights into brand new niches.

Version :

This version is free to use.

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