Top 10 free Privacy Policy Generator Websites

top 10 free privacy policy generator websites

A privacy policy is a statement contained on a website that details how the owner of the site will collect, store, protect, and utilize personal data provided by its users.

The owner’s personal data includes names, addresses, IP addresses, telephone numbers, date of birth, and financial information, such as debit or credit card details.

Outlining how the company will use the information includes how it will meet its legal obligations and how those sharing their data can seek recourse should the company fail to meet those responsibilities.

Any website that gathers any data about users, even if it is simply through tracking their location, is required to have a privacy policy. So in this article, we are going to talk about the top 10 sites to make free privacy policies.

1. TermsFeed :

terms feed

Here is the first free privacy policy that will help you with your website. TermsSpeed is one of the best privacy policies for your website for creating custom-made and legally binding legal agreements.

TernsSpeed allows you to build privacy policy, terms and conditions, EULA, return and refund policy, cookies policy these are so important agreements for websites, mobile apps, desktop apps, e-commerce stores, or SsaS apps.

2. Free privacy policy :

free privacy policy generator

The free privacy policy is one of the best privacy policies for websites, the top of any leader board will depend on who does the listing. Most important the features of this privacy policy are so good that this company provides a few following the steps.

Everything strictly adheres to Federal and state laws as well ad other legally binding initiatives including the Can-Spam Act, Federal Trade Commission Fair Information, and various others.

With this privacy policy, you’ll simply generate a privacy policy in a quarter hour.

3. Privacy Policies :

Privacy policies

This privacy policy is one of the best free privacy policies for websites because of its highly popular choice and high ranking on Google for privacy policy generators.

And no matter you input your info, the fundamental templet is altered to replicate your specific desires and this is often essential as a result of each website and business is exclusive.

Like this, there square measure several options of this privacy policy for the website, and this is often free for private use and solely you pay a nominal happening free if you’ve got a business.

4. Shopify :


Here in this article, we are talking about the top free privacy policy for a website, so here is one more free privacy policy for your website, Shopify contains a free privacy policy generator which will facilitate confirm your business complies with the law.

A refund policy generator and terms of service generator however you’ll opt to simply use the privacy policy generator that is provided by Shopify.

Shopify is additionally straightforward to use and provides you a tailor-made policy as per your company’s product and services.

5. Privacy Policy Online :

privacy policy online

Privacy policy online is another free privacy policy for website, which is a very popular site for privacy policy generators and other generators like disclaimer and terms of services generators and an email encryption generator.

Google, Commission junction, AdSense, and other sites are also covered by this privacy policy the requirements of affiliate companies.

This is another free privacy policy for a website that will help you fix bugs and other relevant problems related to privacy for your websites.

6.Iubenda :


There are many free privacy policies for your website, but Iubenda is one of the best privacy policies for your website because you can generate policies in 10 languages including English.  

The site must be successful because it has generated over half a million policies.

Iubenda covers the need to generate policies for specific services such as Google AdSense and AdWords and Mailchimp, Facebook, mailing lists, and cookies.

 7.Trust Guard :

trust guard

Setting up your website there are lots of aspects that you have to consider. Trust guard make sure you the foremost informative, correct free privacy policy.

Trust guard provides you a trust seal that you just will place on your website, it tells individuals your website is secure and safe so that they square measure a lot of probably to shop for no matter what you’re merchandising on your website.

 8.Virginia Tech :

virginia tech

Virginia tech can also be said to one of the best free privacy policies for your website which is provided by you. Virginia Tech is the site that needs a privacy policy in great deals.

Once you’ve got finished responsive everything, your policy is going to be generated and you’ll review it to envision if they will totally cowl each detail of your business. 

So remember that just simply filling the form will guarantee your site got protected.

9. Auto Terms Of Service And Privacy Policy :

Auto Terms Of Service And Privacy Policy

 This is a free privacy policy for your website that fixes bugs and generates privacy on your website. If you employ WordPress then you’ll use a WordPress plugin to get a privacy policy for you.

Download the free auto terms of service and privacy policy WordPress plugin from the WordPress plugin directory and get yourself a basic privacy policy in no time.

Automatic terms and conditions statement and privacy policy statement allow you to place your own detail into a changed version.

10. 3Dcart Personalized Privacy And Return Policy Generator :

3Dcart is now Shift 4 Shop

3Dcart Personalized Privacy And Return Policy Generator

This site for free privacy policy is good for your website running a business. 3dart has a great blog post with tips on how to write good privacy and return here you get.

This privacy policy is free to use for your website which helps you to keep your blog or article private from users.

privacy policy generator

They have created handy personalized privacy and returns policy generator tool, for shopping at your online store.There are many sites that help you to create your own privacy policy document.

However, it’s critical that you consider all of the things you want to be included in your policy. Whereas most sites use customary templates, you’ll get to add or edit such a template to satisfy all the wants of your business.

Here in this article, we knew about the Top 10 free privacy policies for websites.

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